Reading v Arsenal, Capital One Cup 4th Round Preview

Tonight we take on Reading at the Madejski Stadium in a game that was rumoured to be the return of Jack Wilshere. We were all grateful for his early return against QPR at the weekend. After the game the manager confirmed he would be resting Jack in the week, to see how he responds after a long absence, and to (we hope) allow him to recover in time for the game at Old Trafford on Saturday.

It had been a difficult week with defeats against Norwich and Schalke in quick succession. So much so that I was really looking forward to the League Cup match. A game which will feature some fringe and reserve players, and a game in which you expect the commitment and urgency to be miles better than what we saw in those two defeats just mentioned. The QPR victory was, of course, welcomed with open arms, and the hope is that it represents the end of a two-game blip, and the beginning of an unbeaten run in what is looking like a very, very testing November. And November always seems to be a troublesome period for The Arsenal.

The performance against QPR was nowhere near what we were producing before the international break, but it was noticeably better than the utter rubbish we saw last week. When you’re down, the only way is up. Looking ahead to the game tonight, you would expect to see a completely different first XI to the game at the weekend. Here is my guess on what the lineup will be:


Jenkinson Koscielny
Djourou Miquel

Walcott Gnabry Frimpong Coquelin Arshavin


On the official website, Szczesny is seen training with the squad for this game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start ahead of Martinez, to get him back in the swing of things as quickly as possible.  Walcott played only 10 minutes on Saturday and with The Ox seemingly still injured I reckon Theo will start this one. A team along those lines would certainly cause problems, but our defence is by no means watertight at the moment so it could be a close one.

In the past we have seen some fantastic performances from our League Cup teams and I expect this to be an entertaining game with a few goals. Reading scored, but also shipped, three goals at the weekend and with our pacy youngsters I’m predicting more of the same. The game is the featured match on Sky Sports so it will be available to watch live to viewers in the UK. No need to find a dodgy stream for this one thankfully.

Reading will field their strongest team, but we are more than capable of overcoming them. Last week at the AGM Arsene quite rightly labelled this competition as our lowest priority. Realistically speaking, however, this and the FA Cup appear yet again to be our most likely chances of silverware, so here’s hoping we can progress to the Quarter Finals.

I will be at the game tonight and will be tweeting live from the match with photos and comments. I hope to provide a positive review tomorrow! Until then.


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  • worldofarsenal

    Excellent post JAT…. I’m heading over to Ko Phangnan for the full moon party tonight… may catch a glimpse of the game…. let’s see if we can turn last week’s bad week into this week’s good week.

  • wondowsen

    i think this time arsenal not goog posashin be cous injurd & player performanc but so many have yang players in the club

  • limet

    has theo left the building yet? another player to be sold under the misguided management

  • Berth

    Theo will definitely leave brother. The Board and Wenger has played the jester in this one.

  • limet

    Got the call from Manchester that Web Mr Manchester is going to be the
    lawman and listing to the phone I dreaded every word uttered. How on
    earth is arsenal going to win? we know arsenal never finishes with 11
    players for a starter, books almost the entire back and midline of the
    team, never sees Scholes playing the second keeper, will not book the
    two regular actors Young who is go at tumbling over theatrically and
    Valence who loves his rugby splash and as a nip-head is always swayed by
    the 12th player. So at OT wenger and arsenal face an angry fergi with
    the FA on his corner, the refs and linesmen who never see manure players
    cuddling up to the arsenal keeper but will flag down any run into the
    box by an arsenal player and to make the matter worse wenger will deploy
    the dreaded 433 style, play Santos, Ramsey and Gervinho. So Web, fergi,
    linesmen, on one side and the 433 style plus 3 crappy players how on
    earth will a defeat be avoided? Even if the linesmen do their job Santos
    is there mucking about and Gervinho will not score even with an empty
    goal. Wenger will be aarping No way, no chance, stuffed with the Seattle

  • limet

    so just as the player is starting to develp he’s off… fuck the board and fuck the manager

  • worldofarsenal

    We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but it looks very much likely that we’ll have to sell in January – it’s already November this week and nothing has happened in regards to a potential contract re-signing so it doesn’t look good.

  • Berth

    @52850c37934c2c7b60ac7ab2b02495d8:disqus frustration brother

  • limet

    I’m sorry to say this team will never win anything with this clown in charge…How the fook does he and the board get away with this kinda shit makes me wonder whether they’re all bribing each other with the fans money.

  • limet

    Groundhog season as mentioned yesterday……sigh

  • worldofarsenal

    Just seen last night’s score. That game sounded incredible.

  • limet

    Was this the greatest match you have ever seen? Sky Sports would have
    you believe it. Me, I just saw incompetence and two poor teams. It
    really didn’t make sense at times. Yes, to win in this manner was
    definitely a great comeback, but to go 4-0 down to a team in the
    relegation zone when your own line-up features five international
    players tempered things a bit. It was certainly dramatic, but I am not
    sure I really want to watch matches like this when Arsenal are involved
    in them. I still struggle to come to terms with that 5-4 win at the Lane
    in 2004-05. There was something about that game that just did not make

    The optimist might believe this could provide some kind of
    psychological springboard for the season, and I would certainly listen
    to the ‘our name’s on the cup’ theory after the two injury time goals
    that took it to 4-4. However, the disorganization and lack of
    determination as the first half goals were sailing past Martinez was
    alarming. That this was a second string line-up is no mitigation for the
    lack of conviction and focus. Let’s hope for a serious improvement on
    that front when Arsenal go to Old Trafford on Saturday, because if they
    go four goals behind there, they won’t be throwing shirts into the away
    section at the end (even if they’d need a cannon to reach it).

  • Berth

    Not a bad game. good for advert but terrible for fans a times.