The Wait Is Over…

The wait is over for today’s blog that is! I originally had started writing about Cazorla, and how he’d integrate into our team, but of course, despite the various reports in media and newspapers, there has been no official confirmation that he has signed. As a result, I have parked that blog – to be … [Read more…]

They come, they go.

Morning Gooners, Lack of real football news right now but who cares about football while the Olympics are on!! I’ve been to the table tennis and have become addicted to gymnastics, swimming and hockey. The athletics haven’t even started yet! It’s been thoroughly enjoyable so far and I really hope our worldwide readers are enjoying … [Read more…]

Pre-season Woes

Pre-season is an interesting time to be a fan… it’s a time where you’re told not to read into any of the results, and you’re told that “it’s only pre-season”, “the players are gaining fitness”, but in reality, you can’t help but analyse and possible over analyse as there isn’t much going on. It’s hard … [Read more…]

21st Century Pre-Season

Morning Gooners The London Olympics are around the corner as is the new season and Arsenal kicked off their pre-season proper with a win against a Malaysia XI. I’ve only seen the briefest of highlights and while a win is always important, in pre-season it is more important to get everyone one of our players  … [Read more…]

The Asia Tour Preview

So, boys & girls, ladies & gentleman, pre-season is fully underway and rocking & rolling… we’ve had a few low profile friendlies but next week sees our Asia Tour. It’s a chance for Arsenal as a club to appeal to the masses as we try and get our name, club and squad recognized globally. It’s not something … [Read more…]

It’s just an average Arsenal summer…

The Summer of 2007 saw Thierry Henry leave Arsenal in a protracted affair. The Summer starts with hope, but fades into reality. We’ve had ground-hog day every year since, with last season being extremely painful with the departures of Nasri & Cesc and last minute shopping. The latest and to the minute signing, Arteta, proving … [Read more…]

The boys are back in town! The boys are back in the town!

So yesterday, we finally got to see the boys back in Arsenal colours! Or well, seeing as there were hardly any streams available, only those in the stadium could see the boys in action. Of course, it being the day after, highlights are available. have bitesize highlights available for free, with longer highlights available … [Read more…]

The Annual Summer Break-up.

Morning Gooners, So who remembers how I ended last week’s blog… ‘…Here’s hoping for more news next week.’ Well later that afternoon my ‘wish’ came true as RVP dropped a bombshell on his own website by announcing he would not be signing a new contract. (Apologies if you’ve read all this before and I’m covering … [Read more…]

In, Out, Shake It All About…

For the last couple of years, as the “cheap replacements for the invincibles” were realized to be just that, there has been a cry from outside the club to “get rid of the deadwood”. When money became a serious issue for the club, we tried out a few players to fill in gaps – these were up … [Read more…]

Stop Bad Mouthing My Club…

Life is a tricky affair. Sometimes you hit the dizzy heights that everyone wants to be at and sometimes you have the horrible lows that we all try our best to avoid… And in the process, you experience many emotions. Happiness, sadness, frustration, jubilation… you name it. Whatever happens at the Arsenal, I am glad … [Read more…]