Man U 2-1 Arsenal. Inevitable loss? I don’t know.

So after the high of Reading (after an incredible low, of course), the question was whether we could build on that. But that was always going to difficult, not only because we were at Old Trafford- our record there has been awful of late- but because e starting line-up was always going to be different. … [Read more…]

Arsenal 1-0 QPR. Lovely 3 points, thank you very much!

So we just about managed to beat QPR at the Emirates. a lot has been said by all and sundry about how dreadful we were, but do we or should we care? There have been so many matches we’ve played where we’had produced fantastic performances, which chances coming from multiple angles, but have either managed to … [Read more…]

The boys are back in town! The boys are back in the town!

So yesterday, we finally got to see the boys back in Arsenal colours! Or well, seeing as there were hardly any streams available, only those in the stadium could see the boys in action. Of course, it being the day after, highlights are available. have bitesize highlights available for free, with longer highlights available … [Read more…]

Much ado about nothing

Life is boring without Arsenal football on telly, isn’t it? And seeing as the only transfer info worth bothering about is players we’ve actually signed, it’s been extra quiet in the Arsenal world. At least the Euros are starting soon, and we’ll be able to see a few of our players in action. I for one am … [Read more…]

QPR 2-1 Arsenal. 3 wasted points.

Saturday’s match was a bit of a shambles, wasn’t it!? So after all that chat about maybe putting pressure under Spurs to slip-up in the later game, we chose to balls it up and give them the opportunity to close the gap, which they did with a 3-1 win over Spurs, bringing it to just one … [Read more…]

QPR v Arsenal. Match preview.

So we take on QPR in less than half an hour. Just a quick one to let you know the line-up: We’ve got Szczesny in goal, and with Koscielny back, we’ve got our first choice(?) back four in Sagna, Kos, Vermaelen and Gibbs. In midfield, after a bit of confusion, we’ve got Song, Arteta, Ramsey, … [Read more…]

Arsenal v Spurs Preview

Before I start this preview, just thought I’d wish Dev a happy birthday! It was Word of Arsenals’s birthday a few days ago, but today it’s Dev. Hope you’ve had a stonking day, and tomorrow does not ruin it! So, to tomorrow’s match. The last couple of seasons or so have seen a slight downturn … [Read more…]

Arsenal 1-1 Fulham- 2 points lost, or 1 point gained?

*sigh* I should mention that I didn’t watch or listen to the match, neither did I follow it live on twitter, although I followed the BBC live text somewhat. I’ve just watched MotD highlights, so at the moment, that’s all I’ve got to work on, so apologies if I miss anything glaringly obvious, or if … [Read more…]

Back to reality?

After the highs of Chelsea on Saturday, it would have been great to back it up with a win against Marseille on Tuesday in the Champions League, but alas, it was not to be! I bet we all expected to knock millions (what, just me!?) past them, but it was tough going when we played … [Read more…]