Man U 2-1 Arsenal. Inevitable loss? I don’t know.

So after the high of Reading (after an incredible low, of course), the question was whether we could build on that. But that was always going to difficult, not only because we were at Old Trafford- our record there has been awful of late- but because e starting line-up was always going to be different.

JAT’s line-up in the pre-match blog was spot in. A few people were disappointed Theo wasn’t starting, but after 120 minutes midweek, was there any doubt as to him bing on the bench? I don’t think so.


Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos

Ramsey Cazorla Wilshere Arteta Podolski


But anyways, having said all that, we started the match pretty much the same way we did against Reading. Nervy, edgy, sloppy, and any other negative words ending in y you can think of. United on the other hand, were anything but.

And unsurprisingly, they took the lead early on. Disappointing to concede, especially so early on, but even more disappointing was the fact that it came from a mistake from our Captain, Tommy V.  A cross came in from the right, an air kick from Tommy V, unfortunately, and who was there to fire it in, if not runaway boy, Robin van Persie? All I can say and will say about it and him, is well done for not celebrating. 1-0 Man U.

You’d think there’d be a reaction, but in my opinion, there wasn’t much of one. United looked the more likely to score, and in all honesty, they probably should and could have scored more, but a combo of poor finishing and a few good saves from Mannone saved our blushes. Real fears from a few that we’d get a hammering, but I won’t mention the 8-2 from last year, because to me, that was a one-off. Oh damn, I just did!

United bossed the first half from start to finish, and I don’t think we even managed a shot on target. Poor poor half, and we could count ourselves lucky thinkwell were only 1-0. “Theo! Theo! Theo!” was the cry from the away fans, and there was no doubting that we needed something different. Oh, I almost forgot United’s penalty! Towards the end of the first half, Cazorla was adjudged to have handled on the edge from a cross, but I think he was unlucky. Bit of a moot point in the end, as Rooney’s effort hit the left hand side of the post and went being for a goal kick. Mannone guessed the right way, but I don’t know if he’d have stopped that, was it on target. Massive let off for us.

We started the second half a little bit better- well, we couldn’t have started it any worse than the first! United were threatening, as usual, but at least we could string more passes together. Not so much in the final third, however. Vermaelen slipped again, and Man U almost punished us. We really struggled to create chances, and Arsene had no choice but to bring Theo on, earlier than the usual 75 minutes in. He did make a difference, but not terribly much.

The second goal, which had been coming, eventually came. This time from Evra. Annoying that the two goals we conceded were from two players who we’d rather not to have scored against us, but hey ho, that’s life! Would have said that was the final nail in the coffin, but given the Reading match, and indeed the way the season has gone, with 2-0 seemingly not a safe result. But then again, it’s Arsenal we’re talking about. You just never know. Not that we were threatening or anything.

But if that didn’t spell the end, Jack getting sent off 4 minutes later definitely was it. He’d been yellow carded in the first half, and a late tackle on Evra was enough for a second yellow. Welcome back, Jack. Just shows that he’s still rusty and we can’t expect too much from him just yet.

With us frown to 19, it was just a case of avoiding conceding more goals, and maybe getting one for ourselves. And if we could get one back early enough, maybe we could make something of it. Gotta say though, that although United were comfortable in the first half, they definitely didn’t get it as easy in the second half. Of course they created more than us, even before Jack got sent off, but it wasn’t a walk over. But then you could argue that they were two up so didn’t need to do too much, but I still felt that if we could nick one early enough, you never know. Theo had a chance, but he was unlucky. The match wore off and it looked like it’d end a disappointing 2-0, but Cazorla popped up with just injury time to go and curled a superb effort in. I think we deserved that. Of course there wasn’t enough time to get the equaliser, but I think 2-1 was a fair result.

Would it have been different were jack hadn’t been sent off? We’ll never know. There was the sense, at the end of the match, that the result was inevitable, but football isn’t like that, and if we’d shown more fight from the get go, it could well have been a different result. I’m not going to bother looking at where we lie in the table- it’s probably depressing! But if there’s any consolation, I’m sure we were even far back at the same stage last season.  Not ideal, all the same.

Big game coming up on Tuesday in the league, but I hope the team can brush off this defeat and actually pull out the win against Shalke. We definitely need it. Chin up, guys.

