We don’t deserve to be champions…

Yes, it’s a bold statement, but simply put, do we deserve to be Champions? Many people say that United are having one of their most boring unadventurous seasons, winning games that they’re not playing well in and therefore don’t really deserve to win the title. But, they’ve given us chance after chance after chance – but we’ve … [Read more…]

Is Our Season Over?

Evening All… A quick, short, not long, not tall blog today… a summary of yesterdays game. A game which could see us out of the title race at the final hurdle. Ground hog day? Indeed – it seriously feels like that! Another year, another collapse, but worst of all, another lacklustre performance. Arsene Wenger has … [Read more…]

WBA vs Arsenal Match Preview

Afternoon All… And it’s a BIG  BIG game tomorrow… WBA vs Arsenal… And it’s so essential for us to get back to winning ways after a few draws and losses in our recent games. The Barcelona away  game and the Man United away game are two games and two competitions we must forget about now and … [Read more…]

Arsenal vs Sunderland Preview

Morning fellow gooners… Tomorrow we play a HUGE game in Arsenal vs Sunderland and it’s so big that we’ll probably bottle it… no, seriously. I haven’t managed to gain any extra information from the pre-match conference yet, but no doubt, by the time  I publish this, there will be a whole host of new news… … [Read more…]