Robin: “It has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.”

Wednesday, 4th July 2012, 4pm

Dear Diary,

Today I plan to publish a statement on my site telling everyone I am leaving Arsenal. Having rejected the contract last summer twice I thought they would have guessed, it’s not like I kept it a secret. I rejected the contract again this season and have really really hinted that I’m off. My last statement of the season was:

“No matter what happens, I’ll always love Arsenal…”

Straight out of Henry’s book! I have no idea how this came as a shock to anyone… really, are people that stupid. Mr Gazidis and Mr Wenger did tell me to keep it a secret, but I’m useless at secrets and to be honest, I want to sign for the highest bidder at the highest price. I’ve told Man City I don’t want to sign for them, so hopefully they will up their offer!

I thought I’d be a bit clever and release a statement – you see, the club have signed Podolski and Giroud so the fans are happy. I’ve done whilst Gazidis is on holiday (hehe), I’m a cheeky little one, aren’t I?

That Wenger of ours (well, yours
now), is a silly little guy – even yesterday he was saying how I am going to stay. He even said he stood by me when I was injured and that I should stay. Silly boy. Does he not know that there is no such thing as loyalty?

My agent helped me a little with my statement. I originally wrote:

“Arsenal offered me £120k a season, but at Man City, I can get a whopping £225 at minimum, and maybe even £250k if I play hard ball”

But he replaced it with…

“Unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward”

Much better, I owe him another 1% fee for that little one. At least the Arsenal fans won’t think it’s all about money – at least they think it’s about ambition. Full proof.

Okie dokie, about to press publish on the statement, let’s see what happens….

Robin xx

Wednesday, 4th July 2012, 7pm

Dear Diary,

The Arsenal fans didn’t take that quite the way I thought they would. Hey ho, I am going to be mega mega rich, so who cares?

Robin xx

  • cheddar

    No surprise that he is off.
    He didn’t sign his contract and didn’t want to stay.
    Club knew it and signed replacements.

  • VM

    I hate people that say football is just a game. Its more than just a game…its about money. Fans are merely punters that help fill the coffers of both the board and the players.

  • Nick

    Make no mistake, the good old days are gone and the only people who believe in loyalty are 50 years old+. It’s a game of money now.

  • Depesh

    By the way, Robin would get more than £225 min. at Citeh – you missed 3 zeros off at least!! 😉

  • fan

    F U RVP. Now what am i going to do with your shirt I just bought?

  • vj

    if he leaves for next season, we are soo fucked

  • flamez

    club statement interesting, “Robin has one year left to run on his current contract and we are confident that he will fulfil his commitments to the club” seems like they may just call his bluff and make him stay.

  • kiki

    Ahhh, Football Manager 2013 doesn’t look too good for Arsenal. Ahhhhhhh… I just won the Carling Cup with them in 2012.

    On a more serious note, I guess all of the signs were there showing us that RVP was probably going to leave. We have signed Podolski and Giroud. I think they will be decent in the Premier League.

    But as @VM and @Nick have said, this game is about money now unfortunately. I hope I’m wrong, but if loyalty meant anything, RVP would have stayed and signed for at least a couple more years. I mean the fans and coach have supported him throughout his injuries, believing in him. And I definitely feel bad for anyone who just bought his shirt for 2013.

    At first I thought losing Fabregas was bad, but I still had hope since most of the team was intact. Now we’ve lost RVP, and I just think that we’re going to be in a bit of a dry spell for a couple more seasons if not another decade or so.

  • patrick

    read arseblog toooo guys – just shows money speaks

  • yemi

    We have survived all the seasons when his legs where hung up in the operating theatre. Sit him one more year on the bench and do him a berbatov. #Nuffsaid

    A friend of mine, a die hard gooner and blogger also wrote an open letter to RVP, I hope he sees it somehow! Its epic! The link is here below.

    I am removing the h t t p


    @dev and the whole crew, please share on twitter if u don’t mind.

  • karl

    Some absolute pillock text/emailed/twittered in to ssn yesterday evening saying how people thought that we couldnt replace Bergkamp and couldnt replace henry and yet the club kept going strong and I’m thinking to myself… is it still going strong ?? 😕 😕 We have won nothing for 7 fcuking seasons so how is that going well ? Are fans so stupid that they believe that, for a club of our stature, finishing 3rd of 4th is going well ? 😳

    Over the past few seasons we have lost henry, cesc, nasri and now rvp (this summer or next) and all due to a total lack of ambition in the club and that is unacceptable imo 👿 Talking the talk about ambitions is all well and good but you have to back that up with actions and the majority of us have recognised for a long time that isnt on the clubs agenda 😥 What message is that sending out to potential transfer targets ? The less established one’s would probably still be inclined to come and they would view us as a stepping stone to a bigger club but the experienced quality proven players will not come to our club with fcuk all hope or ambitions to win trophies – if a club isnt offering you the possibility of competing at the top level and are average payers as well then why would you sign for them ? :roll: What kind of message is it sending to our better players ? Sagna (in particular), tv5, mertesacker and to a lesser extend wilshire will surely be questioning their futures now and I would guess that podolski and giroud will be going through the fine print of their contracts at the mo to see if there is a loophole allowing them to back out of joining us 😥 😥

    We are an absolute mess

  • karl

    Now what the fuck is Usmanov complaining about Gazidis?
    He complains that Gazidis writes a letter to one of his companies asking them they are interested in become shirt sponsor of Arsenal.

    So if Usmanov really has only the best interest with Arsenal he should tell his company to sign the biggest shirt sponsor deal ever in history.
    If Usmanov really only wants best for Arsenal he could give them as a sponsor more than 100M a year by putting the name of his company on the shirts.

    But what does our super fan Usmanov do? He writes a letter to complain about it….

    All he had to do was to have his russian phone company write a letter saying: yes we are interested in becoming shirt sponsor and are willing to pay £100M a year. A deal for 15 years or so…

    In fact even UEFA couldn’t do anything about it or say it was an outrageous sponsorship deal because Usmanov is not on the board so I think it even couldn’t be rejected by the FFP rules….

    Just sign the sponsorship deal Mr. Usmanov if the only thing you are really interested in, is the well being of Arsenal for now and for the future.