Why Robin Is Going To Be Sold…

The football season is officially over… well, nearly over… tomorrow represents the last day of the footballing calendar, with key games being played to see who will be promoted through the play offs and who will be crowned kings of Europe.

It’s a tough decision to make about who you want to win the Champions League. If Chelsea win, then Sp*rs are demoted from the Champions League next season to the Europa Cup… which will be funny considering they actually finished in the top four.

However, the problem with Chelsea winning the Champions League is that they’ll become the first London based team to do so. So it’s quite clear in my head. Bayern to win the Champions League. Sp*rs to qualify to the group stage and then get knocked out!

Back to all things Arsenal and it’s that time of year when we should be thinking about who is coming in, but in all honesty, we’re worried that we’re going to lose our best player. It’s a bit of a tough one, by now, Robin should have signed a contract and the continue delays can only point to one thing… that he is leaving this Summer. Despite his wife saying they’re planning to stay in London, you can’t take anything for granted nowadays and for the first time in a quiet a while, I think he’s planning to leave.

After all, he’s got the captain’s curse.

He did say in his post match interview after the West Brom game… “Whatever happens, I’ll always have Arsenal in my heart”… surely the sentiment of the statement is that he’s off. Patrick Vieira has been in the press talking about what will happen if he leaves – yes we will survive, but no we won’t challenge for the title.

“I think losing Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas last year was a big shock for the people who love Arsenal. If they lose Van Persie it will be a drama. With Samir and Cesc you could say, ‘OK those two are gone, but there is Jack Wilshereand Van Persie still at the club’. But if Robin leaves who is behind? If he leaves it’s going to be difficult for Arsenal to keep the top players, next year it may be Theo Walcott, then Jack Wilshere. But if they keep Robin they’re going to send a positive message to all the clubs and to all the people around. It’s really important to keep him.”

The fact  that we’re here again and we have a top player entering the last year of his contract absolutely sucks. Why do we let this happen? Well, it’s probably about money. Every time we re-sign, we have to pay a sign on fee and astronomical wages increase to even more astronomical wages. From a club’s point of view, by not signing last summer, there was a massive saving.

Signing now is perfect, as the club has already saved the money – but the problem is this.

If you are a football player and you’re offered an increased contract, you’d sign it. Why? Because you’d get paid more money. It’s a no brainer. If Robin is on £80k a week and his new contract is £120k a week, then bot signing it would mean that you’d lose out on £40k a week, which is £2m.

The only time you’d not sign and risk losing out on £2m is if you were planning to leave in Summer.

Think about it boys and girls, it’s getting pretty obvious.

There has been much debate about what to do now. Just as we have lured Podolski, taking him from £40k to £60k and the Champions League, there are clubs who are above us, who will be able to pay us what we want for Robin and pay Robin want he wants.

Michael on Football365, summed it up:

“Take the money, thank RVP for the transfer fee and his immense contribution to CL qualification and not waste the summer trying to convince him to stay. Use the WHOLE summer to build a team for next season and not wait until transfer deadline day.”

Planning is key, filling in the missing gaps is key. If all of this nonsense about Robin is going to end up blowing up in our face, and we’re going to lose him anyway, we might as well lose him now and then focus on the next step.

I really hope Arsene has learnt from last season. Don’t get me wrong – I will jump for joy if Robin stays, but I just don’t see it happening….

There’s a long road this summer, it can be protracted, long and painful or short & sweet and to the point. I’d prefer the latter, no matter who comes in and who leaves.

Here’s to a Bayern win tomorrow….

Adios for now…

  • Speedster

    Great blog Dev.
    But very depressing.
    And makes me feel like crap now that I’ve read it – but you’re right. The writings on the wall.

