Arsenal vs Sp*rs: The 2012 North London Derby…

Tomorrow is a HUGE game… when I mean HUGE, I mean HUGE…

Arsenal vs Sp*rs

We’re in a precarious position in the league, we actually behind Sp*rs in the league, we’re the lowest we’ve ever been at this stage under Arsene Wenger, we’ve had the worst start under Arsene Wenger and tomorrow, we play Sp*rs. And we play them at home.

Nothing short of a win is required, demand and more importantly needed, and therefore, it’s essential that we play to the best of our abilities, from defence to attack. We’ve played poorly and conceded goals for fun this season, but tomorrow is where we have to get everything right.

Arsene spoke this morning ahead of the game and distanced the occasion from the fact we need the three points:

“This year is important. Every London derby is important. As well, we dropped some points recently and we want to come back in a more consistent way of results. That’s why, of course, it’s a good opportunity to do that tomorrow. The distance is not big. It’s early in the season. First of all, we play at the Emirates. We know that it’s important we are strong there. As well, for us, a successful season is down to consistency of results. At the moment that’s what we are looking for.”

Team News

He also touched upon team news, and there is bad news concerning Kieran Gibbs, who we now understand is out injured for a while. Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs are classified as long term injuries, so who knows when we’ll get any of them back. In slightly (possibly) better news, we may see the return of Szcznesy to the first team. Mannone has played the majority of this season and to be honest, he’s shown he’s not Premier League quality – the return of the keeper would be duly welcome. Gervinho and Sagna look to miss the game and but may be back for Montpellier.

As a result, I believe the team could well be (players in brackets are having late fitness tests):

Mannone (Szcznesy)

Jenkinson (Sagna) – Koscielny – Mertersacker – Vermaelen (c)

Arteta – Wilshere

Ramsey (Walcott) – Cazorla – Podolski


Wit Walcott, Sagna and Szcznesy having fitness tests tomorrow morning

It will be interesting to see how the players fair in the NLD, this is new for players such as Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud and will they know the intensity and rivalry required to push on?

Jack Wilshere

It was interesting to hear the boss talk about Wilshere and how much the NLD means to him… a little Ging up for the player… as if he needed it!

“Jack arrived here at the age of nine years old and that means this game is in his heart, in his brain, for the whole season every year,” said Wenger. From the youth teams up, the rivalry exists.”

Tomorrow is so important, it may give me a sleepless night tonight… very exciting and if you’re going to the game, please be the 12th man!

Til tomorrow… Come on you Gunners…

  • Arsefan101

    Your blog has got me VERY excited ahead of tomorrow’s game.
    Can’t wait… we need to win.. come on Jack!!

  • cheesytraveller

    we need a win !!! nothing more nothing less!! its against the bloody spuds for gods sake!!
    come on lets see the arsenal we all fell in love with…the passion the belief!!

    make us proud!!

  • steven

    Strange emotions on here today despite a 5-2 win against the spuds, a lot of anger towards Wenger, can you imagine if we’d lost.
    Have to admit feeling a bit deflated despite the win, probably because there were a lot of negatives in that performance, not least Wenger himself, who did his best to fuck it up, by bringing on 2 players who have not exactly endeared themselves to the fans this season.
    We needed substitutions that would lift the the crowd not fucking well piss them off.
    Unlike last seasons 5-2, wenger won’t have won back any doubters with this somewhat fortuitous win.

  • steven

    Last season we won this 5-2 and scraped abocve spurs, winning nothing in the process. This season we beat 10 man spurs 5-2, after they’d been battering us and should have gone 2 up. The last two games we’ve won we’ve beaten 10 men. Match finished with about 6 players playing out of position. Fine, see that as a great weekend if you want, but I feel nothing about this match at all. People who criticise fans for not cheering up need to realise that again we’ll win nothing at the end of the season, and THEY’LL be moaning too.
    If the point of the season was to whack Spurs, then we’re champions. It’s not and we won’t be until this regime is gone.

