Old school routine win and my Vblog debut!

Morning Gooners,

All is quite chilled in the world of Arsenal and believe me this is not a bad thing given the season we’ve had so far!

Aston Villa:

‘Easy win’, invented by Stelios ,the pioneer of the easy no frills concept. I remember games at Highbury between 2002 and 2006 where we would turn up to a game, simply beat a team, barely breaking a sweat and everyone would go home happy. The game on Saturday came pretty close to the old Highbury ‘Easy Win’ feeling.

Kieran Gibbs got his first premier league goal for the club, many seems to have forgotten his goal against Shrewsbury in the Carling cup earlier in the season which was is first goal generally. Shay Given will feel he should have done better but with the number of times he’s had ‘a game of a lifetime’ against us, I don’t think anyone was complaining too loud. Gibbs is steadily improving and growing in confidence having spent a pre-longed period out. His positional sense at times is questionable but his ability to get forward is that of a left winger playing left back… which is exactly what he and every left back previously have been! A number have questioned why AOC has been benched in recent games, my part theory is that Le Boss is nervous about Gibbs and AOC playing down the same wing while both are settling into first team life.

However on the opposite wing, has anyone else noticed the improvement in recent performances by Theo now he’s got the best right back in the country behind him again? Theo knows he can drive forward and rely on the guy behind him to protect any gaps that may be left. Not only that, Sagna is a threat himself going forward and is working in tandem with Theo… ok, I’ll calm down now and summarise with; Our right and side is f*cking excellent!!

The next goal came from our ‘defensive’ midfielder popping up with another assist and yet again it was a loft pass over the Villa defence which Theo ran on to, side foot first touch and then a calm right foot pass into the bottom corner. Beautiful, it really was. The ball, touch and finish all in the blink of an eye.

Villa huffed and puffed but they, like Everton previous to them, were not able to register a shot on target. Poor Szcz!!

The final strike was left to Arteta who riffled in a free kick into the opposite corner where Given was positioned. I’d love to know how fast that ball was travelling when it hit the top corner. The goal was scored in the 2nd minute of injury time and the game was easily won but have a look at the photo I took below;


Smells team spirit...


Every single outfield player came to the far corner to celebrate the goal with Arteta. Arteta went on to talk about the spirit himself:

“To be honest I was really surprised with the spirit when I came here – even when we were down it was so good,”

In other news…

Wenger doesn’t think Milan will cut it versus Barca:

“I know Milan very well; they play very well as far as collective work is concerned, but I do not think they are up to the task of winning the trophy,”

“Everyone looks at Milan with respect, but I think they have no chance of winning the Champions League.”


Some may say sour grapes. I wouldn’t, Wenger Knows.

The Arsenal website has a very comical spoof documentary on the evolving hair of Carl Jenkinson… even the website is enjoying a laugh right now!



Next up Arsenal is a trip to QPR. Another London derby and with Barton and Hughes in the mix it won’t be easy. The good news is Cisse is suspended (again) but with Le Boss hinting at resting RVP, who was out of sorts on Satruday, we will need to be at our sharpest. Big game once again.


And finally..

I played in the annual Arseblog 5-asides and for the 3rd time in 6 years, my team won the tournament. It was another fantastic effort by the Arseblog community in memory of our old friend Furq. After the game the lovely Hayley Wright (@hayleywright) interviewed me and others for her video blog. Enjoy!



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  • Berth

    Good stuff Tottz. Hope the odds for the game on Saturday ends in our favour

  • SpeedDemon

    AMAZING! Awesome blog mr Tottz!

    Did Arsene really say that about Milan?

  • devday

    Excellent stuff my dear matey…!

    Good point our right side – Theo’s recent performances directly related to the return of Sagna. I think Theo also had a bit of a slump in form which has been corrected, confidence back and he is flying now. Interesting to see if he can maintain it for the rest of the season. If he can, he will only get better next…


    I can see Wenger not letting AOC and Gibbs start together, I think as good as AOC is there is literally no rush and I think with Gibbs not being the best positionally then you’d want someone whos able to track back and help out

    as for RVP, he genuinely does need a break- but you literally cannot put it on Gervs and Cham away from home to get the job done, so this will be interesting, I do think that maybe he should have gone off last weekend after about 70-75 mins, especially with us quite comfortable at the time

  • Tottz

    Thank you for all your kind comments.

    Speed Demon; Wenger really did say that. I’m sure there was more to the quote but that was what was reported. Barca won’t fold the way did in the San Siro.

    Con-Man; good shout on RVP playing the full 90 again on Sat. It’s not the first time he’s been kept on when the game is won… Are Chamakh and Park really that bad?

  • shard

    @tottz – Yes.


    @Tottz I ask myself the same! I thought Park might be quite decent…i think sat was a perfect chance for him to get on, at home, 2-0 up, not too much pressure to really do anything, just hold the ball up

  • prime

    i think its time for chamakh to start and proof something

  • shard

    why should we rest rvp? he only plays once a week? or we resting him for nhe euros? just like JW? Hopeflly england get thumped out of the tournament early