All On Song

Short and sweet this week – my Monday round up has hit a direct course for Monday being the first day of the week and lots of stuff left over from last week still to do. My professional life is very much like Arsenal. It’s beautifully executed, I’m hoping I win something this year, and … [Read more…]

Blue Seats Again

So for the second time in as many months Arsenal have provided both me with the ability to come to work saying “I told you so” and the opposition fans such a crushing blow that they all left leaving nothing but a huge swathe of blue seats behind. Unless it was just really cold. Man … [Read more…]

Urgh, Red Tackles.

So, on Saturday, Jack Wilshere unwittingly gave Robbie “Wanker” Savage a bit of a platform to label Wenger as a hypocrite. You see, on the radio, Savage acts the outspoken moron all the time – sometimes I agree with him, but hell, the frequency with which he mouths off, the laws of chance suggest he’s … [Read more…]


The enforced break between domestic games for internationals is super dull, and it’s probably worse for Arsenal fans considering we sit with baited breath waiting for our internationally inclined players to limp home with bits missing. I fully expect Nasri to come back without a head, Arshavin to be 4 stone heavier, and Clichy to … [Read more…]

Almunia Broke My Playstation, De Jong Broke Ben Arfa

Morning. Fifa 11 arrived on Wednesday so I eagerly got home, stuck it on, set up a game and started playing. Picked the Arsenal vs Sperz obviously, set difficulty to Professional and had at it. 1-0 up in no time, these pro-traits or whatever they’re called are fantastic. Chamakh is an absolute beast in the … [Read more…]

Ah, OdemOH NO NO NO.

I’m all shouted out, back at work with the horsiest of throats. You can thank the chaps on Saturday for that. NOOOO. NO ALMUNIA. WHY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU BLOODY IDIOT. NOOOO. WAIT!!!!! HE SAVVVVEEEEDDDDD IT. LOVELY MATTY AMOONEY! HE’S BLOODY DONE IT. NOOOOO SAGNA, NO STAND UP, ON YOUR FEET! OH SHITS SAKE! … [Read more…]

Harry Redknapped.

Hi guys, just a quickie, I’m not due to post but couldn’t wait to share this with you. Harry Redknapp, 20th September 2010: Arsenal have good kids, but there are not too many English lads among them. Arsenal Football Club, 21st September 2010: Come again Harry? Our three English lads can’t hear you, they’re … [Read more…]

SunderlOh FFS.

Morning Afternoon, what a day! This morning, I opened up a document and my computer said “Word” so I was all like ‘Yo!’. I’ve been busy as you can tell. Anyway… Dev was away, Debs didn’t catch the game, and I’m here later than usual in the standard “OH GOD I HATE MONDAYS SO MUCH” slot. … [Read more…]

Bolton From The Traps

Interesting statistic for you – at home, in 9 games, we have conceded just 2 goals and kept 7 clean sheets. That’s all I’m going to say about goalkeepers today. Apart from, hilariously, there are still those that blame Almunia for Bolton’s goal (and it was hardly his fault). There are also those who point … [Read more…]

Bring Back Football (Leave Out The Whining Though)

Well, there isn’t much in the way of interesting news just now surrounding Arsenal. We still haven’t bought a goalkeeper and people are still going mental about it. I think it’s an age thing, the internet being predominantly filled with younger tech savy users who simply don’t remember the Arsenal glory days when we escaped … [Read more…]

A Weekend Round Up

Lots to get through this Monday morning. Jack Wilshere played a few minutes on Saturday against the meatheads, went out and got involved with some meatheads. Arrest and bail followed, it’s really not clear what happened other than the Arsenal clean up crew released quite a polished statement regarding the player acting as a peacemaker. … [Read more…]