St Totteringham Cup Final

Morning Gooners,

It’s somehow as you were from last week but probably not in the manner many of us would have predicted .

In a show of true Englishness, Arsenal and Tottnum seem to be caught up in a rather odd contest of politeness:

‘I insist old fella you first… No, no please after you.


OK an odd picture to make my point but neither Arsenal nor Tottnum seem to want to take advantage of each other’s inability to win a game right now. Arsenal yet again underestimated and/or showed complacency against ‘lower’ opposition and were punished even after leading twice. All three Norwich goals were preventable through application of basic defending. After being one goal up, Ramsey and Song overlooked their defensive responsibilities and Norwich cut through our defence a number of times before finally scoring. I’ve noticed how Gibbs’ gets away with poor positional sense through his pace, however the one who loves to frustrate many defensively is Vermaelen.

To make it clear, I’m not saying Vermaelen is a weak link or not good enough, I just think he gets caught up in his own hype of being a ‘frustrated striker’. When Vermaelen wants to be, he’s a beast of a defender and a true captain. However if you watch the third goal again you will notice how TV5 has completely switch off and is standing square to the ball over the top. At times I really think he forgets that defending is his priority and attacking is the luxury.

Arsenal Football Club should never ever score three goals in a home game and not come away with 3 points. It’s about
mentality; it’s about taking the opposition seriously and getting the job done.

I was as frustrated, angry and annoyed as I have been walking away from a game this season (and I’ve been to a few of those this season!!). There was no way that Tottnum would let an opportunity to go two points ahead of us go easily, especially against a rotten Villa team. I was very happily very wrong. Tottnum could only manage a 1-1 draw at Villa after being and goal and eventually one man down. With Newcastle losing to City and Chelsea losing to Liverpool last night, it was quite an odd weekend.

The requirement on Sunday is no different to what it was a week ago, we must go to West Brom, in Roy Hodgson’s last game, and get a win to secure third place and automatic qualification. Can we beat WBA? Of course we can, do you trust us to? Of course you don’t! We are our worst enemy.
Sunday is a cup final, bigger than the Carling Cup Final lost last season. There’s a lot more at stake on Sunday than an oddly designed three handled cup.

For one last time this season Arsenal, it’s time to stand up and be counted. Put everything on the line, blood sweat and tears. Treat WBA with the respect they deserve but be merciless when putting them to the sword.

I’m making no comment on the internet rumours doing the rounds about Yann M’Vila, it’s not confirmed and it’s not a priority right now. Marking Odemwingie, Shane Long and Chris Brunt are.

Come on The Arsenal!!!!!!



  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Were you smoking your breakfast Tottz when you wrote your opening paragraph? You seem to be handicapped in English yet can write some good stuff when sober.
    Poor defensive display on Saturday past but I expect a decisive win next weekend to seal the 3rd place CL award. I agree that the Totts are more competent than us when it comes to choking at a vital time and thank God the Barcodes met a tough team like Shitty this time and not Blackburn.
    What will be interesting to see is if the officials arrange for Shitty to lose or tie QPR, thus gifting SAFilis his XX ring.If both Manchester teams tie, then Shitty will get the title on goal difference unless Manure manage to score 9 goals against Sunderland away…if Webb officiates the game, a few penalties will certainly be provided to assist the cause.
    City are at home so that should help them seal the title and I wish them the best…anything to rub salt in SAFilisis’ wounds!

  • Tottz

    Haha! Thanks! I wasn’t high, I was just shattered!

  • lance

    So if rumours are believed we’re stood to capture the signing of M’villa. For me it’s a no brainer really. I’ve brought up numerous discussions regarding Alex Song quite some heated debates mind you. I think the majority here agree that Alex Song DOES NOT do his primary job which is shield the back four. If we now think back to the best Arsenal defenses, they had two of the best defensive midfielders in the world. Essentially a DM should for large parts of the game, become a third centre back. Alex Song DOES NOT do enough of this. I’m not denying he’s made valueable assists, but his short passing is terrible. Futhermore, always getting caught in possession add too that he’s slow and sluggish. I agree defending is a team effort also, but players further up the pitch cannot track back for Alex Song all the time.

  • Berth

    Jimmy arseblog is a popular site you know dat.

  • SpeedDemon

    Tottz – excellent picture – totally makes sense.
    We could probably lose on Saturday and end up 3rd!

  • fenno1

    Some Arsenal fans are browning their kecks that we will get done at West Brom, that it will work against us that Roy Hodgson is leaving the Hawthorns. My immediate feeling on Hodgson landing the England job was the exact opposite. West Brom are safe. Hodgson likes Arsenal. Hodgson needs Arsenal to be onside, as he will need our young England players in his new role. That does not mean that he will go easy on us, he is a professional, but it does at least mean that he is not rabidly baying for our blood, as some others might. Final-day matches are often quite random. You can get some goal-fests and crazy results, plus some real flat affairs. There will be one nuts result this weekend. Don’t be surprised for example if Blackburn go and win at Chelsea.

    I have banged on all season – in fact, I do it most seasons – that this is a 38-game season. Not 26, or 34, or even 37, it’s 38. That is both reassuring and dangerous. It can work for you, it can work against you. After 37 games we are 3rd, after 38 games we could be 5th, but if you are reasonably in control then you can use each game better than most of your rivals and are more able to make those games count. And every game counts, because every point counts and frankly every goal. Sets of results can feel powerful, from one week to the next, but the only meaningful league table is the final league table.

    In a 38-game season it is often amazing how powerful an effect football irony can play. We are in danger of losing a top-four finish because of shoddy personal results and the form of Newcastle. The Spurs resurgence has been mild but we can’t ignore it, or them. Yet factors have managed to leave us still in 3rd place as we approach WBA and may help to leave us there. Liverpool beat Chelsea, which means that Chelsea cannot now catch us, but which also means that Everton have extra motivation to beat Newcastle on the final day, to finish above Liverpool. So Newcastle are likely not to win at Everton, which they need to do to overhaul us.

    Similarly, a Spurs final-day win puts us in jeopardy but they face Fulham, who are not only rather tasty when they feel like it, but their manager is former Spurs boss Martin Jol, who was jettisoned rather summarily by Spurs and is likely to relish sticking a fat pointy pin in their unpredictable balloon. We could fail to win at WBA and still finish third.

    But, like I say, I expect Sunday’s match to be a microcosm of all things currently Arsenal and that, after some likely crazy and scary moments, I feel confident that we will manage to be in the lead when the final whistle goes, most likely saved once again by Robin van Persie. I have had no fear all season about finishing above Spurs or finishing in the top four and I am not about to start now. So wear two pairs of pants if you must, but please don’t poop yourself too much, we’re probably going to be alright.

  • Andrew

    @ fenno1

    Well said! I for one will be wearing three sets of trousers.

  • Andrew

    Andrew wrote:

    @ fenno1

    Well said! I for one will be wearing three sets of pants..