It’s just an average Arsenal summer…

The Summer of 2007 saw Thierry Henry leave Arsenal in a protracted affair. The Summer starts with hope, but fades into reality. We’ve had ground-hog day every year since, with last season being extremely painful with the departures of Nasri & Cesc and last minute shopping. The latest and to the minute signing, Arteta, proving the most important of them all.

Most of us thought that this Summer would be different – and in honesty, we did get onto a great start with the signings of Podolski and Giroud… but then the momentum halted and we’re now into the new season with a few headaches to iron out. We’ve had the bold declaration from Van Persie that he wants to leave – but he’s still around and still down at training. Theo Walcott has failed to renew his contract and he’s back tomorrow – another unknown issue – will he be sold, will he be kept? Who knows?

Chamakh, Bendtner, Park and Squillaci are still picking up £10m a year between them, and despite global interest in one or some of them, none of them are off the books yet. The season ended in May, it’s now July… how long does it really take to sell someone? We all know that these players are all pretty rubbish and therefore, no-one actually wants to buy them.

Can you imagine any manager in their right mind? Oh, that Chamakh – the one who plays for Arsenal, he looks like a great buy – he’ll knock them in for fun, and only £60k a week? Oh that Park, he’s great, he’s the new Ronaldo, sign him up! Oh that Squillaci, he’s exactly what we need to sure up our leaky defence.

Now, where we are, we really really really need to get things sorted – it would be awesome to have these issues resolved, all the players and all the other players in and we were starting the season with the full squad that we were going to use throughout the season. But instead we have a mismash of people who some will leave and some will come (we hope)… it’s just an average Arsenal summer…

New signing Podolski spoke about the forthcoming season:

I’m looking at a different championship in England now and I hope we’ll be competing towards the top of the table. I don’t know if it will be enough for the title but I want to have a successful season.  I’m raring to go and get started on July 21st and I hope I will have four great and successful years in London.

Now, although there are some positives to be taken out of the quote – quite a worrying sign is that he’s not sure if we can challenge for the title. I don’t know how much of that is Arsene or the team, but I want all the team – the team full of Internationals, to believe that they are good enough to challenge for the title. If you believe you will finish fourth, then you will finished 7th – 3rd… but if you believe you can win the title, then you will challenge. I really hope we get a winning mentality back at the Arsenal, it hurts me to hear players talk about not winning the title before the season has even started…

Hmmm… But… here is something to cheer you up…

Did you see all 18 New York Red Bull fans celebrate?

Til tomorrow…

  • Berth

    Igwe(Henry) remains an Arsenal great

  • himmat

    this team is a joke – challenge for title? hahah podolski is right focus on europa first.

  • German

    @ himmat:
    Challenging for the title is definitely something we should aim at. If we don’t we’ll finish 10th. We have a selection of great players – there is no reason why we should finish in Europa!

  • Berth

    I think our midfield is one of the best in the league

  • Patrick

    AFC squad what is wrong or what is right: Keepers Szczesny clumsy horrible howler cant see distance balls, Fabianski wants to leave mind soul not in AFC, Vito Hull is the game not AFC: Defenders Bartley good but not wenger boy, Boateng waiting for an external offer not wenger boy, Djourou simply useless good for nothing, Gibbs sick note, Sead good not wenger boy, Jenkinson young lad, Koscielny good but clumsy, Vermaelen good but walking wounded, Mertesacker slow and useless, Miquel waiting for that call from sunny Spain, Sagna really good, Santos why?, Squillaci arsenal is really good to me?, Yennaris when are you packing for good? Midfielders: Arteta the general, Wilshere injury boy yet good, Ramsey overrated for nothing, Ox Super Sub, Theo runner not baller, Song good clumsy slow, Rosicky good but gets hurt quickly, Daiby show me the cash doc here I come, Frimpong not in wengers plan leave he will, Coquelin not X1 player, Aneke out you go, Eastmond sub for life, Eisfeld loan, Henderson loan, Lansbury good box to box player wenger does not see loaned out again?, Jernade Meade loan, Miyaichi loan. Strikers: Chamakh simply useless, Gervinho why useless so far, Lukas a hot head? Giroud will see his hype, Park cash bait and RVP show me the money am the boss, am the main man the boss you hear me! Can this lot deliver anything yes beat a couple of teams but win nothing the same-o same-o usless pathetic bunch and with a ratty manager. In 30 days and then on painfull, vile and unbearable stomach ulcers damn!!!.

  • PJ

    @devday: Looks like we’ve had an invasion here by non Arsenal fans who are here just for kicks. Anyways, loved the line about all 18 fans celebrating! And yes, sadly, the current situation is nothing new for the fans and I guess many of us have become inured to it, but it still hurts. And it’s worse when they make demeaning statements (RVP) before leaving about the Arsenal and make it sound like their next destination is a 100 times better (Na$ri).

  • ArseFan101

    @ PJ:

    If there was no Man City, I think Arsene’s plans would have worked out much better…!!

  • Aruni

    Were we really in for a shout for players like Eden Hazard? Truthfully & unfortunately, the answer is no. I’ll tell you why I know, two words: Cheaper alternatives. I reflected after last season, I then went and looked at the state of other clubs. I thought to myself if United, Liverpool, City, Chelsea even bloody Tottenham lost players like Fabregas and Nasri they would nearly replace them like for like in ability wise. I’ll give you another example, Liverpool lost Fernando Torres for 50m but bought Andy Carroll for 35m. Yes, I’m aware that he isn’t worth 35m but at least they spent the money on a direct replacement. At Arsenal all we get is cheaper alternatives with the rest of the majority money seemingly vanishing into thin air. So, I go back to my first point- Gervinho the cheaper alternative, was there to appease the fans because we had no hope in hell of getting Hazard. I think back to that game where we beat Barcelona 2-1 Nasri on the ball, do you believe Gervinho would of had the intelligence to pick out that pass? Not a hope in hell. Before you say I have some hidden agenda against Gervinho, I assure you this is not the case. What I’m fed up with is AFC constant cheap haggling over players. I gurantee you when RVP leaves our striker will be that 17 year old.

  • kiki

    I wish Henry come back to Arsenal.

  • ArseFan101

    @ Aruni:
    We have already signed two quality direct replacements for RvP. Sometimes people moan just for the sake of it.!

  • Patrick

    @ArseFan101: couple of early signings gets our hopes and season tickets in, then all quiet, and the club will yet again claim they were too busy trying to get rvp to stay so they couldnt do any other business. its the same BS every summer, why do we expect things to change when the faces oing it are still the same?

    whys it always us?

  • Master J

    Why lamenting? These players of ours are good enough to win the league! Aren’t they? I think they can.

  • Ferra

    ): if wenger lets this happen then he has officially lost the plot. After losing Nasri and Fabregas last summer he has failed to realise his mistake and has now let his talisman slip into the hands of a rival club. How can this be tolerated by Arsenal fans? Rooney and Van Persie together, id love to see it, just not in this league