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Welcome to the World of Arsenal and thank you for tuning in.

The World of Arsenal (also known as the skillfully formulated WOA)… was actually created 10 years ago as arsenaltalk.com. Yes, 10 years ago… in 1999… but way before the days of wordpress, blogger et al! After a mid-season break (so to speak), we re-launched at the beginning of 2008.

The World of Arsenal, is that a world – for many of us, Arsenal means the world to us – the club itself is like no other. We’ve been blessed with a club who do things the right way in the right style. For me and you, it’s all about the team – if we win we’re a bunch of happy bouncy people, but we play badly, lose, draw or even have a played injured then we’re all a little down. I may be biased but I’ve never seen such a proud set of supporters such as ourselves, such a genuine connection with the club and such a family atmosphere. At the helm, we have a very capable manager in Arsene who has simply transformed our club into what it is today and built it from the ground up.

So for me, for the team of people involved in writing for and working with The World of Arsenal, there’s so much to this site – it’s our way to discuss and comment on all the stories coming out of the club and surrounding the club and something that means so much to us. And one thing that has made me very happy is the feedback we’ve had from you guys out there reading and participating in the discussions on the forum – the comments and debate make this site what it is today – so me and the team will continue doing what we do best and I hope you continue to read and comment on the stories, articles and more.

Thanks for your support,

Dev Day
devday [at] worldofarsenal [dot] co [dot] uk

Disclaimer: All opinions of The World of Arsenal are unrelated and not affiliated to the opinions of Arsenal Football Club. The posts on this sites are personal opinions only. The comments posted on the blogs are not related to myself and are opinions of individuals who read this. Just to make it clear. Just in case.

  • John Abbot

    One of the best Arsenal blogs on the net!

  • http://www.goonertalk.wordpress.com Gooner Chris

    < ![CDATA[Hi mate. Thanks for adding my link, can you get rid of the 'formerly gunners live' bit though? Cheers]]>

  • jack


  • IAF

    come on Arsne, a hard tackling midfielder and a prolific goal scorer. make up the trio with these.

  • dwaz tamu

    yeah itz true arsenal iz not only a futball team itz our family n we alwyz stick 2gthr no matter wat n m very happy wid da season dat we r havn surely dis iz arsenal year both at home n Europe