Boring Boring… Not just yet.

Morning Gooners,

So here we are again, another 0-0 draw, player(s) edging closer to the exit door and no strong rumours of any players making their way to the club.

Kicking off at Stoke on Sunday, I was actually satisfied with a point. Note I said satisfied with a point versus happy not scoring any goals. Stoke has never been an easy place for us to go; they hate us, we hate them and I hate Stoke more than both those put together. Stoke are our nightmare team, big powerful, love a set play and did I mention they hate us?

We controlled the game well, I really enjoyed watching us close down Stoke from the front, forcing errors and a regular turnover of possession that prevented Stoke from building up a head of steam (long balls) thus also silencing the crowd. However, controlling possession is all well and good but it really does mean nothing if you don’t create any chances that will allow you to win the game. I wouldn’t be as concerned if we’d miss chances as my sentiment would have been ‘next time will take a chance or two but at least we’re creating them’. For the first time I’m actually worried about the lack of creative edge in the team. If the chances had fallen to Giroud or Poldi then we could ask for patience but we’re struggle put anything up there for them to attack. Don’t get me wrong but Cazorla has been all that and more but time for Gervinho and others need to step up now.

Ok that’s the frustration out the way, onto the encouraging part of the performance, our defensive performance. I’ve never seen Arsenal stand up to and dare I say it, ‘get in the faces’ of Stokes players quite like they did on Sunday. The forward line pushed their defenders into mistakes, we pressed in midfield to stop the threat of direct balls and this relieved pressure on our defenders and stand in keeper, Vito. We prevented Zero corners (I won’t go into how many we wasted), we handled every long ball well and for once I felt calm about how were performed defensively. How? Why? It’s simple for me, the Steve Bould effect. From the reports about how and why Song left, Bouldy doesn’t suffer fools; he’s a strict disciplinarian who will ensure the old George Graham School of defending is passed onto this slack defence. We might have not scored any goals but a year ago we shipped 8 goals at Old Trafford.

"Exit door is that-a way slackers..."

Next up is a crunch tie at Anfield. Liverpool have suffered from defensive errors and have scored two great goals from set pieces. Neither Arsenal or Liverpool have picked up 3 points this season so you’ve got to believe something will have to give.

An interesting fact I found out the other day which slightly worried me is that Arsenal are yet to win a game in the last 3 transfer windows, that’s now a total of 8 games. Coincidence? I’d like to think so but this speaks volumes about the lack of stability at the club during periods where squad rotation is a real possibility. The club’s lack of cohesion around the future of players and the direction on the field come to a fore during this time and it having a direct affect on the team. I could be reading way too much into this but 8 games?

I seriously can not wait for Friday when the transfer window shuts. Last night there were rumours flying around about Theo rejecting a new contract, more instability before Friday? You bet.

Lastly, I made a promise to myself about not discussing transfer rumours to the club on my column as I didn’t want to be another one of those bloggers that pedal’s sh*t to get hits. I let myself down with all the Sahin goings on didn’t I?!

Have a good day all; bring on the close of the window and Sunday!

Come on The Arsenal.

~ @Tottz82

  • German

    “An interesting fact I found out the other day which slightly worried me is that Arsenal are yet to win a game in the last 3 transfer windows, that’s now a total of 8 games.”

    WOW – that’s an amazing stat!

  • eckleman

    it’s been obvious for some time that Theo Walcott and his people have been stringing us along. When a player like him is waiting to see where we finish then you worry, and as I’ve said all along if Walcott really wanted to sign a new deal with us it would be done by now. So how have we let ourselves get into a situation like this? Why was it not brought to a head sooner this summer? If we do sell him and bring in a new player, fine, but would it not have been better for this player to bed in to his new club sooner, especially if that player comes in from abroad for all that entails?

    I know we’re at the mercy of the transfer window – and this is another reason why I feel it should be closed before the start of the season – but it’s hard not to think that those tasked with handling our transfer business and contract negotiations don’t operate as efficiently as they should. I realise the timing of events is all part of the game, that as much depends on the player and his agents as us, and there’s no doubt in my mind they’ve been difficult for a long time now. However, to find ourselves dealing with something like this in the final days of August is frustrating to say the least.

  • ArseFan101

    In a previous WOA article, it was suggested that any player who declines a contract and has one year to go in trying to manufacturer a big pay day.

    RvP got his “package” and is now at MU.

    Walcott wants the same package – and I don’t thnk AFC can offer it, so he is off – probably to Man City!

    Players should never be allowed to go into the last year of their cotnract so we have to sell.

  • devday

    Excellent analysis of Bould’s contribution so far.


    @ devday:
    100% agree. I mean have got the same group of players (and not even our 1st choice back 4!!!) but we are doing splendidly. Bouldy where have you been??!!

    Re Walcott, listen. Hes good but not great. If he goes why would I honestly be so mad? I was fully expecting a young Owen/Rooney and instead we’ve had a wildly inconsistent lad. Ok sure there was a lot of hype but either you get it or you dont. Now allegedly City and L’Pool are interested. Lol really?

    Apparently we’ve offered 75k a week which for Walcott a) is what he deserves b)would put him amongst the top earners @ Arsenal.

    As for targets, who knows? I mean I dont really think we need anyone in all honesty. Maybe another CB?