  • bizzle

    Two things…Arsene signs 2-3 world class plays and van stays (150k/wk)..or van goes and wenger resigns bcos he actually wants to keep van

  • Bonathan

    The best situation for us is van persie staying. but if that’s looking unlikely then hopefully we won’t piss about all summer this time. I think if RVP has decided he’s off, he himself will also want a speedy resolution.

    so, lets assume he goes, becasue let’s face it, there’s a fair chance he will. where does that leave us. well, obviously we are losing a imprtant player, who will have to be reaplced, but it doesn’t look good for attracting new players either. on the bright side though, we are in the chapions leaue next year and so should still be a pretty attactive option for players.

    the main thing is who comes in. if rvp goes, then a top top striker is a must, in addition to podolski. I’d say it would also mean a greater need to strengthen elsewhere as well to be sure. So, along with podolski, where talking maybe 2 or 3 others. That ain’t a mojor amount of players, but the key thing would be the quality of those players. they must be first class.

    Let’s be fair, now is the best time to sell rvp, his value will drop with age over the coming seasons and this is the first year i have known him not get a big injury. i mean, bearing in mind he’ll be involved in the euros this summer, what are the chances that he’ll last any more than half a season next year anyway??

    we get rid of RVP, denilson, bentner, chamackh and possibly even vela and djourou.

    bring in a top class striker, top class attacking midfield player, and possibly a top class defender and we won’t be in bad shape.

  • Bonathan

    let’s talk strikers anyway. who could possibly replace rvp. let’s look at a couple of contenders already in the premiership:

    luis suarez- with dalglish going and liverpool out of the european places, would he be interested? i think he would. could we prise him away? we’d have to pay big money, but it’s definitely worth testing, he’s top class and already premiership blooded. a nice age as well.

    Didier Drogba- well versed in the premiership, top class but past his best. with podolski easing the pressure of number of games, he might not actually be a bad option. if chelsea fail to qualify for CL, u’d have to think he’d jump at the chance of another year in the competition. not ideal, but hey, we could do a lot, lot worse. i wouldn’t rule him out if i was manager.

    papa cisse- well, he’s made an impact hasn’t he? will he be a flash in the pan though? certainly more of a risk but definitely worth considering.

    Dzeko- proved what a good goalscorer he is. well suited to the premiership but is he well suited to us? hmm, not sure about that but again, worth considering. good age. i guess he would have to take a wage cut to come to us though which might mean he just stays put or goes to some other rich club.

    other than that i think we are looking abroad. not sure who. any ideas? falcou? the hulk? i’d like higuain ideally, but i can’t see that happening.

  • http://twitter.com/arabe365 Arabe

    Great thought. We shouldn’t waste too much time in him.He’s almost 29 and He’s no Henry. Why not sell him for 20m. With which we can sign Giroud or Lewandowski who re cheaper.He should remember that he has never really paid us back after renewing his contract during his injury laden years. Just after one season of extraordinary form, he’s being stubborn. The wisest move is to sell him and bring in stronger and younger striker.

  • JP

    There is a lot of noise that Man City will let go of Dzeko.
    Personally, I think the boy is a great player and would be an awesome replacement for RvP.
    But he is probably on really high wages.

    There are lots of good players available, but they will all be £10 – £15m minimum.

    We have to be prepared to buy the best and pay the money.

  • Danny Andrews

    Well narrated
    Let RVP leave and the sooner the better for everyone concerned
    Arsenal didn’t become weaker at the beginning of last season because Nasri and Fabregas left
    Remember both players missed a big chunk of the previous season and Arsenal didn’t lose 8-2 to Man U
    Arsenal crambled because we tried to cling to the lost cause trying to keep players who were no longer committed to the cause and I believe after reading Nasri’s comment recvently Mr. Wenger will have known these players are proffessional but not loyal to any team
    RVP is a proffessional and there is no point trying to cling unto him
    Once a player is no longer committed he becomes toxic and should be moved on swiftly
    As good as he was this just ended season, his goodness is no more useful to Arsenal’s future and his refusal to committ is dentrimental to the future of Arsenal Football Club
    Wenger needs to show him the door for the well being of the club

  • devday

    @ bizzle:

    I think Wenger is wise and mature and if RvP goes he won’t resign. When I say “if”, it’s more like “when”. Arsene has to deal with this and come through it and strengthen properly.

