All Change…

Morning fellow Gooners,

In case you were wondering, it is going to be a long summer. A very long summer. There is going to be a lot of stories, a lot of opinions and a lot of rubbish. Where sometimes, as a blogger, you have to step away from all the nonsense; at other times, you cannot help but add your own opinion to what you feel is relevant and important.

Robin Van Persie: The Saga

Two interesting stories from two Brazilians to kick off with. Andre Santos came out on Brazilian TV and said that he “can understand why Robin wants to leave after 8 years” – this is based on the fact the two of them talk and text daily. I wrote a piece a while back called, “Why Robin Is Going To Be Sold“. And if you read that then you’ll see why the recent comments from Santos don’t really surprise me.

The problem is that this whole thing is turning into a saga. For us, we need to  to ensure it gets sorted as soon as possible. If Robin is going to sign, then he has to sign now. If he’s not, then Arsenal have to sell him ASAP and then buy, buy and buy. There is some noise that Giroud is on his way to the Emirates, and with Podolski already signed, perhaps if the transfer goes through, then Robin’s departure could be announced.

Ivan did speak about a possible announcement:

“Robin sat down with us at the end of the season and we had a good discussion. What we agreed at that meeting was that we would keep all the discussions we had over the summer to ourselves and make announcements when it is the right time. We have to respect the fact we have agreed to keep that among ourselves. Robin is clearly focused on the Euros at the moment and we wish him well, and at the right time we will make the right announcements.”

What on earth this means is completely your guess! If it was a good discussion that means he has signed a new contract – or he is just stringing us on – put it this way, it sounds fishy! If he has agreed a new contract, why delay the announcement? If he has decided to move on, then why delay the announcement… unless there is an agreement to stay until next summer and then leave on a free? The thing is… your guess is as good as mine.

Getting The Deadwood Out

It does seem like it’s all change this summer. Those players who we thought we tried to get rid off last summer – although, I think we may have wanted to loan them out to see if they became the players we wanted them to be – could very well be off. Denilson, Bendtner and Vela have all been in the press letting the world know that they have deals on the cards.

Denilson has said that he could be signing for Sao Paulo permanently.

“There is the possibility of maybe signing a four or five-year contract. My lawyer talked to Arsenal and they asked to wait to see what happens in the Brazilian Cup before talking again. Anything could happen. Sao Paulo are doing their best to keep me, but I prefer to focus on my work and think about that later. There are two options – a permanent contract or extend the loan deal. I have already done my part by showing my intention of remaining here [at Sao Paulo].”

Bendtner has also revealed that he has been in contact with several clubs, so fingers crossed.

The Defensive Midfielder

Arsene Wenger said a very interesting comment on TV last night:

“Our defensive midfielders at Arsenal are attacking midfielders.”

If Arsene believes this, then surely, it’s as clear as mud that we need to sign a defensive midfielder. We’ve been linked with M’Vila, but I think the asking price and wages have been too much for us, and more recently Anderlecht’s midfield warrior, Biligia, stated we were in contention for his signature:

“Real Madrid and Arsenal have both been in contact. I am still under contract with Anderlecht until 2015 but they know that I plan to leave.  If a club offers the right price, Anderlecht will let me go.”

We’ll see where that takes us, a good player in the DM position will be a welcome addition, that’s for sure.

The Q&A – Tonight…

The Q&A is tonight and there will be a whole host of twitterers attending – namely WOA writer JAT – who has returned from a year in the US, especially for tonight, and will be covering tonight’s events LIVE. Ivan has spoken ahead of tonight and has said this:

“My message to our fans is that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that Arsenal can challenge for trophies next year. That is what this summer is about and that is what we are focused on. We have a good team, we have a good young core of players and we need everybody involved to have belief so that we can push forward into next year and make a run at the Premier League trophy and for the Champions League. We believe we can do that.

With Ivan, you just don’t know if there is anything to what he says. He said we’d sign last summer, and in January and than the RvP situation wouldn’t get to this stage. He’s basically lied to us non stop in a very media friendly way. So take what he says with a pinch of salt. Deep fried salt, that is…

Tottz will be back with his poll results tomorrow… and JAT will be back later in the week with his take on the Q&A…

Til then, adios!

  • ArseFan101

    Great round up!

  • Gunfrogg

    “Our defensive midfielders at Arsenal are attacking midfielders”.lol. Wenger selling the Arsenal brand and concept of attacking team. Everyone knows the problem for Arsenal now is the culture of defense i.e. the tactic of defense i.e the defensive midfielders. But he’d rather have Alex I am Fabregas Song play AM and let the team turn and twist like him until it got stabbed by a counter attack because the CD also left without cover. We will eat these craps until the Board decide to stop selling a brand and start earning some silverware. Pfff. The summer is going to be very long but I bet it will also be disappointing. This summer is not the summer Arsenal’s policy and ambition change.

  • Berth

    My prediction; Giroud in Van the man out (unfortunately), then a DMF ( certainly not M villa) and a CB. Good blogDev

  • SpeedDemon

    @ Berth:

    I agree!

    IN: Giroud, Biligia, Podolski (already done) + 1 winger

    OUT: Chamakh, Bendtner, Vela, Denilson, Van Persie

  • Berth

    Dev tell Wenger what he has in his team are all central midfielders and not attacking ones. Look at

    Wilshere – CM

    Diaby – CM

    Song – semi DMF

    Ramsey CM

    Coquel CM

    Frimpong ( the one potential DMF we have but he lacks experience).

    SO what am saying is we desperately need a DMF.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Aside from the jibe at Gazidis, not a bad summary of where we are. I see a lot of hope that RVP will stay and that we’ll bring in an other DM to back up Song. We already have Coquelin and Frimpong ready to step in as well. The interesting thing about Podolski is that he can play an AM role like he did at Koeln on occasion or play across the field behind the main striker. He is strong in the tackle and in the air and has a very good 25-30 yeard shot from outside the box…something Arteta also offers us. He is capable of playing like Song or Arteta but is a much more attacking player than either.
    We can only speculate about what AW will do over the remainder of the summer, since I don’t see him doing much during the Euros.
    As far as RVP goes, I believe he has given AW and the BoD a benchmark to reach and if they do, he will sign a new long-term contract. AW knows what is needed and will try and fit new signings into the EPL 25 man rule and that means moving out at least 5 players excess to our needs…we all know who the eligible candidates are.