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Morning Gooners,

With the end of season poll reviewed, I kind of hoped there would be plenty of factual Arsenal news for me to write about this week, how wrong I was. As Dev wrote yesterday, the summer can be an odd time to blog about The Arsenal, especially when you don’t really want to analyse the daily and often mundane transfer rumours.

So let’s stick to factual quotes around potential transfers. First off, the repeat summer saga over Bendtner’s move away from Arsenal to one of the many clubs lining up for his signature …or Sunderland.

“Nicklas is a top striker, who just proved himself at the Euros,”

“I’m certain that he is going to end up at a top club, but I’m not going to be drawn into speculation.”

Nicklas ‘Paddy Power’ Bendtner is a talented player, maybe not as good as he thinks he is but he can make a positive impact at many clubs. The key issue that prevented a move last summer, and may hinder progress again this summer, is the whopping £52k a week he is on currently at Arsenal. Clubs across Europe will baulk at that wage and be immediately put off regardless of his talent. That isn’t Bendtner’s fault though; this entirely is the fault of the club for mismanaging contracts to ‘unproven’ players. Another example similar to Bendtner is Denilson who is also struggling to secure a permanent move away from the club.

Summer Olympian, Aaron Ramsey has been talking about our chances next season and how making a good start is going to be key.


“I’m convinced we can do well in the new season,”

“The important thing is to get off to a better start than we did last year. If we do that and get ourselves into the mix, we can compete for trophies.

“We had a fantastic run from February onwards to get into

that top three – even though a lot of people doubted us. We showed character to do that, we showed how determined we are to do well. This time we want to get off to a strong start and if we do we can have an exciting season.”

“I will miss out on the pre-season tour because I’ll be with the Olympic squad from Saturday,” he added.

“We had a great time in Asia last year and it’s nice to give something back to the fans over there. We had no idea how big the club was over there until we visited so I’m a bit gutted I won’t be going back. But I have a big challenge ahead of me with the Great Britain squad.

“They [the Olympics] will be competitive games right from the start so hopefully that will be beneficial for me at Arsenal because I will be up to speed ahead of the new season. I will be ready to go for Arsenal when the Olympics are over.”

Even though Rambo will miss the pre-season, I do believe the Olympics will be good for him and his confidence going into the new season. I still have faith in his talent regardless of his much debated form last season. He’s still a young player who is eager to demonstrate his talent.

Finally, another loanee Joel Campbell will head from Ligue 1 to La Liga, joining Real Betis on loan for a season. Should be a good experience for him as he continues his long road to the Arsenal

“It’s a great opportunity for me to grow,”

“I am going to the world’s best league, and I want to play. I want to show what I am capable of.”


That’s it from me, here’s hoping for more news next week.

Have a good day.

~ @Tottz82


  • patrick

    wenger on rvp said:i have always supported him even in the hardest times. that’s a clear message rrvp from your manager about giving a bit of loyalty and honesty back.it does put a bit of pressure on rvp and rightly so.when no one would have wanted him with his injury record,the one person who believed in him was wenger.if you have anything about you has a person and a footballer then you will see that loyalty and respect is a two way thing.many managerrs would have just got rid but wenger knew we had a great player on our hands.if you love us hass much as you say,then you would sign that contract wouldn’t you???

  • SpeedDemon

    Do you think Aaron Ramsey will ever come good?
    I have been really worried about him last season.

    Happy that he is playing int he olympics though.
    It will be good to see him after a little break to see if he can recapture his form.

  • ArseFan101

    Podolski has signed… it’s official…
    It’s on the site – he came today and signed his contractg!!!

  • German

    @ patrick:
    do you think Arsene thinks the same about Diaby?

  • Vazy


    Robin Van Persi has decided against a new contract
    check his website


  • Vazy

    im gutted,

    i knew it was a possibility but it still hits hard