Van Persie Snr: “It is impossible to go to another English team.”

Van Persie has left us and signed for our bitter rivals. We don’t like it, we’re not happy, BUT, there is no point dwelling over this or focusing all our attention on this. When Van Persie didn’t sign his contract last summer, he forfeited millions of pounds in additional wages. The reason? Because he was always going to move to another club. At the beginning of the summer, when we signed Giroud and Podolski, it was obviously done so in order to compensate for the departure of Van Persie.

Giles Grimandi basically summed up this week about a month ago when he categorically stated that Giroud was a replacement for Van Persie:

July 2012:

“Was Olivier Giroud signed to compensate for [Van Persie’s] departure? Yes, we worked to avoid finding ourselves in a corner. But we are doing everything we can to keep him and we want him to stay with us. However, if there is an exceptional offer and he wants to leave, keeping him will be tough. I would never have thought, for example, that Thiago Silva could be transferable but he was for a while. There are variables that can’t be controlled.”

So why are we so shocked when it does actually happen? There are two elements to this transfer:

  1. The fact it’s happened, Van Persie has been sold.
  2. The fact he has been sold to Man United.

Now, I don’t think many people have a massive problem with the first issue, but more people have an issue with the second. If he were sold to Juventus, then things may be different. But he wasn’t – he was sold to Man United… time for a Q&A?

Why was Van Persie sold?

If you remember this article, it said it all,, but to summarize… Robin didn’t sign his contract last season.

If you are a football player and you’re offered an increased contract, you’d sign it. Why? Because you’d get paid more money. It’s a no brainer. If Robin is on £80k a week and his new contract is £120k a week, then bot signing it would mean that you’d lose out on £40k a week, which is £2m. The only time you’d not sign and risk losing out on £2m is if you were planning to leave in Summer. No matter what the sentiment is – footballers are after money – and Van Persie is no different. Van Persie sent out a statement to the affect in July too. So, with that in mind, there is no real reason why we wouldn’t sell him. The issue was how we would sell him.

If a player doesn’t sign a contract and doesn’t want to be at the club, we have no choice but to sell him. £220k a week is way more than we can afford and actually way more than United can afford. £220k a week results in £11.5m per year. A four year contract = £45m. If you add that to the £24m outlay, you’re looking at £69m. We’ve saved £45m in wages and gained £24m in a transfer fee. £69m is a lot of cash my friends. The key thing is that we spend money on players who can replace the Dutchman – and that is something we’ve already done in Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla.

Arsene said this today:

“He is at Manchester United, unfortunately for us. The transfer was finalised in the afternoon. It’s never great to lose players of that quality but he only had a year contract so we do not have a choice. We have already recruited since we Giroud and Podolski who originally were intended to offset the departure of van Persie.”

Why wasn’t Van Persie sold to a club outside the Premiership?

The bigger issue for many Arsenal fans, is why he was sold to Man United. Would we feel better if he was sold to Man City – probably, because it’s all about equality – if Man City are going to buy every player in the world, they might as well have all of ours – i.e. it keeps us on a similar level to Man United. But selling to Man United directly means they will be better than us, and it shifts us down the pecking order.

But, again, from the club’s perspective, we can only sell to clubs that want to buy. Juventus offered us £12m, Man City, £12m, Man United £12m. We rejected them all, but there comes a price. And £24m is that price and there was only one club who offered that. Yes, Van Persie is a good player, but £24m for someone in the last year of his contract, who wants to leave, who has an injury record like his is very good business.

Where is the player loyalty?

One thing to remember nowadays, is that there is no such thing as player loyalty.

I quote the player himself:

“The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not with anybody else. I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt. I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country, but would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would. Anything we win here will come from the heart and that’s what I want. It’s my dream and I see no point in speaking about other teams when I have these dreams. I think other people know that about me; I’m just hungry to win with Arsenal and that’s it.”

Van Persie Snr said:

“It is impossible to go to another English team.”

The impossible is now the possible. Loyalty in the game is gone. Let nothing ever surprise you.

What do we do now?

Compensating for Van Persie’s loss saw the arrivals of Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla. Add that to the signings from last year in Oxlade, Gervinho, Arteta then our squad is not that bad, and although we do sell, we are very much a buying club. We’ve spent a fair bit on though 6 players – in the region of £70m. The key thing here is to get behind the team and ensure we support the players we do have. Signing Walcott to a new contract would be a good step too. His performances in recent times show that he is coming of age and he could really make his mark very soon.

