Squillaci, Scwarzer and Goals. Lots of goals.

What a bloody awesome footballish weekend! We racked up our greatest win at the Emirates in fine form (although Blackpool didn’t help themselves), Theo showed a cutting edge for the first time since that game against Croatia and elsewhere the goals flew in all weekend. The premiership saw 3 different 6-0 results. That’s 15% of … [Read more…]

What Did The Romans Ever Do For Us?

So, my title is of course lifted directly from Monty Python. In case you’re not up to speed, Life Of Brian is one of the landmarks of British film, and you should check it out. But that isn’t the point. A group of dissidents are sitting around and and one of them says: They’ve bled … [Read more…]

Football Is Back! But First, Not Quite Yet…

I seriously do wonder if Blatter and his cabal of nonsense speaking mental friends at FIFA have it in for the English league. I mean, we know the chap has a dislike for the Premiership bordering on the psychotic but a round of friendlies before the opening weekend of the season? That’s a prick move. Considering the … [Read more…]

Squad Caps, England Caps and Pub Lies

Twice in the past week I’ve been with football friends in the pub when conversation has turned to the new squad rules. Remember, we each in our own head are the greatest footballer never to have signed professional contracts, and so we each like to think we know best – but some of the stuff … [Read more…]

Kicked Out Of The Premiership

Firstly I’d just like to say hello to the readership here at World Of Arsenal. I’ve been a regular reader for some time and, as Dev mentioned yesterday, an active commenter. One of the reasons I keep reading the WOA is the healthy debate in the comments and the quality of the writing – hopefully … [Read more…]