Arsene Speaks…

Howdies Folks…

Things are starting to hot up at the Euros and at the Arsenal… starting with matters closer to home and Arsene has been in the press talking about Podolski and Giroud. We’ve heard through all media outlets that the Giroud deal is virtually done, but not heard anything from the club or manager until now…

“Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season. I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

It’s sometimes hard to know if a quote is true, but with the quote above, it’s been published in all major football / sports sites, so you’d have to presume it’s true. Giroud has had some game time at the Euros – I was watching when he came on against the Ukraine. He didn’t get much of the ball, but he has impressed at club level…

There’s a nice video on YouTube showing his 2010/2011 goals… and he actually reminds me of Van Persie…

What do you think? People have compared him to Chamakh, for the simple reason that he is coming to us from the French league, but that’s too darn silly to compare someone based on which league they were in… as in that case Nelson Vivas and Messi are both amazing or both rubbish…

Arsene has also been speaking about Podolski, and said:

“Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work. He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap. I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.”

I watched a re-run of Denmark vs Germany and one thing that is evident is that Podolski is wasted on the left of the forward line – in fact, he was playing more of a left midfielder in a 4-4-2 if you consider Ozil sits quite high up the pitch. For me Podolski is a striker, and he is wasted when he plays so deep.

For Arsenal, it’s going to be interesting. If RvP stays, we will have four strikers who all suit the middle of the pitch – RvP, Giroud, Podolski and Joel Campbell. Whether or not we will end up changing our formation to 4-4-2 remains to be seen, but it may just make a lot of sense.

In other Arsenal news, it looks like Arsenal and Sao Paulo have been unable to reach a figure for Denilson and he could be back with us at the beginning of July… if anyone has been following him then do let me know if he has got any better.

Additionally, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is in line for a new deal. Considering he signed one last summer, I don’t think we really need to give him a new deal just yet… maybe something should be looked at next summer?

And finally, tonight – it’s Germany vs Greece and a chance to look at Podolski once again… Mertersacker will probably not start, and unless Germany need to shut up shop, we may not see him either… Tomorrow sees Spain vs France, which does sound rather mouth watering, and then on Sunday, the big one, England vs Italy… With Ashley Young injured, we may just see our young starlet, AOC, in action from the start of the game…

Have a great weekend folks, and I’ll be back when next appropriate!

  • German

    Very exciting to hear the news from Arsene on Giroud.
    He looks a really good talent.

  • ArseManual

    Podolski on show tonight.
    Looking for something special from him.
    He needs to be more creative.

  • Nick

    Looking forward to the rest of the 1/4 final matches. Hope the Greeks don’t just park the bus but that’s what I see happening. Spain vs France is gonna be very interesting.

    I love the Arsene is actually commenting on Giroud, although his 90% makes me think it’s 100% and he just doesn’t wanna brag. I like Giroud a lot and I think he will excel at Arsenal and we’ll definitely be the better for it. GOtta lock down M’Vila now and cull the herd.

    Definitely was hoping AA23 could’ve kept up the genius he showed in Russia first match but as I feared he turned into the Arsenal Arshavin and now we can’t ask much for him, especially after his idiotic comments.

    Don’t think Dennilson will go for very much but at this point I say we cut our losses and just sell him for whatever the Brazilians will pay for him.

    Bendtner has looked better and I hope someone comes in with a proper offer (and underwear) for him. Maybe throw in a free pizza to sweeten the deal.

  • devday

    @ German:
    He is definitely an exciting prospect.
    I have watched a few videos now and he looks a very good prospect. There is also a lot of hype in France about him.

  • Berth

    Buying Giroud means Van persie is definetly out. What do u think Mr Dev.