They come, they go.

Morning Gooners,

Lack of real football news right now but who cares about football while the Olympics are on!! I’ve been to the table tennis and have become addicted to gymnastics, swimming and hockey. The athletics haven’t even started yet! It’s been thoroughly enjoyable so far and I really hope our worldwide readers are enjoying the show in London too.

Back to the Arsenal, 18 days before the season starts and there’s plenty to be sorted out. Are the players fit enough? With only one friendly left to play (in Cologne) , Wenger has indicated that Podolski and Giroud may not be fit enough to start the season and will been to be introduced gradually. Those of you that read my blog last week will know my thoughts on the actually practicalities of a Far East preseason tour.  Yes, we’ve raised our profile in the Far East and we’re now likely to receive favourable commercial offers from the region but we’ve also got a squad who aren’t ready to start the season as we require. Like I stated last week, we’re not the only ones on foreign shores, so are we all willing to sacrifice the good of the team in the short term for long term commercial gain?  Apparently so.

There are plenty of coming and goings still to sort out. I’ll stay true to my form and avoid getting involved in transfer tittle tattle but the goings seem to be focussed around Bendtner, Arshavin and Squillaci and the comings rumoured to potentially include Cazorla, Sahin and M’Vila (still clutching on to that!) . The comings are very dependent on the goings actually finally going.

One likely exit still to actually get going is the the departure of want a way RVP. Arsenal legend Henry had his say on the topic:

”We hope he stays and that’s the way it is,” the Frenchman told Sky Sports News.

”I don’t know exactly what is happening but as an Arsenal fan I want him to stay. ”He is still an Arsenal player and the boss has to deal with it.

”I just want Arsenal to do well. Robin will do what he will do and we’ll see.

”When I left, everybody cried, but then the year after they went on a run of being eight points ahead. Everyone comes and goes.”

Precisely, no one is bigger than the club.

Arsenal old boy Martin Keown has also been talking defenders:

“I think Koscielny is an outstanding player,” Keown told “He is very nimble on his feet and defensively in a one v one I think he is the best we have.

“Thomas Vermaelen is very powerful and attacks the ball brilliantly alongside him, so I think those two together look like a formidable pair.”

Throw Mertesacker in to the mix and we actually have 3 top level centre backs but the defensive organisation and collective mentality is out weakness. Sort that out and we’re a true threat.

With not much else going, that’s it from me.

Have a good one and enjoy the Olympics!


  • ArseFan101

    Did you say 18 days until the season starts?
    And we still have RvP and still not played Poldolski or Giroud.
    Doesn’t sound great!

  • Patrick

    I still can’t get my head around the Park signing. At least, with the likes of Chamakh, Squillachi and Bendtner, they have each been given a fair chance to perform in and around the first team before we concluded that they would not be able to make the cut with us. But the poor lad just never got a sniff! I like the way he took his goal against Bolton(?) in the Carling Cup match, and he seemed to work hard enough whenever he was on the pitch. On paper, he was coming to us as a potential bargain – a mobile and intelligent striker who scored goals even with a relegation-level midfield behind him, who has shown consistent goal scoring form for his national team, and is no slouch over set pieces. Now, I certainly wasn’t expecting a world beater, but I was definitely expecting a handy squad player. The lad has barely played four games for us, and now we deem him not good enough, having scuppered his move to Lille where he might have had more of a chance. I just feel sorry for him, and it would be such a low move by the Board if this signing was always about merch revenue potential in the Far East. I don’t even know whether I want him gone or not – I mean, most people take some time to get used to the PL but, considering the calibre of some players that Wenger has given a chance to in the past (Jeffers, Aliadière…), how bad could Park possibly be in training?!!

  • Speedster

    Mertesacker? Quality centre back? He is a very worrying player!
    I would prefer Song in defence than him.

    Yes we have 2 “good” centre backs, but 3rd (Mertersacker), 4th (Djourou), 5th (squillaci), 6th Miquel are all not worthy of our club!

  • paul

    On a serious note I dont know if we are/were in for cazorla and/or sahin or m’vila even but the stories about interest from other clubs in these players now has all the hallmarks of previous club workings in the transfer windows with the mata deal the one that stands out recently. Frequently wenger identifies a player he likes, he makes a derisory offer which is knocked back, he then bides his time expecting the selling club to soften their stance and then he makes another derisory offer (in schwarzer’s case the exact same offer again 😳 ) and in the meantime a club that is serious about buying the player comes in with a market value bid and buys the player leaving wenger to talk about artificial market prices/self sustaining club etc :blah: :blah: :blah: 😳 😳 👿 👿
    Now contrast that with his behaviour when it comes to selling players – firstly he over-values shite players based on how good he thought these guys were going to be ( :roll: ) and at these prices no c**t is stupid enough to buy them so we end up releasing them from their contracts on a free or we loan them out to several lower league clubs whilst we wait for their contracts to expire so they can walk away on a free.