  • devday

    @ Bonathan:
    Some good shouts there.
    I think all of the Dzeko and Cisse would be good players for us, but Drogba and Saurez would have too much baggage.

    I doubt Liverpool would let go of Saurez and to be honest, I don’t like what I see.

    Drogba is Chelsea and will never be Arsenal, so he’s out of the running too.

    The question is who else can come in?

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    ¨Robin should have signed a contract and the continue delays can only point to one thing… that he is leaving this Summer. Despite his wife saying they’re planning to stay in London, you can’t take anything for granted nowadays and for the first time in a quiet a while, I think he’s planning to leave.¨

    Another take on this is that he’s delaying in order to see what interest he gets from other top teams and will use that to ask for even more. So it doesn’t ONLY point to one thing, it opens the door to many possibilities. You seem to want to take things for granted in your hyperbole and doomerism, your usual negative ,gloomy attitude to anything Arsenal but the reality is that AFC,Wenger and RVP have just begun to negotiate and all this Press hypeshite isn’t worth squat, nor is your forlorn pessimism.

  • devday

    @ JP:

    Spot on… if Pardew can find Cisse, just imagine what we could find if we were willing to spend £10m+

  • devday

    @ Domhuaille MacMathghamhna:

    Why would a player forfeit around £2m by not signing next summer in order to try and squeeze another £10k a week out of his existing club.

    Please understand one thing – I want RvP to stay – but there is no chance in hell he is.

    Name one top player who has signed a new contract with one season to go?

  • Peter

    I don’t think anyone khows what has been said in that meeting so what is the point in scaremongering! I think fans should be patient to see what happens – But great article though and very interesting!

    If we lose RVP then we will replace him no problem Wenger is brilliant and finding talent and is running the club the way it should be unlike both Mancs Chelsea & Liverpool who i see all going to get a shock one day when they have to follow the new Financial rtegulations Imagine that we will be able to compete while we have money and other are deep in the RED!

  • Nick

    I had the thought and the worry that if RVP met with the boss and didnt immediately re-sign (ala he had made his mind up already) then he would be a gonner. My gut tells me he went into that meeting to express his reluctance to sign given the state of the team and seeming lack of support from upstairs to invest properly. He probably said if there aren’t contracts ready to be signed by X, Y, and Z then I’m leaving. I’ll give you till after Euro for you to scout and find a replacement. Wenger said sacre blue, merd!

    I don’t think at all RVP is tempted to go somewhere in the EPL. It will be Bsrcelona, Real Madrid or Juventus. If he wants to go let’s swap RVP with Real for Higuain & Sahin or $$$.
    To replace RVP I’d look st Cisse, Giroud, Falcao, Huntelaar & Dzeko. Neymar anyone?

    I respect Vieira but he needs to keep his mouth shut and keep on being Mancini’s lapdog. I read City were looking into offering for Ibrahimovic.

  • kiki

    Great blog devday. I enjoyed reading the post, albeit a bit depressingly.

    I really want RvP to stay because I think that we have a shot at the title next season. I thought we might finish 5th this season, so Arsenal did well above my expectations.

    It would be heartbreaking if he left. It would be difficult to watch next season then as well. I still have hope in Wilshere and Ramsey among other potential stars to step up on the team, but RvP possibly leaving this summer would be too devastating for the team to transition is what I think.

  • Bonathan

    hunterlaar is a good shout. i had forgot about him.

    it would be good if real madrid are interested becasue then a deal for higuain would be much more likely.

  • Bonathan

    Looks like fabianski is on his way. i can’t help think he should have been given a years loan at some stage. it’s a bit ridiculous that he wasn’t really


    Arabe wrote:

    Great thought. We shouldn’t waste too much time in him.He’s almost 29 and He’s no Henry. Why not sell him for 20m. With which we can sign Giroud or Lewandowski who re cheaper.He should remember that he has never really paid us back after renewing his contract during his injury laden years. Just after one season of extraordinary form, he’s being stubborn. The wisest move is to sell him and bring in stronger and younger striker.

