QPR v Arsenal. Match preview.

So we take on QPR in less than half an hour. Just a quick one to let you know the line-up:

We’ve got Szczesny in goal, and with Koscielny back, we’ve got our first choice(?) back four in Sagna, Kos, Vermaelen and Gibbs.

In midfield, after a bit of confusion, we’ve got Song, Arteta, Ramsey, with Rosicky and Walcott supporting Van Persie.

We’re on a fabulous run at the moment, in the league- 7 wins in a row! We can make it 8 in a row away at QPR, but like any away game, it won’t be easy. But with that line-up, we’ve got every chance!

Chelsea are in action same time as us, and hopefully come full-time, our 8-point lead should still be there, and if possible, increased, as Chelsea are away at Villa.

Spurs are in action tomorrow, home to Swansea. A six-point gap will surely put pressure on them, so hopefully we take all three today, and they drop some!

Who would have thunk it, a couple of months ago, that third place would be ours to lose!? Fingers crossed we don’t lose it!

8 minutes to go until kick-off now. Come on ARSENAL!

  • arrrin

    somethings dont change-thought QPR worked hard, but we lost the game due to the fact we played poorly rather than them playing well.

  • hem

    I just dont understand why our players become complacent just becuase they’ve been on a great winning run. Surely, after 7 years without winning a trophy and the terrible performances earlier in the season they should treat each match as a chance to prove themselves. Today, they played without commitment and seemed to expect to win just by turning up, they dont seem to learn that every game in the premiership is going to be difficult and the attitude has to be right. Interesting to hear Wenger’s post match comments- he seemed pretty annoyed and fed-up by the attitude of some of our players. Ramsey shouldn’t have played and Song yet again went missing againts a ‘lesser’ side- this is a recurring problem with Song- he just doesnt seem up for it in these games- but these are exactly the games where you need your DM to be solid. I just hope this does not derail all the good work of the last few weeks, Chelski and Spuds have a much easier run-in and we probably need to win at least six of our last 7 games to get CL football next season

  • jimmy

    Complacency. One way to overcome this is to have a talented and hungry bench. We have a big squad but not a talented and hungry bench. Seriously, for example, who available is pushing Song for a place? TV and Koscielny know that as long as they are fit then they will play. Djorou will not be pushing them. Certainly not Squillaci. We only have a couple of positions where there is some competition, as for the rest the team basically picks itself. Therein lies part of the problem. Anyway, let’s gear up for City and beat a team above us.

  • shard

    tough weekend. I knew the hunt for 3rd was far from over but didnt expect the punch in the gut that this weekend was, losing against relegation fodder with Chelsea and Spurs winning. Vermaelen may have had his second shocker of a game for the season but i cant help but feel we were let down by players all over the park. I’ve been very loud in my support of Songs performances this season but he couldnt be bothered with the dirty bits on sat, thats the issue you have with a talented DM who can do a job further up the field, they start to lack the passion for the grimy work behind. Our front three were not great either and i’ll agree that Ramsey on the left didnt work this time. I whisper it quietly but RVP seems to have gone off the boil a tad, his control and approach work is still sublime but over the last few games, his shooting boots when in good positions havent been polished. Still, as others have said, perhaps we needed this before a huge April. The most expensive squad in PL history followed by Wolves playing without pressure (they know theyre down), followed by Wigan fighting tooth and nail for survival followed by one of our 2 major competitors and finishing with Stoke who hate us as much as we hate them. Brutal battles ahead! We’ll either crumble under the pressure or emerge from the rubble, weary exhausted but successful. I think we’ve got enough to put another run together and seal 4th but if we let spurs slip back in now, we’ll never hear the end of it, hopefully Sunderland can do us a favour on the weekend while Chelsea’s European adventure means rotation. We’ve stupidly given both an opening but we just need to slam the door shut now. Typical of Arsenal to do it the hardest way possible!

  • Berth

    The team has loads of **s holes. But a team that could get 7 wins in a roll and are no united, barcelona or Real.M can do so again. If we beat Man city we finish third as simple as that.