WOOHO…. RUHOH!! Arsenal 1 – 0 Liverpool.

So that was messy – from the get go Arsenal looked like they didn’t know how to score again – how familiar is that? How often to Arsenal turn up, keep the ball, pass it across the middle and then pass it back across the middle and then pass it back across the middle and … [Read more…]

On The Ropes, Still Fighting

Before yesterday Arsenal hadn’t won in the league since Feburary – Blackpool seemed like exactly the place to get our season back underway. They play attacking football to the point of suicide – yesterday was no different. Somehow Arsenal managed to conspire to dangle their dignity in front of Blackpool and for the first time … [Read more…]


Well, we watched Roadhouse last night, quality late 80’s action drama, with Swayze generally acting the bastard whilst being philosophical. It made me think of Arsenal. We’ve got the philosophy, but none of the balls. To paraphrase, “I thought we’d be bigger”. As most of you will know, I wasn’t too upset by our Champions … [Read more…]

Summer Practice

Good morning! I missed my regular Monday spot last week due to a serious attack of the John Terry’s. Work got so busy it was horrendous, bastards everywhere. But in any case, it’s calmer now and so I actually have a moment to think about something that doesn’t involve writing enormous reams of code for … [Read more…]

Fans On Song, Improving The Fringe.

I went to Old Trafford on Saturday, filled with hope and nerves. I knew from the offset that we had the capacity, the skill and the ability to beat those bastards into the ground. This season we’ve shown that we can beat a jinx, Barca at home, Chelsea at home – games where Arsenal stepped … [Read more…]

All To Play For

Just a month ago, people were talking about this weak Manchester United team in the same breath as The Invincible’s. I wasn’t too bothered then, because I knew that they couldn’t last the entire season without losing given their current form and squad. And they haven’t. The most mediocre Manchester United midfield I’ve seen in … [Read more…]

The Ah, Arsenal Way (Arsenal 1 – 2 Birmingham)

Shit. Shitty shit. Not really much to say about yesterday. Arsenal didn’t play very well, and Birmingham looked good for their win. Considering we should probably have been down to 10 men and conceded a penalty in the first 5 minutes we had our fair share of luck and still managed to lose it the … [Read more…]

Late To Orient

I’m going to start by saying the unpopular though. Leyton Orient were pretty poor. There, I’ve said it. They weren’t great, they sat back, they defended for 89 minutes and looked content to lose 1-0 instead of gambling on conceding a second or scoring themselves. No one told the lad up front though and he … [Read more…]

All Wolves, No Bite

I don’t know if many of you play video games at all, but recently I’ve been playing Dead Space 2. It’s basically John Terry: The Game. Loads of long armed John Terry’s come rushing up to you and try to climb on top of you whilst you’re trying to play the game. If shooting things … [Read more…]

1 Point Closer To United

I don’t really want to waste too much time dwelling over Saturday, I think everything that could be said has been said. Both the sending off of Diaby and the injury to Djourou affected us badly, coupled with one of the worst refereeing performances I’ve ever seen in top of a wonder goal from Tiote … [Read more…]

Transfer Mayhem / Sticky Toffees (Everton Preview)

Morning, apologies one and all, I missed my slot yesterday. The office was like London in the blitz, if you moved the blitz forward in time to just after the apocalypse. Period end, you see. So there was some Arsenal related transfer news, and it did involve a defender. However, much to nobodies surprise it … [Read more…]