  • Berth

    Wenger’s ego is bigger than the empire state building. That is all I can say.

  • azharie

    ramsey is not at his best on right flank

  • gill

    Dissapointed with the match as an arsenal fan to give man united a hard time or a glorious beating would be tremendous to us the fans and wish those days could return wish we had a player whose ability could match or near thierrry henry…when he was at his prime….

  • gill

    i agree because when we loose wenger pulls out his scripts from the past and when we sell players that are quality he does the same shocking…..

  • worldofarsenal

    Ramsey is a good player, but unfortunately not consistent – his preferred role is the Cazorla position, and in reality, why not switch Cazorla to play RW when Theo and the Ox are both out of action?

  • worldofarsenal

    Indeed, the desire & motivation and general quality of the performance was not great at all. The problem is that we’re in a rut of selling players every year. The same problems will happen every year unless we can get consistent.

  • Barsenal




    I made sure to read all the comments and I can see and admit the frustration and disgust of the fans.

    My problem is that all of you are talking about changes, but you are the same ones ( well some of you ) going to the stadium to support the ridicule and the atrocious performance !!! I AM CONFUSED !!!

    The ONLY WAY we are going to have some clear changes, is by hurting the wallet of the club and the board… Stop going to the stadium paying ridiculous amount for seat and stop being “STUPID’…


    This blog is great because you can express your frustrations and submit some ideas, but the fact is, it is useless because at the end the season the board and the rest are more concerned about the benefits accumulated.


    I have refused to renew my season ticket ( and I have loads of mail from the club asking me to renew with perks and all associated ) because I had enough of being ripped off watching “shyt” play and “shyt” player with no positive results…




  • worldofarsenal

    Totally agree with your points Debs.
    We have a lot of players, all of whom have a natural position, and it’s pretty annoying to see them being played out of position. Yes Podolski plays right attacker for Germany, but they also play with two DMs – I’d like to see him up front more often. Ramsey is unfortunately being targetted by the fans, but he’s not a right winger or a defensive midfielder – he’s a central attacking midfielder. And finally – the defence needs a defensive minded midfielder to play in front of them. Someone who doesn’t get forward. Arteta needs this player next to him – it worked so well with Alex Song, and players like Coquelin and Diaby have worked too. But Jack is an offensive player, so is Arteta and Ramsey and Cazorla. Xavi and Iniesta need a Busquets. Arteta and Jack will need a Coquelin.
    The manager has to relook at the way he plays players and where he plays them.

  • jat85

    You just want your team to go down swinging and yesterday they bent over and took it like the jail bitch who dropped the soap on purpose. I knew we would play like that but they should have fought and scrapped. In the end Utd were happy to let us score the consolation. They felt sorry for us. Another 4th place battle this season. Maybe our name is on the league cup after last week. Would be nice to win it to shut up the moron supporters from other clubs spouting about 7 years without silverware. I personally don’t rate the league cup as major silverware but if winning it means shutting them up then let’s do it. Be good for this team to win a trophy at wembley also.

  • worldofarsenal

    I’d take the league cup – it’s a cup at the end of the day – Chelsea & Liverpool have both won it in the last few years, so why shouldn’t we try to win something achievable? Fulham and Sp*rs at home in the league will be two very hard games – hopefully we can get some points on the board and make our league position a little bit better!

  • bonathan

    Andre santos(ser) : absolutely useless. totally out of his depth. why on earth did we sing this guy? surely wenger can’t have seen him play before? i don’t understand why anyone would pay 6.2 mill for a left back who cannot defend for toffee, and is slower than mertersacker. 1.2 million more than jose enrique who moved to liver the same summer. unbelievable.

    and what is with playing ramsey out wide??? another strange decision. why not play cazorla out there and ramsey central? a typical stange decision from wenger.

    walcott to leave in january……..sagna to follow in the summer. when will the exodus stop?? will it ever stop?

  • bonathan

    Andre santos(ser) : absolutely useless. totally out of his depth. why on earth did we sing this guy? surely wenger can’t have seen him play before? i don’t understand why anyone would pay 6.2 mill for a left back who cannot defend for toffee, and is slower than mertersacker. 1.2 million more than jose enrique who moved to liver the same summer. unbelievable.

    and what is with playing ramsey out wide??? another strange decision. why not play cazorla out there and ramsey central? a typical stange decision from wenger.

    walcott to leave in january……..sagna to follow in the summer. when will the exodus stop?? will it ever stop?

