21st Century Pre-Season

Morning Gooners

The London Olympics are around the corner as is the new season and Arsenal kicked off their pre-season proper with a win against a Malaysia XI. I’ve only seen the briefest of highlights and while a win is always important, in pre-season it is more important to get everyone one of our players  match fit, sharp and most importantly at Arsenal, through to the first game of the season uninjured.

Arsenal had a couple of half chances in the first half through Santos and Chamakh but fell a goal behind on the stroke of half time with a great strike from ‘Muslim’. Arsenal took their sweet time but equalised on 86mins through great work by Yennaris and a finish by Eisfeld. Just when they thought it was all over, Chuks Aneke’s looping/deflected shot won the game for the Arsenal.

She's heard about his scoring record...

With no reported injuries, it seemed to be a very good work out in tough humid conditions and a Hackney marsh style of pitch. If anyone watched the game and tried to over analyse the performance as a team or of an individual, I feel sorry for you. It’s a pre-season friendly, it means nothing unless we pick up injuries. When I was younger (yes I just used that phrase!), you found out about your pre-season result in the column at the bottom of the newspaper the next morning. ‘Oh we won, that’s good… now who’s on page 3…’ would be my typical reaction.

Today’s pre-season games are part of money making worldwide tours designed to further the ‘brand’ name of the football club to increase commercial opportunities. Every manager would prefer to warming up for the season in a small training camp in North London or Austria. Arsenal are in the far east with Man City and United (I believe), while Liverpool, Chelsea and Sp*rs are all in the USA etc etc. The players gain no benefit from these locations; if anything their bodies are put under greater strain from travelling and ‘unusual’ conditions. To sum it up, Arsenal play Man City in Beijing in the Birds Nest stadium on Friday, what’s the point? Money.

Here are the highlights from yesterday:



In other news;

Emmanuel Frimpong has been charged by the FA for improper conduct on Twitter:

The FA released a statement today saying that Frimpong posted a comment “amounting to improper conduct and/or which brought the game into disrepute”.

The comment is believed to have “included a reference to ethnic origin, faith or race”.

The comments related back to a Tottnum fan who said ‘he’d pray’ for Frimpong to break all his legs and die, yet Frimmy gets charged. While Frimmy pleaded ignorance to his slur:

“Just wanna Say didn’t even no the word is offensive as u hear it all the time but u live and learn from ur mistakes Have a gd afternoon”

He like other ‘choc ice’ eating footballers need to learn to either grow up or delete their twitter accounts. I think Arseblogger sums it up brilliantly in this post:


That’s actually about it if im staying away from Santi ‘the new Juan Mata transfer saga’ Cazorla and complete non story that is the RVP transfer saga.

Here’s to some good news soon on the transfer front, the quicker players are in and out, the better.

Have a good one Gooners.

~ @Tottz82


  • flamez


    great blog,i watched the game, and it was never gonna be a typical pretty arsenal on that pitch, but apart from a belter of a goal from the other team we played ok, looked very short of fitness but to be expected, a few younger players showed some good touches but with none of our main strikers on this tour we wont learn much for a while yet.

  • Patrick

    John Terry to join Arsenal on a One Year Loan….FACT!

    Diaby is in talks with Manure – for a reported fee of Threepence Halfpenny and a Luck Bag. FACT(ish)

    Carlos Tevez deal done – No! he’s not joining Arsenal, but he’s done a deal !

    Craig Bellamy to Arsenal – Wenker wants someone to do a lot of talking on the pitch – apparently the Arsenal Players need how to learn to communicate more….and Bellamy is seen as the man to show em how to do so!

    Jack Wilshere’s son has signed on as an Arsenal Apprentice – rumour has it he’ll get a game before his dad.

    The M’Vila deal is back on…OPh! wait Hold ON … Nope it’s off again

    Eboue to re-join Arsenal on a 6 month loan as back up Right Full Back – due to us having so many injuries in that position

  • Patrick

    As Reported from Beyond The Stars

    Breaking News…Deet…Deeet…Deeet ….Deet…Deet…Deeeet!