    Arabe i fully agree. My manager at work is also a gooner and he says AW is the most patient manager in the world. Sure RVP is getting on and wants to win things, but remember those years when he missed 6 months of the season injured and how hes literally had ONE big season.

    As most of you, sure id like him to stay but if hes going to go then let him. Get what we can and bring in who we can

  • kiki

    Well Chelsea has won it, and Sp*rs has been pushed out out of the Champions League next season. I hope that this result encourages the Arsenal board to be more flexible with their purse strings and motivates the squad to reach for the title next season.

  • harry

    It looks like Van Persie will leave Arsenal and this is once again the result of the arrogance and poor club management decisions of Arsene Wenger. I hold hope that he will stay but the feeling is that he is going. If he does go I strongly believe that Arsene Wenger should quit the club after all this is not the first time he has allowed this to happen to a first team player. I would truly love to see a fresh set of ideas at Arsenal – a new approach to replace one that is tired and ineffective. Arsenal are simply an average team who over achieved – you cannot describe it any other way really…

  • Bonathan

    I must admit, i sometimes think back to when this all started falling apart, and I remember that had we made a couple of minor tweaks at the right time, we could well have been a dominant force still at the moment. I don’t want to dwell on what might of been, but there were a few basic poor decisions made that had a knock on effect. Even then, time and time again certain things were neglected that could have got us back on track. until eventually things came to a head in the 8-2 drubbing last season. all too late i’m afraid.

    but hey, we did well with what we had in the end. got a bit of luck sure, but we all need a bit of luck. City are gonna be just as strong or stronger next year, united will try there best to get back on top, and chelsea have now given themselves a good platform to move on from, and you’d expect them to spend big and become a major title chasing force again. so we need to respond as well right?

    don’t bank on spurs falling apart. ok, so they won’t get adebayor and modric will be off. but they’l get good money for modric and i still expect them to put up a strong challenge for 4th. hopefully they’l lose bale as well but we’ll see.

    hopefully rvp will stay. but if he does go, i don’t think we can try and replace him with too much of an unknown quantity. i agree that we should build our squad up that way, buying young unknowns and shaping them they way we want, but when you lose a major player, and you don’t have a ready made replacement, then you can’t hang around waiting for someone to come up to scratch, u need to replace that key player with someone you are fully confidant can also be a key player from day 1, not 2 years down the line. that’s what we’ve been guilty with so many times in the past.

    flamini- replace by song, but it took a couple of seasons for song to really come up to scratch
    fabregas- tried to replace him with ramsey, was never going to be at that standard in his first season.

    we can’t afford to keep waiting. because while we are waiting, others are leaving and its a neverending cycle.

  • Bonathan

    the strongest rumour at the moement at the mo is linking us with yann m’villa. what does everyone think of this?

    he sounds like the real deal, no doubt. and someone to get excited about. but are we addressing a problem that needs to be sorted? after all, he’s said to be a DM. i still like alex song and we are told frimpong and coquelin are going to be the real deal, so it does seem a little strange to me i must admit.

    i can only think that perhaps wenger has lost faith in one or more of the players i have mentioned. unless he’s thinking he could groom him more into a box to box yaya toure type. maybe push wilshire further up to where fabregas played.

  • Bonathan

    yea, just watched some clips of him on youtube, there’s definitely a lot more to him than just being a DM. looksas if he could play any of the 3 cenral positions no sweat. he looks really good.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Bonathan…your AAA, anti-Wenger rants are based on what exact proof and whose expert opinions? I guess you’re just another malcontent excreting his rancour at the club’s management without any experience,expertise, capacity to back up what you whine about and egged on by the few fellow moaner-groaner-doomer-gloomer morons who gleefully regurgitate everything the media feed them, as if it were biblical in stature.
    Wenger isn’t perfect but he is so much closer to perfection than a village idiot like you, whose sole purpose is to spread discord and negativism about AFC on any blog you can find.
    RVP is neither certain to leave, nor accept the first offer AFC made BUT he, unlike you, knows what is actually going on and unlike you is class so he’ll do what’s right for him and for AFC….that you can take to the bank!

