Come in Giroud & The Final Part Of The Poll

Morning Gooners,

So the Giroud rumours were true then, as the French international’s signing was announced yesterday by the Arsenal, the fee a rumoured £12.1m. Word is that Giroud will wear the number 12 shirt, vacated by legendary Gooner Henry in February. I won’t pretend to know anything about Giroud but from what I’ve read we have a powerful target man with pace and a keen eye for goal. It would be easy and pretty lazy to compare Giroud to Chamakh. He seems a different style of player who deserves his own time to make his mark at the club. I can guarantee one thing though, I know the ladies are pretty damn happy!!


Rumours seem to contradict each other about M’Vila’s potential transfer. On one hand many feel it is a done deal to be announced sooner rather than later while others believe that Wenger has ended all interest given M’Vila’s brushes with the law and his part in the ‘disturbances’ behind the scenes in the French national squad. Time will tell.

On to the last part of the End of season poll and the subject to analyse is our wishes in the summer transfer window.


Player you’d like to sign (realistically):

As you’d expect the imagination of the fans ran pretty wild. It’s difficult to actually announce a winner but many seemed quite keen on attacking signings regardless of the teams defensive frailties. Names such as Kaka, Hulk, Torres and Ribery (which I really had to question!) were popular but the ‘winner’ was M’Vila. Now, I’m not entirely sure if the WOA readers are learned Ligue 1 viewers or if we believe everything we’ve read and consider him the best player since Vieira and Keane formed as one player to take on the evil powers of Stefan Freund. I’d like to think our learned readers understand that Song needs help in anchoring the midfield while Wilshere/Ramsey/ Rosicky act as the main creative catalyst.

My siging of the summer would most definitely be RVP. We need our captain on and off the pitch. Regardless of who else we buy, RVP signing a new contract would be a boost for all players and fans alike.


Player you would like sold:

No surprises here, infact many were more than happy to give a number of numbers. Arshavin, Squillaci, Ramsey (which upset me), Park and Djourou all amongst the names as expected. However, what did slightly surprise me was wish to sell on players who had been on loan all season and had not even kicked a ball for the club; Bendtner, Denilson and Vela. I agreed there is an element deadwood there but wanting to sell a player who didn’t even effect our season did make me laugh! Apparently there is plenty of work being done behind the scenes to move players on, expect announcements pretty soon.


What Tottnum player would you like to sign:

Maybe rightly so, a few people told me to do one, however many did recognise there were players there that could improve our squad (or reserve team!). The usually suspects of Van der Vaart, Walker and Bale made appearances, someone even had the warped mindset to type and then send Greedybayor, seriously?! The ‘winner’ was unsurprisingly Modric. A creative engine in midfield that the team lacked in the absence of Wilshere. However, if Wishere was fit, then the little rat boy that is Modric could have stayed where he is.


What United player would you like to sign:

A few years back you might have been quite spoilt for choice but the fact is the current United squad is not blessed with the talent of it’s predecessors instead relies on rugged work and luck to squeeze teams out. No one outright winner again here but Vidic, Hernandez, Valencia, Rooney and Wellbeck popular. Again, many told me to do one while the funniest shout came from Nirav who simply wrote, ‘Howard Webb’. Brilliant.


Yes or No, will RVP be an Arsenal player next season:

A few ‘I fear not’s’ along with a number of ‘hell yeah’s’. RVP is due back off his holiday’s next week. Is no news good news? Have the club just bought his replacement? Has RVP seen the activity in the transfer market that he needed to commit?

We’re going to find out pretty soon.


Have a great day Gooners, enjoy the rest of the Euro’s too.




  • ArseManual

    Giroud & Podolski IN
    Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, RvP OUT

  • ArseManual

    After his display in the Euro’s – I think Ribery is well over-rated now too! Don’t want him here. Prefer the Ox and Gervinho, but if Arshavin leaves then we will need another winger.

  • SpeedDemon

    The exodus this summer could be:

    Djourou – Squillaci
    Denilson – Diaby
    Walcott – Arshavin – Vela
    Bendtner – Chamakh – RvP

    Nearly a whole team

  • vj

    Dont think walcott and rvp will leave personally, hope we sign some defenders though, a right back maybe a backup gk if fabianski leaves and m’villa and we have pretty good depth i think,

  • devday

    @ SpeedDemon:

    Let’s presume RvP and Walcott are staying (fingers crossed)…

    Players that should probably be transferred:

    Park, Bendtner, Chamakh, Arshavin, Denilson, Squillaci & Fabianski

    Players that could leave on loan:

    Ramsey, Frimpong, Djourou (I don’t see any of them being sold!)

  • devday

    @ ArseManual:

    It’s interesting that the media have really focused on RvP leaving after the Giroud signing. Arsene has stated that RvP is staying, so we’ll have to wait and see in the next few weeks what happens!