Summer is one crazy time for all us fans and bloggers… Just had a crazy weekend of weddings, baby showers and unfortunately hospitals… but it all means my latest blog about entitled “Fringe” is still only half written… Luckily for me, Senor Tottz82 is back tomorrow with his weekly edition, and it gives me a … [Read more…]

Giroud, Giroud, Giroud Is On Fire…

The title of this blog will definitely be used by tabloids when the man himself scores a brace or is man of the match… Today, Oliver Giroud has been officially unveiled as an Arsenal player.   As a recap… The main man has been signed from Montpellier for £12.8m. He helped his former team win … [Read more…]

Arsene Speaks…

Howdies Folks… Things are starting to hot up at the Euros and at the Arsenal… starting with matters closer to home and Arsene has been in the press talking about Podolski and Giroud. We’ve heard through all media outlets that the Giroud deal is virtually done, but not heard anything from the club or manager … [Read more…]

France 1 – 1 England + Euro Overview…

Evening All… It’s now day 4 of the Euro 2012 championship and as I write this, England and France have drawn 1-1. Alexander Oxlade-Chamberlain was selected to start the game, and although a “surprise”, it wasn’t quite a surprise, considering we all thought it was going to happen a week ago – I remember writing … [Read more…]

All Change…

Morning fellow Gooners, In case you were wondering, it is going to be a long summer. A very long summer. There is going to be a lot of stories, a lot of opinions and a lot of rubbish. Where sometimes, as a blogger, you have to step away from all the nonsense; at other times, … [Read more…]

The Euro’s, a welcome distraction?

As the season has drawn to an end, there is a distinct lack of Arsenal activity in transfers, in signings or in anything else remotely related to anything Arsenal. It’s my last day in Ibiza and I’ll be back in London town from tomorrow. So maybe Arsene and the rest of the gang are waiting … [Read more…]

A Bit Of A Rant, A Bit Of A Ramble

There are three major events that are happening this summer. Euro 2012 The Olympics Arsenal’s Transfer Activity It’s an extra-ordinary off season for all of us who live in England as it’s going to be back to back, millions of people will join us post the Euros as London becomes the venue for the Olympics. … [Read more…]

Why Robin Is Going To Be Sold…

The football season is officially over… well, nearly over… tomorrow represents the last day of the footballing calendar, with key games being played to see who will be promoted through the play offs and who will be crowned kings of Europe. It’s a tough decision to make about who you want to win the Champions … [Read more…]

Third Place.

Morning Gooners, Never in doubt right? Sure! Sunday’s game against WBA brought down the curtain on what has been the most ‘rollercoaster’ seasons in recent memory. A much needed first win in five against the Baggies meant we successfully limped over the line for 3rd place. The game itself was consistent with recent performances but … [Read more…]