The Wait Is Over…

The wait is over for today’s blog that is!

I originally had started writing about Cazorla, and how he’d integrate into our team, but of course, despite the various reports in media and newspapers, there has been no official confirmation that he has signed. As a result, I have parked that blog – to be reignited when he (if he) does sign. For the moment, it’s time to look at other aspects of Arsenal, starting with RvP…

Robin Van Persie

The saga continues… No resolution for his place in the team, but at least we’re busy spending money despite it. With the new signings, it makes his departure moreĀ manageable, but the question is, where will he go? Juventus have been linked, and Man U and Man City have also expressed interest… but Mancini said this morning:

“Van Persie? No, I don’t think he will come here.”

And do they even need him? I don’t think they do and it means that he may not have anywhere to go.

Ibrahim Afellay

Afellay wants to leave Barcelona, simple as that… and he is Van Persie’s mate. Maybe the signing of Afellay may mean that Van Persie stays… who knows…

“Afellay could go out on loan for a year,” his representative Rob Jansen told Italian reporters over the weekend. “Yes, that is a possibility.”

But would we want him on loan? I doubt it.

Andrei Arshavin

Ambitious QPR are looking to sign our diminutive Russian and it’s interesting how the story comes out now that we’re heavy linked with Cazorla. Zenit didn’t really want to pay the fee or wages when it came down to it, so will QPR’s interest mean that a little tug of war starts for the Russian. I would say his days are numbered and even more so if we buy Cazorla… so QPR or Zenit, he’s yours!

Santi Cazorla

Hey hey hey… what’s all this Santi talk? Remember, we’ve got to carry on waiting until he’s announced and when (if) he is, it’ll be time to talk big time… But just to let you know, Maresca and Baptista did let the cat out of the bag…

Maresca saying:

“[Pellegrini] is fundamental for us, just as Cazorla and Rondon were fundamental and who have been sold,”

And Baptista’s tweet:

“I’d like to send a greeting to my two companions who were, Santi Cazorla and a big hug Salomon Rondon will miss you,”

Hmmm, interesting…

Change In Tactics?

A lot of people say that Arsene has changed tact. He’s stopped buying youth and is now buying older players – well, project youth hasn’t failed, it’s been complimented by experience. We have a great crops of youngsters and will continue to do so. However, now, we also have some cash and with cash, we can buy players that we need. Jenkinson has been talking about a subtle change in tactics.

“We like to keep the ball moving and create goals in different ways but crossing is a strength that I like to use when I can. The manager knows crossing is one of my strengths and he has asked me to get as many balls into the box as I can. But, at the same time, he has told me not to cross for the sake of it. It is an asset of my game and one I like to use. The more minutes I play, the more comfortable I am to push on,”

Very interesting and something we need to do – especially if we have more than one forward in the box and especially with the likes of Giroud, Podolski and Chamakh…

Fingers crossed we will hear an announcement soon… and then you can read my real blog!

  • Patrick

    Apparently the deal is held up because Malaga are fraffing about. But not sure how Rondon could make the move so quick and Satntti’s taking his time.

  • flamez

    cazorla may not have been confirmed by the club, but after’s mistake in stating his sale to arsenal in there rondon story (aint there anymore got edited out, thousand of reports confirming they saw it though) id say its a done deal, prob just the club gettin the media package sorted before annoncement

  • Master J

    The media world over had gone into frenzy about the signing of Cazorla, and we, the Arsenal fans world over are in agog to hear the official announcement, hope the speculation turns to reality soon.

  • Vazy

    Its Official šŸ˜€

  • himmat

    i think i just came

  • himmat


    WOT A SIGNING :barscarf:

    Well done Wenger, Gazidis & co!

  • Andrew

    Now for a defender and Robin and Theo


    i will co sign jenkinson is a very good crosser, shame we dont have many good headers of the ball bar tommy v or kos