Wilshere > Cazorla > Diaby > Arteta > Song > Rosicky > Ramsey > Coquelin > Frimpong

Afternoon on a very sunny UK day, today… Staying indoors for the day and catching up on work is probably not the best use of the great weather, but alas, it is important to ensure what needs to be done is done, and catching up on the World of Arsenal is also a very important thing to do… I’ve been away from the office, and away from the blog this week, leaving you with an interlull of massive proportions, not only have you not had any Arsenal football, but you’ve hardly had a blog… so the question is… what has been happening…?

Well… let’s start off with some good news… Diaby. Selling Alex Song is a gamble for any manager, but when you have Abou Diaby in the wings, ready and able to play. In reality, a fit Abou Diaby is better than a fit Alex Song… in fact… let’s look the the midfield pecking order….

Wilshere > Cazorla > Diaby > Arteta > Song > Rosicky > Ramsey > Coquelin > Frimpong

In your version of this, players may differ… the twitter reaction shows that a lot of people think Cazorla is better than Wilshere, but I think a lot of people have forgotten just how good little Jack is… remember, this is when all players are fit and on form… as you can see from the below, I did forget Ramsey… the poor boy, he’s been overlooked on my bench predictions as well this season. He’s a good player, but he’s not in the same form as his former years… as we’ve seen with Diaby, it is possible for a player to get better…

Tottz spoke highly of Diaby and said in his last piece…

“Strong on the ball rarely relinquishing possession, mobile, creative, simply a player you’d like to have playing for you than against you. Wenger has stuck by Diaby, almost as if he felt he owed it to him after that horrific tackle from the call operator who used to play for Sunderland. The Boss needs to rotate and look after Diaby for the next months but IF we can get 30 games this season from him, I’m confident we’ll all laud his influence.”

For me, I’d like to expand on the return of Abou Diaby – prior to the Liverpool game, he had impressed and we all knew that there was something of rare quality in the player, but it’s an incredible feat that he’s coming back performing in the manner he has… Looking at choosing 3 midfielders out of Cazorla, Diaby, Arteta and Song, you’d kind of have to give a place to Diaby in there… No disrespect to Alex Song. He has been a very good player for us and a very good defender & defensive midfielder over the years, but in a way, Diaby’s return has jeopardized his position in the team, and perhaps it was a factor in Arsene’s mind when looking at the season ahead and the interest from Barcelona.

Diaby spoke about his return too:

“I had some very difficult moments, some days when I was depressed when it was tough, but even then, I always kept faith. I told myself that some people were in a worse position than me. I am 26 and I am aware that I am at a key moment in my career, that is why it was so important that I came back this season. Now, I am careful about every detail, I leave nothing to chance. I am much more mature. I also had a full pre-season for the first time in ages. I am getting to an age and to a time in my career where I need to show what I can do on the pitch in the long term.”

He’s hit the season running and long may it continue…

This whole current discussion hasn’t even taking into consideration Jack Wilshere. The midfield maestro is apparently not far from his return and although it’ll take him a little longer to get into full flow, it will be awesome to see him back in action. He’s lost a year of football, and a year of sharpness, but his brain is immense and if he can get his body in shape, then not only will we have a midfield dilemma, but we’ll be very very strong in that department…

It was interesting to see the scores and players who scored during the first International break. We do have another set of games this Tuesday, but in the first round, Cazorla and Diaby both scored… they’re both in form, and if they come back fit (i.e. not broken), then we should be able to pick up where we left off… I’ll leave you with that for now… who do you think is better?

  • German

    Cazorla > Wilshere > Arteta > Rosicky > Song > Diaby > Coquelin > Frimpong > Ramsey…

    Cazorla is probably our best player throughout the whole squad.


    Rosicky deserves better. He was fantastic last season ! I want him to play.

  • Mo Amali

    Cazorla isn’t only our best midfielder but the best player in the squad as well so putting Jack ahead of him to me is a travesty. Also, Arteta is the engine room of that team. I argued quite a lot about that last season and people only realised after he got injured. To me, Jack still has years of learning to be as good as Arteta is.

  • bb

    Rosicky is no.1 , then the rest

  • Bod

    IMO: Cazorla=Arteta>Wilshere>Rosicky(would have been top,but for injury and age)>Diaby>Ramsey>Coquelin>Frimpong

  • ArseFan101

    Cazorla > Wilshere > Arteta > Rosicky > Diaby > Ramsey > Coquelin > Frimpong.

    Diaby is good, but he needs to play like that week in and week out!

  • Keyth

    I hope whoever wrote this is fully aware that Song is NOT a gunner any more

    And just for the record, it’s a little too early to be comparing our midfielders, don’t you think

  • devday

    @ Keyth:

    Of course, Song is not a gooner, but it was interesting to see where he sits in people’s list… did we lose a top 3 midfielder or is our top 4 or 5 better than Song or just not able to play?

  • edison

    Diaby is a Spurs fan!