  • kev

    until the idiotic manager is shot nothing will change…mark my words

  • kev

    The whole world knew that Ramsey and Santos will be our weakest link and
    it was no surprise Wenger wanted to prove the world wrong by playing
    them from the start. I guess he must be pleased with himself as he
    pissed a lot of people off today. Another thing is why is Wenger trying
    to convert Ramsey into a winger? He has no pace, no dribbling skill and
    can’t cross the ball. You want a winger go and buy one you stubborn
    fool. As for Santos he’s inability to defend aside, he’s a muppet for
    exchanging shirt with RVP at haltime. He’s likea 10yr old ballboy
    meeting his chidhood hero for the 1st time and not like a player
    represnting Arsenal. Disgraceful. Wenger should have substituted him for
    that stunt alone but of course he did nothing. Anyway for those
    defending Wenger the board does not motivate the players or set up the
    team. He does. Any other manager would have gotten more effort out of
    these players than what we are watching now which is a dissprited bunch
    of good for nothing.

  • Berth

    Tactically Wenger has always been found wanting. No new surprise there.

  • Berth

    Shot by you?

  • limet

    now the fool is talking about just getting 3rd place….mate you’d be lucky to finish in the top 10 the way this team is palying

  • sean

    It was a comfortable home win no surprise there it should have been
    more.Looking at other results again like many of us wrote last year us
    coming 4th may be as much about other teams weakness as our own.We
    really are a 2nd tier club in ambition but with a vast amount of dross
    in a 140m+ wage bill.The only real credit i will give is to the away
    support magnificent as always the club really take these people for
    granted.Glad to hear some chants against MSS spot on imo.Someone should
    have a word with Santos save getting souvenirs for after the game sort
    of thing you expect a lower league player to do in a cup tie.Will write
    again Santos should be nowhere near the first team & again the
    manager really has a blind spot about Ramsey hard enough place to go
    without playing players reasonably competent in their position.Cleverly
    should have gone but the result was sadly expected

  • anjam

    I neither particularly like or dislike Wenger but he has to carry the can for
    the debacle at OT. Santos is a donkey and in all honesty would not get a game
    with ANY other PL team. Ramsey is a backup CM with no pace being asked to play
    on the wing. Wilshere was heading for a red card but AW won’t make substitutions
    before 65 minutes have passed – suffering from a mild case of OCD I’d say.
    Contrast that with the way SAF got Cleverly out of the firing line. We can moan
    about the BoD (and rightly so) but AW prepares and picks the team and he didn’t
    get it right. I’m not a big Walcott fan but he should have started on Saturday
    in light of his excellent performance against Reading – BTW how did we manage to
    get 0-4 down to a team like Reading. Going forward I can’t think of a single PL
    team that I would bet on us to beat comfortably – top four will be an
    achievement this season – the BoD will be delighted but for us long suffering
    fans just another frustrating year – can anyone blame RvP for leaving.

  • svengali

    Well the season is going down the pan fast (I can’t believe I am saying this so early in the season) We were supposed to be so much better defensively blar blar blar and what do we after we start getting compliments? We start conceding sloppy goals left right and centre. It’s not even the quantity of goals we concede its the nature of the goals and the impact on our performance they have. If we win a game 10-8 its still 3 points but to concede the needless goals that lose us games or drop points is crushing. I still don’t understand this Walcott mess sign him up and let him play plus its starting to look clear to everyone our formation needs changing. That expansive 4-3-3 hasn’t been effective for us we can’t expose our full backs the way we do and expect success. We have not been creating much going forwards either and its hard to blame one player but the Ramsey situation sticks out like a sore thumb. There is a lot that needs work and I really hope Wenger can realise things arent working and adapt the team accordingly if not we are in for a depressing season.

  • Chizzle

    We’ve played Chelsea, United, City, Stoke and Liverpool this season. We’ve got those out of the way. Now we can concentrate on a couple of home games – Fulham (h), then Spurs (h) – Villa (a) – Everton (a) – after those games, we’ll have a better picture of where we are at.

    I really think we need to give this team some more time!

  • Attitude

    I agree – the Ramsey (right side) and no DM are problems that he has to addresss – also, Podolski is lost on left wing.