We finish 3rd… into the Champions League… (Happy St. Totteringham’s Day)

What an exciting day of football for pretty much every one in the league… Congratulations to Robin Van Persie and the rest of the boys for pulling out an epic victory to claim 3rd place in the league, which guarantees us Champions League football next season…

Happy St. Totteringham’s Day

Indeed, the day where Sp*rs cannot finish above Arsenal…

Van der Vaart: “There is no chance of Arsenal finishing above Spurs. We’re better.”

And today is a great day indeed Vaartmeister…


And another look at the table please….


Now in all this excitement and all of these jokes about Sp*rs, I haven’t really commented on the game yet. A game which actually shows how far we are away from where we need to be. Yes, we without Arteta, Wilshere & Diaby… but there is a lot which needs to be done to this squad to get it competing on with the top two…

More to follow…

  • ArseFan101

    Happy St. Totteringham’s Day!

  • Berth

    the wenger boys congrats but try better and aim higher next time

  • fenno1

    Thank god this season is over, and thank god we have managed to finish 3rd. Miracles do happen, Foster getting injured & Fulop playing is proof that God/Allah/Jah is a Gooner. This has been our worse season & poorest squad since Wenger has been here, i seriously hope Wenger does not think our 3rd place finish is something to be proud of. He has to be busy this summer, signing RVP is a must but getting the deadwood off the payroll has also got to be top of the agenda. In my opinion Wenger had a lucky escape this season, i hope he’s learned a valuable lesson, “fail to prepare – then prepare to fail”. He has buy wisely to give us Gooners hope that we can compete with the 2 Manchester clubs, or its another season of battling the spuds-chavs-scouses & geordies for 3rd – 4th spo

  • sistable

    some fan trying to be more faithful and honest by being blind and supporting arsenal transfer policy,i am not saying that we should go on spending spree like city or chelsea but if we can clearly see need of a player then we should be big enough to buy them ,everyone can see need of a creative and defensive cum holding midfielder,without arteta we were clueless in midfield and obviously arteta can not play whole season as we can see his past injury statics….if wenger still waiting for diaby then he should really leave the club for greater good.

  • Bonathan

    quite right, we can’t keep waiting for players like diaby to become world beaters. ain’t gonna happen.


    no word of a lie but it feels as if we won the league. to finish 3rd after an ABYSMAL start is nothing short of a miracle. Even though we seemed determined to throw it away we saw it through in the end. And WBA was probably one of the most nervous games i’ve ever had to be a part of as a fan

    that said, glad summer is going to be CL qualifiers free and now we go can go crazy spending whilst offloading these lames from our squad