No matter what anyone says, we owe Man City some sort of revenge…

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing them lost – well actually, I do get a lot of satisfaction from Chelsea losing… and even more from Sp*rs losing, but hey, I’m getting sidetracked here…


Ah yes, Man City, Money Bags City…

And the worst part about City? They actually have players that I like to watch – in Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Johnson and Hart, they have five players, who as a football fan, I like to watch – and that’s annoying. A few years ago, when Chelsea started to try and buy the world, they filled up their team with players who no one really liked to watch, who’d care about Lampard, Drogba etc?

But we are the Arsenal, and we hate Man City. They pipped us to 3rd last season and then nicked Samir Nasri from us… and now after a season of mediocracy from them, they’re now after our prized possession in Robin Van Persie.

Arsenal vs Man City, Sunday 8th April, 4pm

Sunday is the day, a day whereby we’ll field our strongest team, a game where we’ll have to be on top of our game and a game where we can ill afford to lose. We should go into the game with one thing on our mind… revenge... the will to win.

Robin Van Persie has been inspirational this season and he’ll surely lead the line. Arsene talked about his performance this season and how he instills confidence in other players:

“I must say Robin van Persie has done an outstanding job of leading the team, as have many players – people like Vermaelen, Arteta, Song, Sagna – I don’t want to leave people out but the senior players have played a big part in setting the tone in the squad. It keeps the spirit high. When you are suffering, you are ready to suffer a little bit more knowing that you just have to find one chance and there is a guy there who can win us the game.”

The starting line up should contain all the senior players – Song at 24 is considered a senior player – and he has raised his game up this season that is for sure.

The line up? Surely it picks itself – but I would like to see either Oxlade or Gervinho deployed down the left flank. As much as I like Rosicky and Ramsey, they should not be on the pitch at the same time if we’re playing Song & Arteta:


Sagna – Koscielny – Vermaelen – Gibbs

Arteta – Song

Walcott – Rosicky – Gervinho

Van Persie

For this one, I’d leave Ramsey and Oxlade on the bench and bring them in if we need them / when we need them… For Man City, they’ll have Aguero back for this one and will pretty much be at full strength, but we are the Arsenal, we’ve got our first team raring to go – we owe them one, and I think the crowd will be jeered up for this one…

Revenge my friends, revenge!

3 points, my friends, 3 points…

Til tomorrow…

  • SpeedDemon

    I’d love to beat Man City and get revenge on them!
    Much prefer if United won the title!!!

  • pilan

    its intresting really, the whole cup or 4th debate. Wenger said it about 18 months ago and got killed for it. I think i am in a minority here, but i would rather have CL football than win a trophy, if i had the choice of a FA cup or Carling cup or a place in the CL it wouldnt cross my mind. Sure winning a trophy is great, but NOTHING will come close to nights like that one against Madrid in ’06, Barcelona last year, even Milan this year. That buzz knowing youve beaten the best team in the world. That goal in the Champions League final still sends a tingle down my spine when i see it. Sure we get bantered and told how many years its been and you dont get medals for finishing in the top 4, but as a soley fan point of view i want the likes of Barcelona and AC Milan and Real Madrid coming, and playing us. From a sponsorship point of view as a sponsor id rather have my brand exposed all over Europe and in the San Siro or Nou Camp opposed to winning a carling cup. And as a player surely you want to play on those european nights? Want to play against Steven Carr in the carling cup final or Leo Messi in the Nou Camp? I dont know what you guys think, a place in the top 4 or a cup?

  • kiki


    I’d like to have both! And I think we have the quality to do it.

    Mmm, but if I would have to choose, I would tend to agree with you and want Arsenal to make it into the Champions League for the same reasons that you’ve stated. I’m not sure, but I think financially (with TV revenue, gate tickets, etc.), it would be more beneficial to qualify for Champions League than winning the cup not that Arsenal is in dire need of money.

  • Vazy

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRTETA! What a goal! Great Result!!

  • Vazy

    also was anyone else amused that we started doing the Poznan?

  • Berth

    Good game, good goal, good team work, Van persie is desperate for GOAL. Hope he gets one soon

  • shard

    Football has become so cut throat. 4 months ago Mancini was a genius. He’s made some mistakes and now many say he should be sacked. Dalglish has had a bad campaign and signed poorly but last year when he joined he was a saviour and hero… While it’s understandable that if you don’t perform then you’re likely to be criticised but can a few months really be justifiable to sack someone who is loved or respected? AVB at Chelsea is another example. Sure he was doing poorly but he was so highly regarded when signed. Let’s assume these managers were all performing badly, what if a year down the line they turned it around? Ferguson has had fans turn their backs on him ( stupid minority I’m sure) every time it looks like united are not performing, yet look at how when given time to improve and adjust, he always finds the winning formula. Wenger would have been sacked two months ago if the majority of gunners had their say. I don’t blame them but look how well he has turned it around… My point isnt that all of the managers named above deserve to go or stay… It’s just frightening how little time you are given to build a dynasty. Many would question if Mancini ever had the pedigree for this type of project but City’s first half of the campaign was breath taking, at times their style was second only to Barca… Once a new season begins, fans are excited and what seemed like hell the year before is suddenly the opportunity for a fresh start… Given a summer to transform Chelsea, AVB may have built a superb team. Mancini may go on to dominate the premiership for a decade. There is just no patience anymore… This doesn’t apply to villa fans and mcleish because he has always been a massive disaster and his brand is awful everywhere.

  • Berth

    The spurs lost today. Good news for u.