St Totteringham Cup Final

Morning Gooners, It’s somehow as you were from last week but probably not in the manner many of us would have predicted . In a show of true Englishness, Arsenal and Tottnum seem to be caught up in a rather odd contest of politeness: ‘I insist old fella you first… No, no please after you. … [Read more…]

Two to go..

Morning Gooners, Did you know we’ve signed Podolski? Yeah I’m a bit late on that one aren’t I but if you remember rightly, I said in January that I felt there was something in the Podolski links… no one remembers do they? I’ll just shut up then! OK well I’ll state this now so write … [Read more…]

The Nervy Home Straight…

Morning Gooners, Bit of a short sharp blog today as I was hooked on the Champions League semi final between Barca and Chelsea. First things first, The Arsenal. Last Saturday’s game against Chelsea was well, erm, quite boring for London derby. Chelsea held the ball better than us, we looked like a team that was … [Read more…]

Doing it the hard way since 1886.

“I remember when – without being disrespectful – I first arrived here, there were some games when I was thinking less about whether we would win or not and more about who would score for us and how many we would get. “There were some games like that in my first couple of years, but … [Read more…]

‘It’s up for Grabs Now…’

Morning Gooners, Another week, yet more drama and you get the feeling there’s plenty more to come whether you want it or not. Debs covered off the City game fantastically yesterday so I won’t elaborate too much on it but what a day that was. I was oddly confident going into the game as I … [Read more…]

It’s a Glass of Two Halves

‘It was all good just a week ago’ I never thought I’d use a Jay-Z lyric to kick off my weekly Arsenal blog but that line sums up the overall situation. Last week I wrote about the ‘easy win’ against Villa and how we’d really started to click into gear. Well the gear popped out, … [Read more…]

QPR 2-1 Arsenal. 3 wasted points.

Saturday’s match was a bit of a shambles, wasn’t it!? So after all that chat about maybe putting pressure under Spurs to slip-up in the later game, we chose to balls it up and give them the opportunity to close the gap, which they did with a 3-1 win over Spurs, bringing it to just one … [Read more…]

QPR v Arsenal. Match preview.

So we take on QPR in less than half an hour. Just a quick one to let you know the line-up: We’ve got Szczesny in goal, and with Koscielny back, we’ve got our first choice(?) back four in Sagna, Kos, Vermaelen and Gibbs. In midfield, after a bit of confusion, we’ve got Song, Arteta, Ramsey, … [Read more…]

Old school routine win and my Vblog debut!

Morning Gooners, All is quite chilled in the world of Arsenal and believe me this is not a bad thing given the season we’ve had so far! Aston Villa: ‘Easy win’, invented by Stelios ,the pioneer of the easy no frills concept. I remember games at Highbury between 2002 and 2006 where we would turn … [Read more…]

He’s one of our own.

Morning Gooners, First of all apologies for the absence (for those that even noticed!), I turned 30 last Tuesday, only one year contract extensions for me now! On to the football, the Newcastle game seems an age ago now but I don’t think the smile has been wiped off any Gooner faces. A last minute … [Read more…]