Time for football to do the talking

 The team lacked drive, creativity and were lacklustre in their general approach. This line could have been used in the majority of our games so far in 2012. I used it for the first half of the Villa cup game. The last two games have personified that one line I wrote weeks ago to the … [Read more…]

Time to deliver – Milan (A) Preview

Morning Gooners, From Sunderland to Milan, the business end of the season is officially underway. The winning goal in Saturday’s game has been described as fitting end to a fairytale return. You can’t help but agree it was a special way to sign off from the Premier League (part 2) by King Henry. Some of … [Read more…]

From Zero’s to Hero’s.

‘It was the best of times; it was the worst of times’. That sort of sums up the last week for me. Here’s the last week in Tottz size bites: Bolton: The rollercoaster continued it’s face numbing downward plunge on Wednesday with a poor 0-0 draw at Bolton. Arsenal had their chances in the first … [Read more…]

The catalyst? We’ll see.

 Morning Gooners, At 1645 on Sunday afternoon, the last thing I wanted to do was write this blog. With the amount of negativity surrounding this club, this team and our manager; going out of the club was unthinkable. However the team and the manager were not finished yet and the produced a comeback even the … [Read more…]

Be careful what you wish for.

When it rains it pours and on Sunday the heavens opened on Arsenal FC creating a downpour many have never felt before. Dev has already covered off the events of Sunday but the aftermath of THAT substitution still rumbles on. Many of the players have leapt to the defence of our manager, RVP has gone … [Read more…]

Keep calm but panic a little

Morning Gooners, So here we are again, everyone is bickering and licking their wounds over another painful away defeat and I still don’t have broadband at home. The Swansea defeat has invoked the sinking feeling we had back in August (maybe it has something to do with the transfer window).  Bringing in the new year … [Read more…]

The Lunchtime Blog

There are some of life’s ‘necessities’ in the 21st century you can not go with out… Sky TV, a telephone line and broadband. Ok I sound a little spoilt but the lack of broadband has prevented me in writing up my usual piece for WOA and I’ve now been reduced to sacrificing my lunch break … [Read more…]

Fulham fall out continues…

Morning Gooners, The frustrations still rumble on after the Fulham defeat. For someone who made the trip across London, I’m still replaying a lot of the game in my head and asking plenty of questions. Make no mistake it was a bad defeat that was very avoidable. Going into the game I had said that … [Read more…]

Arsenal 1 – Wolves (Hennessey) 1

Morning Gooners, In the end there was an inevitability of Arsenal’s inability to take advantage of the Christmas gifts presented to them after yesterday’s results. I have just arrived back from the game and I can honestly say that result has tarnished my Christmas break. We went into the game knowing that a win would … [Read more…]

Have you seen my lead?

Morning Gooners, A quick fire blog from me today, a number of reasons why: 1)      There’s no a lot going on in the World of Arsenal There seriously isn’t. We found out yesterday that Santos will be out for 3 months with ligament damage, leaving us with zero fit full backs, yikes! It’s a real … [Read more…]

The Greek Tragedy… not for us though.

Morning Gooners Arsenal went into the final group game in a rare situation, qualified and top of the group. With this being the case Le Boss rightly rotated the squad and the team selected was close what we’d call a Carling Cup team. It was never going to be an easy game as Olympiacos needed … [Read more…]