  • Support the team, get behind the new players and existing players
  • Arsene, sign Walcott up
  • Use the money wisely and get in another striker
  • Use the money wisely and strengthen defensively
  • Win, win, win and finish above Man United…

Our squad is looking quite decent at the moment, and as long as we supplement any areas we need to before the end of the transfer window, we can go into the new season excited and ready.

  • Speedster

    Excellent Article.
    Totally 100% correct – it’s just a little sour feeling because of where he’s gone.

  • hugo

    B – Shocked he’s gone to United.
    People have been belieiving Arsene knows for too long. He is complicit in all of this as he is paid £7m per year to oversee this annual brain drain. He lies to us repeatedly and that is unacceptable. His present actions far outweigh his achievements last millenia.

  • Berth

    Arsenal selling Song too?

  • hugo

    PS How do you know he’s on more money at United than he could have earned at Arsenal? Please use only FACTS and not twitter/speculation.

  • piers

    AS in the words of George from East i sEast: Oh Bancho i’m fed up of you pukers…

    look he has gone lets move on…utd have 50 strikers let then add him…we got a good price for one season wonder – lets get on with it..he didnt want to stay even thought we have bought quality players…this ambition bullshit dont fit with me…if you wallow on then feel free to do so, there are many many people on here that will join you.

    The buying of RIP is the clubs way of impressing the fans and getting the media to sell more papers which in effect brings about Arsenal in tattes or Arsenal dealt another blow by losing the best striker. But they dont take into account that utd have paid 24mill or whatever the real price is in tranfer dees + 4yrs worth of mega wages – all coming to around 60mill.

    Is rvp worth 60mill over the course of this 1 season wonderous peroformance? This is all reminicent of the ANelka days – for those that remember it. WE all know what happened to him. But do you know what we did with that tranfer fee?

    WE bought in Henry a relatively average midfldr and used the money to re build our training facility. Utd might think they have got one over us and their arab neighbours but it could backfire if he gets injured and then they’ll have a problem of getting shot off hi.

    Obviously we dont know if rvp will get injured and whether he’ll replicate the form of the last season but we know that wenger has got rid of some pplayers at the right time from anelka to bentley to adebayo..very little we pay but the returns were humongous.

  • eckleman

    RVP move to united brought memories of losing another Arsenal great in Frank Stepleton. The only difference between them was Stapleton won a FA Cup beating united in a classic final in 1979. It was a move that went to the tribunal. Stepleton went on to play 365 games scoring 78 goals for united and won two FA cups with them. Soon and pending medical, Arsenal is going to lose another prolific goal scoring machine to a squad that on paper has the potential to win trophies. Stapleton joined Arsenal as a youth player making his debut in 1975. Losing RVP looks bad at the moment because he was (is) the captain and a top goal poacher when he is fit playing in Arsenal system. Nonetheless he is so so when donning the dutch colors. With the new recruits and with good money from united, it is hoped that Asene Wenger use it wisely to strengthen all departments. After losing Cecs and Nasri and to the lesser extent Clichy and now RVP, the morale of the team would somewhat a wee bit affected. So Wenger has to quickly rebuild the confidence to his squad for failing to win anything 1 more season will be hard to swallow even if Arsenal managed to finish second in the league. I am indeed frustrated with the trend the team has to go through. Something must have been very wrong somewhere and only the manager and the board could answer this. With the amount of incentives put on the table I don’t think any wise men would want to rethink about it especially when he is in his prime playing footie for a living. RVP is set to make united even richer if he remains fit and keep on scoring goals. We all knew that RVP has been waiting for this and when united managed to put a price to an asset Arsenal have who is susceptible to injuries, it make economic sense to accept the deal. Winning a trophy or no at the end of his contract would still means Arsenal will lose him without earning a penny at the end of the season. As for me I am already tired of him. And with podolski, giroud, carziola and perhaps sahin or yann m villa (if we also lose song) ready to line up Arsenal in the coming season, we hope to move on and quickly forget those who turn their back on us when we need them. I am nevertheless happy that at least all the nonsense about RVP has finally come to an end as we await our first game in the new season. Still the is 15 days left for Asene Wenger to put his thought right and make Arsenal great again. I wish all our players best of luck and the new set to quickly adapt the BPL and Arsenal system just like Arteta did las season. Good Luck Arsenal!

  • SpeedDemon

    @ hugo:

    Arsenal offered £120k
    On Man United he is on £220k

  • SpeedDemon

    BTW – it’s more…

    n addition to the £24m fee United are paying – with no obvious sell-on potential at the end of the deal – the 19-time English champions will spend a grand total of £72.9m on the former Feyenoord man.

