Another Interlull begins…

Morning Gooners,

It’s another Wednesday but this time I hope the gremlins that took down the WOA site including my Wednesday post last week aren’t up to any mischief this time round.

So since my rather glass half empty post we’ve managed to bag a couple of timely 3-1 victories.

Firstly against Olympiacos in the Champions League. Much has been written and over analysed about a ‘shaky and poor’ first half, while it wasn’t vintage, the Greek champions arrived with a game plan to close us down two to a man and deny us any space. This game plan worked and as a result our play looked sloppy. In the end, like when we take on teams lower in the Premier League, the Greeks tired in the second half and Arsenal secured a good win that puts them2 points clear from Schalke, who are up next at home. A job well done on the night, lets save the vintage performances for the latter stages hey?

Next up was a tough trip to Upton Park. A away London derby day, the return of Le Boss’, Fat Sam and a big target man in Andy Carroll. Better Arsenal teams have come unstuck at such a task, after the first defeat of the season to Chelsea, this was big test. The good news is that we passed with flying colours, as Dev wrote on Sunday: ‘Battled it out…’

Dev has covered most of the facts and details around this game, never the less it is worth stating again how much of a boost this result would have given our players (and fans). With all the other top clubs winning on the weekend, Arsenal couldn’t afford to playing psychological catch up as well as points catch up. The talk was rightly about Cazorla after the game, the little magician is really starting to show his worth and he also doesn’t go missing during the tougher games. His goal, well that was a thing of beauty. Body shaped in one direction but hitting completely across the ball to put it into the opposite corner. Top work, Santi.

That win unfortunately takes us into another interlull break. Yawn!

The interviews and headlines out there are rather tame, for example, ice cream loving Alex Hleb has said:

 [Guardiola is] not the best coach in the world because he coached the best team in the world
with the best players. It is not difficult to win with a team like that. I think Villanova will achieve the same success. The best coaches in the world are Mourhino, Alex Ferguson and Wenger.

I learned more from Wenger at Arsenal than Guardiola, but he’s a great coach. It is also true that he was the coach of the strongest in the world, so we managed good results”

Thanks Alex, I’m sure Wenger will be happy to hear that after you turned your back on him. No mention of Alec McCleish in your list though?

The man who scored his first goal EVER, (forever ever ever?) on Saturday, Giroud has been talking about Arsenal life:

“I could speak basic English (before) but not enough to really talk with my team-mates, understand the coach’s talks and adapt to my new country.

“You have to adapt. You have to learn habits and customs of the country when you arrive.

“The easiest thing would be to remain with your fellow countrymen, and I can already see that here.

“I am not improving as quickly as I should, even if I’m speaking with English and foreign players.

“The Frenchmen tend to stay together when we eat and in the changing room. It is logical and only human. But I try to talk with others in English, even with the media.”

He added: “It is not easy to come to a new country. You are far away from your family. You have to be mentally strong.

“I think I am mature enough for England. It is the perfect moment now – I am 26 years old. I could not wait too much longer.”

On goal scoring…

“Unconsciously maybe I put myself under more pressure,” he added. “I think I can be honest with myself.

“I still feel a bit of tension when it is time to score, a lack of success. It is so tiny.

“But I’ve made good runs, I’ve already provided four assists and there is good support from my team-mates.

“You must not give up. You cannot be worried. I know what I have to do.”


Bless his rather large and perfectly formed frame.

Well that’s it from me, next weekend it’s Norwich away but until then let’s all pray all our players come back fighting fit.

Have a good one Gooners.


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  • ArseFan101

    Giroud will be an amazing player for Arsenal.
    He just needs time.