Arsenal vs Aston Villa – The Big FA Cup Preview

Happy weekend to all… It’s been a funny old week, with a lot of realisation. Realisation that things have changed, realisation that we’re quite far off fourth, realisation that we’ve just not been good enough – and realisation that we, as fans, aren’t being very good fans at the moment. Calling for Wenger’s head is … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Wolves: The Preview

Merry Christmas to all… I hope you have all enjoyed the time you’ve had with friends and family and now that the Scrabble, Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit is over… and the Turkey, Lamb or Ham has been eaten, it’s time to focus on a major piece of football, which is Arsenal vs Wolves. Wolves are … [Read more…]

Aston Villa vs Arsenal Preview…

Afternoon all… It seems a long time since we played Citeh but at the same time, it’s 2 days in 4 days… the team exerted a lot in that game and it’s very important for us to ensure we’re in the right mental condition to play what is a vitally important game. It’s a difficult … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Fulham: The Preview

Arsenal vs Fulham on Saturday, 26 November 2011 17:30 Boys & girls, ladies &¬†gentlemen… we are about to play Fulham at the Emirates, which, if we won the game, could see us jump into the top four. With Man United playing Newcastle and Liverpool playing Man City, some one up there is going to drop … [Read more…]