    Questions may well be asked as to where the money has come from, especially given the deep concerns over United’s finances, which has received plenty of publicity in light of the Glazer family’s flotation of 10 per cent of the club on the New York Stock Exchange.

  • SpeedDemon

    The Dutchman is due in Manchester for a medical on Thursday afternoon before he puts pen to paper on a four-year contract understood to be worth £235,000-a-week once image rights are taken into account.That means he will earn £12.2 million a year—a whopping £48.9 million over the course of his United contract.

  • Gooner Get Ya

    I understand that it is financially a good deal for all involved but it’s Man Utd for f**k sake. I am fuming he has gone to them our board need to restructure our wage bill so we can compete. Get rid of the garbage players for loss if we have to and start again.

  • Master J

    RVP has gone to united obviously for money and not for trophy as he would say because if it is for trophy he would have stayed at Arsenal knowing fully well that our team is more stronger than the previous seasons, but he has definitely made a wrong choice because as it is now, united are NOT better than us. I DO NOT WISH HIM WELL.

  • kiki

    I’m quite heart broken by this as with all of you. Just devastating. I wish RVP would have just said from the start that he’s only playing for the money, not to put our hopes onto him, and that he doesn’t really care for any of us. I wish my ex-girlfriend would have said that. Would have spared me all the crying.

  • Berth

    He is not playing just for the money, deep down we all know he has a better chance at winning a trophy in united. We should focus our anger on the board; we loose a key player every other year – it seems like the board intentionally leave players contract to get to 2years before opening contract in doing so tap up other clubs by telling them ‘we are selling if you want to buy’. Charlatans!!

  • Speedster

    @ Berth:

    Arsenal are probably stronger than United this season even with the loss of Van Persie

  • Berth

    We might be stronger squad wise but united are mentally ahead of us and having a large squad is one thing, managing it is another. Wenger is terrible at that why fergie is a master

  • hugo

    Same old lying bar steward. We have a large squad so that’s good enough to challenge……Really?? Half a squad of average players? Wow, Fulham could be challenging for the title this year!!
    Arsenal are Fubar!
    Sahin is a minimum requirement, but it’s ok, we are now being linked with another French/African from those giants of world football…..Toulouse

  • larry

    Yes Im annoyed that RVP has left us and I for one think Utd have done better out of it than us, mainly because Wenger won’t replace him. But what I am most annoyed about is that our last 4 captains have wanted out of our club for other top teams. RVP, Cesc, Henry and Vieira all wanted to leave and we sold them to our rivals. That is the most worrying thing for me.

  • Vazy

    seems as though we have sold Kyle Bartley to swansea for £1mil


    You cant be mad, clearly if we won more stuff its more likely he would have stayed. This is a business and if he wants to leave why bother to keep him?

    Sure it irks me that we sold him to Man Utd but this is where it shows how much teams actually rate players. If anyone else had come in with a better bid (PSG/Juve etc) they would have had 1st option and then it would have come down to whether RVP wanted to play for those teams.

    From his view I cant be mad, Man Utd are pretty good and he will most likely win a load of stuff.

    However I am nervous- do Podz & Giroud adapt to the prem ASAP? I’m not sure, it is legitimately the toughest league in the world and it will be interesting to see how they adapt to the physicality of the league.


  • sons of pitches

    I think Song has greatly improved but despite his assists, his lack of defensive discipline and idiotic tackles in dangerous areas have been very costly to us. What I find astonishing is that with three years left on his contract we don’t have to agree to a sale and Wenger said as much earlier in the week “that nothing was going on with Song.” Now, it seems likely he’ll go, it beggars belief. Did Wenger suddenly realise that Song was dispensable, if so why has no-one been lined up or already purchased? I hope no-one suggests Diaby or Ramsey can fill the void. The former cannot tackle and is lazy, and Ramsey is more b0x-to box and cannot assume Song’s role. Despite Song’s limitations at the highest level, he is our best tackler, so on the eve of the season, yet more disruption- if not deemed good enough, why wasn’t he sold much earlier, not at this late stage? We’ve already having to integrate three new players, now the possibility of another new player having to come in to a vital position beckons. That was the problem last season and now we’re there again. The lack of planning is appalling and Wenger’s lying gets worse by the day. Remember towards the end of the Euros he said “I am certain Robin will remain with us” when addressing Italian journalists and lambasting their League as inferior to ours as a reason why the Dutch mercenary would not join Juventus.