  • eravati

    I caught ‘Match of the Day’ this morning and was interested to hear Vincent Kompany state that Arsenal were “the best team we’ve played this season” in discussing whether Spurs could finish above Arsenal. I am assuming he is not including the Champions League in that, nor the Community Shield. One suspects when Chelsea or Manchester United meet them in the league, that view might change. However, it is still an opinion that indicates how well Arsenal can play – as they did at Eastlands. Everyone enjoyed the euphoria of a derby win yesterday, regardless of the circumstances, but moving forward, it is the consistency of performance that is the big issue for this team.
    It is a facet of recent seasons that, when the manager has begun to come under pressure, his team can respond and win just enough vital matches to avoid the kind of scrutiny that would end up turning the majority against the Arsene Wenger. They have certainly always been able to squeeze into the top four (or top three last season, which proved significant). But on the assumption that the manager will be signing a fresh contract next summer, and that he will then be around until 2017, how is this team going to create the kind of euphoria experienced yesterday on a more frequent basis? I’d be interested in the views of those who do believe that Arsene Wenger can bring back the glory days to Arsenal regarding what they see as the reasons for the recent decline in results and performances, and how they think this can be addressed to bring much-needed consistency.

  • dean

    Wenger astonishes me when he speaks about strikers ‘having the ability to hold
    the ball up’, he played Gervinho up front without battering an eyelid, yet he
    would struggle to hold his pants up let alone the ball. I know that Wenger sees
    this as a requisite with the way he selects his midfield, but tell me this, when
    was the last time Arsenal won anything with this formation? before you all
    scratch your heads off the answer is NEVER. Wenger is hell bent on a formation
    that is akin to Barcelona, just because other teams play similar formations now
    it doesn’t mean we have to as well. Personally, I think that when Gibbs is fit
    again (and another quality LB should be a major priority in January), Arsenal
    should play 3-5-2 with Gibbs and Sagna as the wing backs, Arteta, Cazorla and
    Wilshere in the centre which leaves an whole array of options up front with
    Walcott, Ox, Podolski, Giroud and dare I say it Gervinho vying for a place.

  • sevin

    Walcott’s contract situation is an interesting one for the club. On the
    one hand, if they give Theo the striker’s role and more money, the rest
    of the squad will start to believe they can hold the club to randsom
    every time they are looking for a new contract. It’s not really the best
    way to go about things, but we need a change in wage structure, and
    maybe this is the way to get the ball rolling, who knows. On the other
    hand, if they let Theo go, because they don’t want the above to happen,
    it really flies in the face of Wenger’s previous comments, where he
    stated that a significant part of the reason why he likes developing
    youth (particularly English youth) is that there is more chance of
    loyaltly, and therefore a more stable squad. Theo leaving suggests to
    the rest of the squad that anyone is free to leave at anytime, no matter
    who they are. Given the stream of foreign players who have recently
    left (Van Purse strings, Na$ri, Fabregas, Adebayor etc.), all you have
    to do is whinge hard enough and you get your way, because the board want
    to see some profit (I’m not suggesting that all foreign players are
    disloyal, but they don’t have quite the same allegences as domestic
    players). If the English players in the squad are getting to this point,
    then there will be severe problems down the track, and many players
    will come in with the idea that we are nothing more than a stepping
    stone club


    Mid summer I would not have been too annoyed if Walcott left…as far as I was concerned he was a tease, capable of great displays one moment but poor touch/crossing/general play on others.

    However these last few games hes played amazing. Is he worth £150k a week? Not really but OUR WAGE STRUCTURE CAN GO TO HELL!! Arshavin is top earner on 80k yet doesnt even play, whilst you have young bucks like Theo who will get better just based on the fact that hes only 23 on £50k.

    Generally you have to overpay for top talent. Why are we such misers? Literally dont worry about spending £60m on new players, tie up the ones we have now! This last minute attitude is not good at all. It’s not good business to let a player go to the last year of his deal. Lock him up early or move him on!