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Morning Gooners,

Firstly those of you logging on this morning to find out the results of the readers poll will be disappointed, no thanks to Dev who’s set me up for quite a fall today!

I wanted to give the poll one more week and then collate, analyse and reflect question by question…hey I’ve got a summer of blogs to write and refuse to get involved in frustration of daily transfer b*llshit. Sorry!

Anyway moving on pretty swiftly! No massive Arsenal news as you’d probably expect. Some players are using twitter as vehicle to promote their next move and tell the world how great they are. Such players are ready to announce their transfers before any official announcement by the respective clubs involved, such players believe they are bigger than the club and demonstrate what is very wrong with some of the players in the modern game.

A player I can definitely relate to, Laurent Koscielny, has been taking about his increasingly impressive season:

“I feel better than last year. I know the league, my team and the club. I think I am better on and off the pitch so for a player, when you feel good with your team-mates, the club and his family, it is better.

“I feel very good to help my team and to qualify for the Champions League. I just wanted that for the end of this season.

“I know this league more than last year. In all my body I am better, not just physically, psychologically as well.

“It’s great for me, I work hard in training to be strong and the results have been in my game. I try to be strong and be the best defender I can in my team.”

I think this picture from the amazing Flickr page of @RasDamAFC proves his point!!

Show off!


Koscielny’s inclusion in the next generation of  the French national team is testament to the fantastic season he has had. He probably won’t be the critics favourite defender like say a Kompany or Vermaelen but he’s the kind of player the fans relate to and fall in love with. By the way, France are definitely worth a cheeky bet as the Euro 2012 dark horses, unbeaten in 19 internationals you know?

Another Frenchman, Sagna, who unfortunately won’t be at the Euro’s due to his leg break has been praising Theo Walcott:

“Theo Walcott had a lot of pressure on him from a young age. He had a lot of pressure on him when he joined up with the national team for the first time at the age of 17. I know it is not easy to deal with but he did quite well,” Sagna told reporters.

“Of course, he had to cope with a lot of criticism but he was younger then and he has a lot of maturity now. He was one of our main players this year along with Robin van Persie, scoring goals and creating assists and he can play a big, big part for the English national team this summer.”

“Theo and Alex can be the best players in the world because they have such an ability to play football. They are not scared to play and both started really young.”


That’s it from me today, below are the questions for the readers poll.. feel free to post your answers below if you haven’t already and I’ll collate for next week.

Have a great day.

~ @Tott82


  1. Player of the season (without RVP!)
  2. Most improved player of the season:
  3. Most Disappointing player of the season:
  1. Goal of the season:
  2. Your moment of the season:
  3. Funniest incident of the season:
  4. Lowest point of the season:
  1. Player you’d like to sign this season (be realistic!)
  2. Player you’d like to see sold this summer
  1. What Tottnum player would you like sign?
  2. What Man United Player would you like to sign?
  • lance

    How important is it that Arsene is allowed to bring in a minimum of four top quality experienced players (six, if RVP leaves) this summer? Incredibly important, because that is what it will take for Arsenal to match up to the best here and in Europe. The ‘Head in the Sand’ brigade may talk up the players we have (like Verm and Kos are best pairing in PL, like Jack and Ox are best England talents to emerge since Wayne, like we’ll be top dogs in Europe with FFP) but the grim fact of football life is that if you don’t move forward, you fall behind. And that, ultimately, if you don’t carry the fans with you, they don’t bother to come. All the clubs above us and around us will strengthen this summer – Man C, Man U, Chelsea, Spurs, Newcastle, Liverpool – some of them dramatically, like Chelsea and, most probably, Spurs. If AFC doesn’t follow suit (or, better still, lead the way), then not only will Arsenal not be realistic contenders for major trophies, not finish the season in the top four, but may well lose its number two status in London as well. If Ivan talks about ‘the Arsenal model’ and ‘self-sustainability’ in the upcoming AST Q & A, then I fear all is lost.

  • lance

    as season after season has proven you need the best quality players to win things and they cost money – no quality signings equals no success. Its not a difficult concept to grasp – Arsenal will not invest therefore they will not win anything next season or indeed any season where Wenger and Kroenke are in charge – do you ever see the likes of WBA or West Ham winning things? Next season it will be three clubs competing for everything while you and “truegooner” tell the world what a well run clun Arsenal is – they achieve nothing but boy their bank balance is good!

  • http://Facebook Dave Adlam

    1. Arteta. We badly missed his ball retaining ability.
    2. Koscielny. All round improvement, could be a wc defender in time.
    3. Gervinho. Very patchy. Let’s hope it was first season syndrome.
    4. Sagna. The yids were two up and we needed a goal badly when bacary powered home his header.
    5. The look on the spuds faces when rosicky put us three two up!
    6. Arsene giving pat rice a hug on the last day!
    7. So hard to pick but probably our performance in Milan!
    8. Clint Dempsey.
    9. Gareth Bale.
    10. Rooney.