Preview: Villa vs The Arsenal…. As Emirates Deal Is Announced

Arsenal announced today that we’ve signed a mega £150m deal for the sponsorship of our shirts for the next five years. That works out at £30m per season, which dwarfs the previous deal that came in at £12.5m. It’s something that Gazidis and Wenger have been talking about and something that they believe would happen, so it’s good to see one of the first negotiations take place.

Good work for the commercial team, and let’s hope it’s one of many to come. If we can keep on doing this and start making positive bank statements without selling players, we may be able to actually buy / spend more than we take in every year… And that could and possibly should start with Theo Walcott. I don’t know how much he is after, but I doubt it’s mega-bucks. I’ve heard it’s close and potentially if they’re not too far apart, we can sort this out now…

Talking about Theo, he’s still out injured, and possibly likely to be injured for Wednesday too – the gaffer summarizing the injury situation:

Santos is out for 10 days with an abdominal strain. Oxlade-Chamberlain looks alright. Theo [Walcott] is out for Saturday, but has a chance for Wednesday at Everton.

However, the boss did talk in depth about Rosicky and the injuries he’s had… and how happy he is to potentially have him back in the squad:

He should be back with us on Monday. He started in team training on Monday. Last year from January to the end of the season he was one of the most influential players in our squad. I hope he can repeat that because until now we haven’t seen him and he was injured at the European Championship. He has a similar injury to Scott Parker, they had operations at the same time and they will come back basically at the same time. It is very difficult [mentally] for him, because Tomas is a guy who loves to play, who is happy on a football pitch. When you have been injured as many times as he has been, it is not easy to take.

It will be good to have Rosicky back, he is a good player, and an intelligent one. He can create opportunities that others can’t and can move forward with aggression and positivity that helps us win games. Simple as, we need numbers, and Rosicky can add to a midfield that’s lost Song and Diaby and is really stretching the likes of Arteta and Cazorla, as they’ve had no rest at all!

Based on Arsene’s team news, the potential line up at Villa Park may well be:


Sagna – Metersacker – Koscielny – Vermaelen (c)

Arteta – Wilshere

Gervinho – Cazorla – Podolski


I think Gervinho will start as Oxlade has a little niggle and I think the boss will keep him on the bench for the moment, I also think Gibbs will be on the bench and be introduced as a substitute if we’re doing okay, rather than going into the first team, considering the 4 players and goalkeeper named above look to be on top of their game…

It’s a vitally important game for us, with Chelsea playing Man City and a potential banana skin for United at QPR (who Harry may be managing come Sunday)… 3 points this weekend could be a very good and important 3 points… especially with a tricky tie at Everton mid-week.

Come on you Gooners!

  • Arsefan101

    Agree with the team line up – makes a lot of sense…

    Think Wilshere is getting better with every game!

  • Berth

    Arsenal fans. sighs!!

  • Arsefan101


  • Berth

    Wenger. Well good idea to arrest players. However at 0 – 0 get in Sagna and Wilshere

  • Berth

    to arrest or rest, whatever guys.

  • barry

    Well the apologists and the Wengies were telling us last week that because we had beaten a poor 10 man Spuds team we were going to win the PL and the CL. We duly qualified for the latter by beating a Championship level side in Montpellier but as I have said so many times before the more intelligent and knowledgeable amoungst us knew that it was merely papering over the huge cracks. We have the poorest squad we have had in 30 years. We have a manager that refuses to spend money, believing that the failed kiddie and cheapo policy still has life in it. We have had Gazebo jumping up and down all week because of our new sponsorship deal. Firstly it’s not a great deal and secondly it doesn’t matter that we already have a transfer kitty of £70+million, Wenger wont spend it, and if he did he would buy rubbish because that’s what Wenger does. The only way forward is to dump this loser and then get the club back in the hands of someone who will invest. Hill-Dead-Wood, Gazebo and Silent Stan all have to go but we need to dump that idiot first.

    some on here will tell you Wenger isn’t responsible for anything but he picks the teams, he decides the tactics, he comes up with a formation, he makes the substitutions, and he buys and recruits the players. Wenger is the manager and if yesterdays lack of effort coupled with awful tactics doesn’t convince you that the bloke has totally lost the plot nothing will. It’s not Stan, it’s not Gazebo who picks the team and coaches the players, it’s Wenger and he is doing every part of his job badly.