The Hardest Hat Trick

Morning, before I start blabbing on about Arsenal (or professional football generally) I just wanted to say my Sunday league team, Dinamo Megahorse, beat top of the league York Medics yesterday, 2-1 away. I can’t feel my legs anymore, and we played like Manchester City at home in the Manchester derby with 10 men behind … [Read more…]

Wet Spam, Chopped.

Super Sunday yesterday ended up not being quite so super in the end then. 4 premiership games, 3 derbies and United/Spurs, meant that the day was destined to hold some kind of excitement. Except it didn’t really. 4 draws, the so called ‘game of the day’ ending 0-0. I guess that’s football. Rewind to Saturday, … [Read more…]

Dirty Leeds. Living In Yorkshire.

Morning. So Arsenal drew with dirty Leeds. By the skin of our teeth, and living less than 30 minutes from Leeds it’s all I’ve heard about. When Leeds fans tell you they have a massive support it’s true – everyone in Yorkshire support Leeds because everything else is so dull and grey it’s the only … [Read more…]

Happy New Year. Ho Ho Ho.

Hello! Bit late this morning, but I’m not at work, so I got up late. I didn’t blog last week either – I had an awful lot of bear as not only do I celebrate Christmas, it was New Year and my birthday and Arsenal beat Chelsea. I hope everyone had a good time doing … [Read more…]

Snowpocalypse Part 2

Well, this morning will be short and brief because nothing has happened. At all. Anywhere. Because of all the snow. No Arsenal/Stoke, no United/Chelsea, no nothing. We did draw Barca on Friday. It was pretty much a dead certainty. I’m one of those people that thinks “if we’re good enough to win it we need … [Read more…]

Going To Santa’s Grotto

Morning. Or is it evening? I don’t really know as it’s perpetually dark in this corner of middle earth and this weekend has seen exactly 8 hours of sleep in total. Ideal preparation for a long working week and a visit to the shitbags tonight. Dev covered tonight’s match yesterday, so I won’t cover old … [Read more…]

NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNasri > Brillo Head

Morning – I’m back after an absence that involved 2 xmas do’s, a horrendous dose of death dealing flu and 3 feet of snow. And -17°C temperatures. I still feel like I’m dying and on top of that the idiots in the office have put up a Christmas tree decorated with my colleagues faces. It’s … [Read more…]

The Last Thing We Need Is A Half Time Lead.

Morning. Straight to the point, Saturday was a big festering pile of donkey shit. I took out Foster from the fantasy league team, as playing against a Chelsea team on the rebound after divorcing Uncle Fester and getting canned at home he was bound to get a hiding. Instead he kept a clean sheet, made … [Read more…]

Belly Laughs

Jesus Christ. I’ve already said a full strength Newcastle would be a different beast to the team we beat comfortably in the Carling Cup, but then in my heart of hearts I knew we’d also be ringing the changes and reverting to a full strength team. Before yesterday I was slightly nervous, having watched Newcastle … [Read more…]

Hypocritical ‘Arry Redknapp

Ah, so ‘Arry Redknapp has threatened to boycott the press if they punish him for his comments about the game at the weekend. As I covered yesterday, he’s upset because his keeper threw the ball to the opposition and let them score. Obviously he’ll blame anyone he can rather than address the real issue, his … [Read more…]