Arsenal 1-0 QPR. Lovely 3 points, thank you very much!

So we just about managed to beat QPR at the Emirates. a lot has been said by all and sundry about how dreadful we were, but do we or should we care? There have been so many matches we’ve played where we’had produced fantastic performances, which chances coming from multiple angles, but have either managed to … [Read more…]

Norwich City v Arsenal: The Preview

The Premiership is back, it’s been gone for so long, I can’t really remember what happened last time out… but for us, October will be a vital month. I’ll start today’s blog with a quote for Sir Arsene Wenger III: “In October the moment of truth starts for the team. The league establishes itself a … [Read more…]

A Case For Depth.

Morning Gooners, Another interlull week means even less Arsenal related news. Last Friday the Ox scored his first goal for the senior team against the might of San Marino. Away from that Koscielny spoke his mind when asked who the hardest striker he has faced; “He (Luis Suarez) is tiresome to defend against. He cheats. … [Read more…]

The International Break is Broken…

Apologies for lack of blog activity this International break, but I’ve unfortunately had a close death in the family and it’s been a real blow to the family. Having spent much of the last week in temples and other functions, I’ve lost contact with the outside world and everything Arsenal. Thanks to all the messages … [Read more…]

Another Interlull begins…

Morning Gooners, It’s another Wednesday but this time I hope the gremlins that took down the WOA site including my Wednesday post last week aren’t up to any mischief this time round. So since my rather glass half empty post we’ve managed to bag a couple of timely 3-1 victories. Firstly against Olympiacos in the … [Read more…]

Chelsea reaction & Olympiacos preview.

Morning Gooners, It’s 4 days on yet I still can’t wash off the frustration of saturday’s first defeat of the season. The fact I felt rare bit of over confidence going into the game personifies the frustration, a case of miss placed optimism. I want to write how it was just an off day and … [Read more…]