Interlull over… Business time.

Morning Gooners,

It’s an interlull week already in the season so the news is pretty sparse this week to say the least.

I’m typing while watching the Ox not really get into get into an average England performance at home to Ukraine while also keeping an eye on Giroud’s France take on Belarus. Not much to report there from the big man either.

Staying in France, Abou Diaby played 90mins and scored in the victory over Finland. The now fat water carrier, Deschamps said;

He felt a bit of muscle pain in training…

Parts of the media and bloggers are reporting that as Diaby is knocking on heavens door, more respected outlets are saying, ‘he’s got a niggle, he’s been rested’. I’ve got a feeling it’s the later but given Abou’s luck with injuries, a small knock could escalate into a longer lay off.

The boss attempted to allay any fears about Diaby on French TV:

“[The injury] doesn’t seem serious to me at all. He has a small chance of playing on Saturday.”

I said last week he needs rotating and resting given the time he’s had out but with selfish international managers on the scene, our players will always be at risk. In fact, Arsenal have more players away on international duty than any other team in the league. Yikes!

Swiching over to Spain, Carzorla (who’s playing in the USA of all places this week…UPDATE:  OK correction, he was playing Georgia… I blame skim reading Arseblog! Thanks @Nitz21), has talked about how happy he is with his early season form:

‘They have paid an important amount of money for me and the role they’ve given me is the one I like,”

“I love the style of the team. Wenger’s philosophy is to control the game and I like to be on the ball. Furthermore, the boss has put me in a position, second striker, with all the freedom I want to have.

“He told me to be at ease and that he’d play me where I could most help the team. It surprised me in pre-season when he put me as the second striker.

“I’ve come to play on the wings with the freedom to move inside, but Wenger has immediately put me in this

And long may he stay in this position. I do believe there will be a few tough nights ahead for him in the League. Your typical ‘he’s not that kind of player’ defenders will get wise to the fact that our Santi is the player to watch and attempt to bully him out of games through rough house tactics. If Graham Hunter’s quotes from last week are to be believed, Santi won’t be intimidated.

Cazorla went on to talk about the help of Arteta while settling in to English life:

“Arteta has advised me a lot, he told me football is much faster and less tactical than Spain. It’s more give and go,”

“Mikel has helped me to learn to see the game and said that if we play rapidly with the ball we’re going to create a lot of danger and we’ll beat most teams.

“Wenger wants him (Arteta) now as a defensive pivot and he’s doing it very well. He gives real balance and he can win the ball back and play it out because with the ball he’s spectacular.”

Arteta is the new engine room and yes, he can be quite spectacular.

Back in England, our fast improving prospect at right back Carl Jenkinson has made his intetions clear,

“My ambition for my whole career is to play for this football club. I want to be good enough and make my mark here.

“I won’t be happy until I’m playing week-in, week-out. That’s what I want to achieve.”

Carl Jenkinson is an Arsenal fan living the dream. From watching the team in the stands to being signed up to be part the squad. Have a look at the photo below. This is Carl Jenkinson’s actually bedroom he grew up in at home, he’s Arsenal through and through and part of a dying breed in the modern game. Carl Jenkison, you have my support Gooner.

Back to the real thing on Saturday with Southampton at home, there’s never such a thing as a ‘home banker’ when Arsenal are concerned so we’ll need to be on top of our game after the international break to take all three points. With Montpellier and Man City up in quick succession, it’s about to get serious again. Bring it on.

Have a good one.

~ @Tottz82


  • devday

    Tottz – I never knew that about Carl J – definitely have a new found respect for the boy now!

  • Giovannivb1

    That is going to be awkword when he leaves for man u.

  • ArseFan101

    Love the reference to Arteta – spectacular!
    It’s true, he’s a real gem.

    Cazorla / Rosicky

    Diaby / Ramsey / Wilshere

    Arteta / Coquelin / Frimpong

  • FlakeyStar

    I hear DIABY is injured and will miss the next two games!
    He is excellent but injury prone…!

  • Kodjo

    diaby injured again????

  • ferro

    I know that Diaby’s injury is only minor, but this shows that he and Jack (on the latter’s return) will need a lot of rest to gently play their way back to full fitness. Taking into account also that Arteta is prone to the odd niggling injury, and there will definitely be chances for midfield squad players to get involved in the first team. If I were the likes of Ramsey and Coquelin, I would be stepping up my game this season big time. Of those two, Ramsey seems to be the one more on the forefront of Wenger’s plans but, recent form apart (especially in the case of Ramsey), I have seen enough to believe that these guys can make it here at Arsenal if they want it. Instead of harping on about needing to leave for game time, just pull your socks up, work hard and be ready to take the chances when they inevitably present themselves. Whatever the media says about AFC, this is still a great club to hone your football talent. We give young players chances more than most other big clubs and I only wish such players were hungrier to seize them, rather than wanting it all laid out on a plate for them!

  • yemi

    Kodjo my bro! it’s been ages mate! ur boy diaby seem to be raising the stakes of his game

  • piers

    It’s the truth because we didn’t spend enough not as much. A decent GK (Given) a defender and 2 strikers to win trophies for several more years to come. Arsenal winning year after year would have been too good to walk away from specially to a club that hasn’t won a trophy for far too long. This is not only about money Kolo, Clichy, Cole, Nasri, Ade and RVP left because of mismanagement and lack of ambition. Ambition and vision comes from senior management so blaming manure for having more of this or that or city for buying its way to the PL is not the core reason, but in all honesty AFC senior management bottled it and continue to so to this day. In essence it’s about the drive to empower, make the team stronger and better in every compartment so as to win, share the joy and passion with the fans and with themselves, but sadly this can’t be said for AFC’s senior management. Just imagine wenger replacing like for like whilst retaining the same playing style would have meant more trophies and even the CL by now. Sadly Arsenal is second now to Chelsea for having the only trophy wenger may never win and arsenal not see for a long, long time to come in London.

  • damsen

    Whether we care to admit it or not, the story of Arsenal these past 16 years is the story of Arsene Wenger. He is the last remaining living symbol of glories past. Right now he reminds me of an embattled Roman general who has carved out an empire and finds that foreign mercenaries have usurped power back home at the Emirates. (Very similar to Sir Alex at ye Olde Trafford) His troops desert him, his doughty right-hand man questions him and only his deceitful paymasters praise him. Is this to ensure that HIS head will roll – not theirs – if the campaign goes badly? It has started well enough – the conquest of Anfield – but morale is fragile, one major reverse might turn his men against him. Was it wise to challenge their loyalty? Only time will tell.


    exactly how ALL my kids rooms will look

  • kiki