    Joe Cole will FINALLY sign for us (Someone in a brown suede tracky told me- and apparently He Really DOES Know)
    Arsene Wenger has said: Wulll urrrrrhhhh we ave been watching Joe for some time….since ee wuz at west Ham…and now we feeeeel ee iz reddy after his move to france which now qualifies eem to play for uss.

    Andre Arshavin has had some liposuction on is once extremely Large (and Lardy) posterior….he now wears shorts three sizes smaller and can actually run….Arsene Wenger has said: Wulll Urrrrhh we ave been watching eem for sum time now…and ee az finally made the next step up to becoming a regular teem playurr…so we will offer eem a new contract with an increeece in wages and zurr chance to runa leetle fasturr nexx seezon.

    Deet…Deeet…Deeet ….Deet…Deet…Deeeet!

    This latest breaking news was brought to you by the one and only football journal for the man in the street:

  • Master J

    Really, the result matters less in this case, the most important thing indeed, is to keep our players fit and ready for the new season without injuries. And hopefully, Carzola will join us soon.

  • benjamin

    the cazorola rumous seem to be gathering pace

  • benjamin

    pre season is just that pre season – players still not fit enough

  • Andrew

    Love the updates, Patrick. :-)

  • himmat

    The squad list is out & what a disappointment that certain names are still on there. Szczesny gets the No.1 & Giroud the No.12, whilst Kyle Bartley gets the No.35 & Ryo the No.31. Gutted to see the players wearing numbers 52, 29, 24, 23, 18, 9, still on there. Fingers crossed Wenger was not lying about bringing in more players, and if they are quality like Santi Cazorla, i won’t be complaining.

  • himmat

    I believe it’s completely illogical and naive to blame our fall from grace all on the Board.Tactics, team section, formation, substitutions, motivation,”carrot and stick” talks etc with players are down to the manager and his coaches.Take our goalkeeping coach for example- why is it that all of our three recent keepers have awful distribution- Almunia and Fabianski additionally never knew when to come or not for crosses and Szczesny isn’t always confident at this basic keeping skill. What does Gerry Peyton do all day? Our high- line defensive formation and failure to cover counter-attacks have been the bane of our lives for about 4/5 seasons- even if Wenger didn’t address this, why didn’t Pat Rice? Lastly, the post- defeat moans from our players or manager when we were too complacent or allowed inferior teams to outfight us have been commonplace for many a year now ( most recently Wigan and OPR last season). Nothing seems to have been done about it. My point is that irrespective of how much we might or might not spend at the beginning or midway through a season, until some basic deficiencies are corrected, nothing will change in our quest for silverware.

  • benjamin

    Cazorla himself hasn’t gone on Malaga’s pre-season tour but this is as much down to his late arrival back having been away at the Euros with Spain. There were pictures of him arriving at training yesterday with his agent and while Malaga insist there have been no offers for him, players rarely just hang out with their agents for a laugh. The smoke continues, let’s hope it’s backed up with some good old fashioned fire. Anyway, it’s good to know that the cheque-book remains open because there’s still work to do to get this squad ready for the new season.

  • Patrick

    Would he please please please sign a fcuking quality defensive midfielder before I go out of my mind ?
    Signing a 5ft 4″ midget playmaker is not a priority you senile old c**t 👿 👿 👿 :banghead: :banghead:

  • Master J

    Giroud is confirmed with jersey number 12, but Podolski is TBC – meaning, he is waiting for van Persie’s number 10. The is as that message clear.

  • flamez


    with wilshire out, and after losing fab and na$ri last year, id say a playmaker s a major priority, wouldnt mind a dm too though

  • levan

    i’m so fed up of the van persie transfer saga now that i just want him to leave as soon as possible. £20million. thank you and goodbye robin. but i’m growing increasingly worried that its going to get to midnight august 31st and robin will still not have agreed a move away. we’ll lose him for a nominal fee in january or nothing in the summer and until he leaves we’ll see the performances of a player that doesn’t want to be there, even if he does ‘love the club’. in cesc’s last season he wanted to be at barca, i didn’t doubt his intentions and will to want to win before he left but you can never be 100% committed to the cause if in the back of your mind you want to leave. which is what i think we will see from robin if he plays for us next season. if he is in an arsenal shirt next season i will support him just because he’s wearing the red and white but i won’t like the bloke.