  • Speedster

    Have we signed Carzola yet???

  • himmat

    In his statement, van Persie ascertained that he disagreed with the direction that Arsenal were seemingly going. So what if he’s had a change of heart? What if, after seen two top-class international attackers join the club and a possible third in Giroud, he’s thinking that he’s better off staying put? Maybe not for good, but his desire to leave immediately may suddenly have deserted him. And after seeing the supposed stampede for his services turn into a damp squib, is there much point in Arsenal getting rid of him for less than £15million?

    It is fascinating how this summer has turned out for our captain, as for one reason or another, all his potential exit points are being slammed shut. Man Utd were never seriously in for him, it appears that their bid for him was just a PR stunt to make the Glazers look like responsible owners of a football club whilst they try to once again use United’s own money to pay off a debt that they created to buy United in the first place (£509 million of United’s own money since July 2008 has gone towards covering the costs of that debt! EEEK!!!)

    Man City are obviously keen to sign him, unfortunately they’re finding very few suitors that are willing to pay Emmanuel Adebayor or Roque Santa Cruz enough to convince them to leave. Many will claim that it’s FFP at work, although it’s far more likely that common sense is playing more of a role here. There’s just no logic at all in paying someone £150,000 a week to sit on their backside, and there’s even less logic in paying someone half that to play somewhere else. The 25-man rule is also a hinderance to them here, hence the need to sell before they buy. We are encountering similar problems with Squillaci, all be it on a lower pay scale. And if City can’t shift those two, then they can’t pinch RvP off us.

  • himmat

    @speed – not officially announced but the media and the internet has gone into frenzy that he has signed – also seen pics of him in a arsenal top (not sure how legit they are)

  • Patrick

    Why would Robin van Persie go to Juvetus when its looking like their coach is involved in some shady pbusiness? Plus no further interest from Man U or Man City. They probably took one look over the wall and saw the fact that for a year and a half he played more games for Holland than for Arsenal and promptly climbed back down off the wall. Let¿s say that Man U offered him £150,000 a week for four years. Surely City¿s not that stupid. Are they? Haven¿t they learned anything from Robinho, Adebayor, Bellamy¿ I heard Roque Santa Cruz is still on the payroll! I mean who is going to pay a 29 year old crock 30 million pounds? Half of it in his last two years when he will likely not be producing?it kinda makes Robin¿s statement look even dumber and greedier. I mean, he had to have gone into that meeting with Ivan and Arsene and talked about what they planned to do this summer. That¿s what he said they did and that¿s when he decided that ¿we disagree on the way Arsenal should move forward¿. What if Arsene told him that the club were going to be offloading players like Arshavin and bringing in a big center half like Giroud. That the plan was to move him back to the number 10 spot and add some depth with Podolski and Cazorla.

  • alex

    What annoys me is that if Wenger hadn’t bought a soul the thread that is the Wenger points of view would be bursting with negative after negative, yet love or hate him he has bought potentially FOUR world class internationals….what more do you want?

    YOU LOT need to realise that we have a striker who has scored as many international goals than anyone in the modern era…it ain’t two bob Robbie ‘The Odious Orish tosser’ Keane, it’s Lukas Podolski Germany’s most prolific scorer of goals only surpassed by the legendary Gerd Muller.

    YOU LOT need to realise we have a striker who has just won a title in France and scores goals that the Great number nines such as Drake, McDonald et al used to score..a man who will nod in plenty of goals like Smudger did.

    YOU LOT need to realise Santiago Corzorla is utter utter world class and is the sort of signing YOU LOT have been screaming on about throughout these seven years of non trophy winning. The guy will bring an extra dimension to our game that has been missing since Robert Pires saw his number held up in Paris…

    YOU LOt need to realise the Sahin is a player we all admire and know will bring that steal to the midfield that has been missing since Paddy knocked home that cup winning penalty…

    Time to respect Wenger for at least trying to rectify things and tearing up the project.

    I am happy with Kos, TV, Sagna and Gibbs… they have players in front of them who will do the job.
    I am happy

    YOU LOT should be too

    1-0 to the Arsenal will be replaced with 6-4 to the Arsenal….at least YOU LOT will be bloody entertained