Another Interlull begins…

Morning Gooners, It’s another Wednesday but this time I hope the gremlins that took down the WOA site including my Wednesday post last week aren’t up to any mischief this time round. So since my rather glass half empty post we’ve managed to bag a couple of timely 3-1 victories. Firstly against Olympiacos in the … [Read more…]

Chelsea reaction & Olympiacos preview.

Morning Gooners, It’s 4 days on yet I still can’t wash off the frustration of saturday’s first defeat of the season. The fact I felt rare bit of over confidence going into the game personifies the frustration, a case of miss placed optimism. I want to write how it was just an off day and … [Read more…]

City, Theo & Coventry.

Morning Gooners, After the battling point on Sunday at City, Arsenal return to action in the Carling/Milk/Coca Coca/Capital One cup against League One Coventry. Before we get to that let’s cover a few hot topics doing the rounds; City post mortem – 48 hours on, I’m still very happy not with our point but the … [Read more…]


Morning Gooners, The Champions League returned last night with Arsenal travelling to the first time french Champions Montpellier. The team line up was close to what many should have expected: Mannone; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Arteta, Diaby; Podolski, Cazorla, Gervinho; Giroud. Subs: Shea, Koscielny, Santos, Coquelin, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott. Arsenal started the game with a … [Read more…]

Interlull over… Business time.

Morning Gooners, It’s an interlull week already in the season so the news is pretty sparse this week to say the least. I’m typing while watching the Ox not really get into get into an average England performance at home to Ukraine while also keeping an eye on Giroud’s France take on Belarus. Not much … [Read more…]

Cazorla & The D-Unit.

Morning Gooners, And it’s still a good morning as many of us are still smiling from our first win of the season at Anfield. Unfortunately I was unable not only to go to Anfield but actually watch the game at all due to a family birthday event. It’s the first time I haven’t watched a … [Read more…]

Boring Boring… Not just yet.

Morning Gooners, So here we are again, another 0-0 draw, player(s) edging closer to the exit door and no strong rumours of any players making their way to the club. Kicking off at Stoke on Sunday, I was actually satisfied with a point. Note I said satisfied with a point versus happy not scoring any … [Read more…]

…And they’re back!

Morning Gooners, We’re back baby…. With a nil nil draw, but at least we’re back right! So a nil nil bore draw and believe me it was quite boring, how did this happen? I hate to be the kind of guy that quotes himself but let me quote myself from a couple of weeks ago: … [Read more…]

When Saturday Comes…

Morning Gooners, So here we are on the verge of the new season, players brought in (some of high quality too), players have moved on but the hot topic at Arsenal is still about the future of our captain, RVP. Something’s never change and yet again it’s been less of the ‘will he won’t he’ … [Read more…]

They come, they go.

Morning Gooners, Lack of real football news right now but who cares about football while the Olympics are on!! I’ve been to the table tennis and have become addicted to gymnastics, swimming and hockey. The athletics haven’t even started yet! It’s been thoroughly enjoyable so far and I really hope our worldwide readers are enjoying … [Read more…]

21st Century Pre-Season

Morning Gooners The London Olympics are around the corner as is the new season and Arsenal kicked off their pre-season proper with a win against a Malaysia XI. I’ve only seen the briefest of highlights and while a win is always important, in pre-season it is more important to get everyone one of our players  … [Read more…]