What can I say?

I’ve been putting up with Arsenal jokes 4-3 weeks. And they don’t get any funnier. In fairness, you can take the two own goals and the offside goal (Yakubu’s second), give Arsenal the penalty they should have had when Theo was upended, and score any of the chances from the last five minutes and the … [Read more…]

A Win is a Win.

After Arsenal lost to Manchester United, away from home, with 7 first choice players out and 1 second choice (Frimpong) out, the comments looked like this: OH MY FUKKIN GOD I’M GOING TO DIE ARSENAL ARE SHIT WE’RE ALL SHIT ARSENAL ARE RUBBISH THE MANAGER IS A DICKHEAD THE PLAYERS SHOULD ALL EXPLODE IN SHAME … [Read more…]


So yesterday was a sack of arse. Evra didn’t get Frimponged, and Arsenal conceded 8 goals. On the plus side, Ashley Young did get 20 points in my fantasy league team and Arsenal scored 2 goals at Old Trafford in the league for the first time since 1984. There are silver linings everywhere, even in … [Read more…]

Unlucky, Understrength, Understaffed

So, you’ll already know I am perennially optimistic. Take a look at the squad – lacking, certainly, but sewn with pockets of excitement, talent and an exciting future. I can be optimistic about the squad as it is, despite being dissapointed that we’re so lacking – I have a genuine belief that one or two … [Read more…]

Farewell, Captain Fantastic

Not many players play on with a broken leg. That’s my overriding memory of Cesc Fabregas, scoring a penalty, breaking his leg in the process (or damaging it further) and playing on for the last 5 minutes. Hobbling around, shouting, organising and corralling his team-mates. It’s said to see Fabregas go, it feels like we … [Read more…]

Arsenal Are Back – Faults & All

So football is supposed to be fun, you’re supposed to enjoy it. Sure, in the quarter finals of the Champions League, or the final weeks of the domestic season it can get all nail bitey, a bit angsty and talking about football starts to become like talking to a 14 year old about love – … [Read more…]


When the season ends, there’s always a vacuum of interest to fill. The excitement of 1 or 2 games a week, the build up, the critical analysis, the discussion – it all gets replaced by a massive big nothing. If you can imagine the space inside Gary Neville’s head where is brain should be, and … [Read more…]

The Race For Fourth (Arsenal 1 – 2 Villa)

Last home game of the season, end of a disappointing league campaign, planned lap of appreciation… and yet yesterday, I sat and watched the game with total disinterest. Arsenal have let me down in recent weeks. I believed. I believed we could have won the league (and I still believe we should have done), I … [Read more…]

I Can’t Even Laugh At Liverpool Anymore

Morning. I bought a Tardis at the weekend, so this is Mondays blog, but today, instead of yesterday, about stuff that happened over the weekend but also yesterday and probably this summer. Confused? I’ve not even started yet. Football is at an all time low. Manchester United are on the verge of winning the title … [Read more…]

How Would You Replace Cesc?

Morning – Dev is away at the moment, so I’m stepping once more unto the breach. Two posts from me in one week, you lucky bastards. I’ve read a lot of posts/comments/blogs in the last day or two suggesting that the win at the weekend completely underlined Arsenal’s strength in midfield and that the trio … [Read more…]

Arsenal 1 – 0 Manchester United (Mental Strength)

The one thing Arsene Wenger says every time we lose is “the team showed character” or “we had great mental strength”. If that character is Benny Hill, or the mental strength is that of a lemming who, when 4-0 up, jumps off a Newcastle cliff, then he’s probably right. But all too often he trots … [Read more…]