  • devday

    yann m’villa is a proper player who has played in a proper league – none of this ramsey / denilson / frimpong crap. He is a proper player who can slot in and marshall the defensive side of our game.

    much needed.

  • lance

    Whats this another day and no RVP deal- It’s all rosy in the wenger garden.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Lance…..you are a vegetable in Wenger’s garden that is for sure! Stop your Fantasy Football Manager AAA anti-Wenger moaning and join the human race!

  • karl

    i think afc will hold rvp to his contract even if he does want to leave. in my opinion it’s a given.i think rvp does now want to leave.surely if things went well last wednesday then both parties would have said so. whatever was said by wenger and gazidis was in my opinion not good enough for rvp.i think the 130,000 a week contract was not the objective of rvp, but more the point the ambition of the club.who are their transfer targets, what the immediate future plans of the club etc.some might say that rvp might wait and see who we sign before he commits but i feel he’s had those answers already and he’s not happy with them.hope i’m wrong because he’s my fav player.but i think it will be his last season next year,and if given the chance would leave this summer.if he was really happy he would have signed a new contract,he didn’t and that tells the story for me.100% hope i’m wrong.

  • Bonathan

    @Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    exactly which anti wenger rants are we talking about of mine? I think if you read my comments in this thread you’d see that the majority are positive. sure i’v disagreed with some decisions made over the years, and there’s nothing wrong with that. after all, i’m sure wenger and the board themselves would have handled certain things differently had they had there time again.

    i am, and have been by and large, pro wenger throughout.

    how boring it would be if we all agreed and praised every decision made.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    My apologies Bonathan, I confused your posts with Harry’s (just above yours)….at my age (102) eyesight is less than reliable unless it’s an 18 year old chick in a bikini, then I’m 20/40:)
    After surfing half a dozen websites, crucifying Frank (limpdick)Lampard a Cheatski plastic glory-hunting fanboy who infests another Arsenal blog and seeing the same AAA excrement from the same small group of clowns claiming to be Gooners on good sites like Untold Arsenal and LadyArse, I was primed for battle. Actually your posts are intelligent and insightful and regardless of whether I agree with everything you say it is clear you’re no Anti-Wenger village idiot but a real Gooner.
    By the way, I am convinced that, with the Spuds playing Europa toiletball next season and some unhappy campers at Cheatski,Liverpool,Tottsville and Real Mad (to name a few), the transfer market is wide open for AW to fish in, provided he sells at least 4-5 players who are unintentional leeches,sucking up needed resources:

    Squillaci, Almunia, Bendtner, Arshavin, Park, Mannone, Fabianski,Denilson….as a start. I rate Vela and Chamakh but maybe they’re on the hit list as well?
    Maybe there are a few Barcloonies seeking escape from the asylum as well? I see Cheatski reducing their squad and IMO Benayoun would be a great 1 year contract deal. Malouda is also just the type Arsene can develop into a top player and the list goes on. Shitty will be spending more and players like Johnson, Dzeko, Richards, and De Jong might be available on the cheap?
    Lukaku, Sturridge and Kalou appear to be surplus to requirements at Cheatski and maybe even Torres might be made available on loan?
    your suggestions about Suarez and Cisse are ideal, if unlikely but Suarez is quite a character and not up to AFC’s ethical standards.

  • edison

    I doubt Wenger will buy any strikers domestic to the premier league, when was the last time he did that?

    Suarez and Cisse won’t be coming to Arsenal, mainly because their clubs will grossly overprice them.

    But I guess with us finishing in 3rd we do have prime pickings for any premier league players that may become available.

    Benayoun’s performance this season for us has been proof that premier league experience really does count. It would be great to get someone like Kalou on board.

    Speaking of the hit list for transfers, both Gervinho and Park have been more or less useless this season.

  • Berth