He’s one of our own.

Morning Gooners,

First of all apologies for the absence (for those that even noticed!), I turned 30 last Tuesday, only one year contract extensions for me now!

On to the football, the Newcastle game seems an age ago now but I don’t think the smile has been wiped off any Gooner faces. A last minute winner is the sweetest way to get a winner but Vermaelen’s winner was quite simply orgasmic. The majority of the crowd were still in their seats urging the team on for one more attack… I just remember Gibbs winning the ball back, the attack quickly broke to the right and the world stopped as Theo’s crossed just bobbled off a head in the middle… TV5 managed to hook his right leg around the ball and then pandemonium broke out! Football is amazing; it’s beautiful, from the moment where the world stopped as the ball fell to TV5 and by the time it had hit the net the next 2 minutes is a complete blur of running, cheering, screaming, hugging and kissing familiar strangers. Once we’d tried to calm down, it was kicking off on the pitch but we didn’t care. The scarves went up for a spine tingling version of ‘We’re by far the greatest team…’. Turning 30 the next morning, I enjoyed a couple of three post match drinks at the Tollington pub; the pub was absolutely packed and singing like it was a Saturday 3pm match. Simply beautiful.

9 days on, Everton away. Arsenal go into the game with an odd record to be proud of; 4 wins in a row after going behind. I’m all for mental strength and bouncebackability but I rather just not go behind in the first place! Never the less, we go into the game full of beans and confidence. 1 point behind whoever is 3rd place, we have it all to play for and momentum on our side. However, Everton are on a bit of a run themselves and have beaten Chelsea, City and Tottnum at home this season. No official team news due to no press conference taking place yesterday but I expect an unchanged team from the Newcastle game. Everton have a few injuries to worry about after their Cup draw vs Sunderland but let’s not get distracted by that.

Our record has been strong there in recent years but complacency against a resurgent Everton side would be disastrous. The team

know they’ll be in for a battle but if Theo and Rosicky keep up their recent good form they can reduce the burden from RVP and give Everton plenty to think about.

In other news, is this our new away kit? Erm hope not but with Nike anything and colour is possible.


No Thanks.


The last word for this week’s blog goes to Fabrice Muamba. A lot has already been said and written about the events that unfolded on Saturday but it will be a moment in English football that some may never forget. I was walking to a pub and caught up with the story on twitter, by the time I had entered the pub the game had been abandoned and ESPN were replaying the faces of the crowd and both sets of players. My heart instantly sunk. Yes, Muamba was an ex-Arsenal player and a good guy but this was a player I had seen score against us in the Carling Cup just months ago, how could this be happening?

The severity of the situation was tangible by the outpouring of emotion and concern by friends of mine and those on twitter. It’s a cliché but the footballing world has come together. Yes there will always be c*nts out there (‘trolling’ I’ve been told it’s called) but the support for the Congo born Bolton based lad has been simply amazing. For all the bullsh*t play acting, handbags and cheating we see every week; fans and teams up and down the country have united to support Fabrice Muamba. Sometimes I really do love football.

After having a cardiac arrest on the pitch the Tottenham and Bolton medical staff worked on Muamba on the pitch and Dr Deaner, a Tottenham fan (and my hero for the week) was allowed on to the pitch as a cardiologist to ensure Muamba was in the best hands. From updates today about Muamba talking in French and English to visitors, Dr Deaner and the medical staff have saved this guys life. I really don’t care who they support but I salute you.


Fabrice Muamba, I saw you score at the Emirates earlier this season (judging by your celebration you really seemed to enjoy it too!), I would LOVE to see you score against the Arsenal again soon.

Come on The Arsenal, do it for one of our own.


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  • ArseManual

    Great blog mr tottz!

  • ArseManual

    Tonight’s game is huge!

  • shard

    As bad as it sounds, real Arsenal fans prefer Manure to nick the EPL ahead of shittey. Good they don’t have to play us anymore.

    This is to winning all our remaining games…

    Glad to see Santos back, Gibbs is doing very well and I guess Santos will have to play from the bench till he can prove to be better. I don’t ever want to see Vermaelen in left back again. We really need speed at the back(sorry BFG).
    Gervinho is trying to show Wenger he wants to be on the right or maybe he prefers to be swapping wings more often. I’ve noticed he puts in better effort when he plays on the right.
    Walcott is more of a threat than Gervinho, but seriously, the Ox seems more up for it performance and attitude wise than both of them.
    I’ve told us about Rosicky already…
    Song Song Song, maybe I should start singing…He often interchanged with Arteta, but Arteta was the main DM on the night…
    Arteta bossed the midfield and showed real attitude, my only problem with him is that he runs more than how he makes the ball run…I’ve said this before, he should take a cue from how Rosicky turns when players are on him…
    Sagna and Gibbs are really back to form…
    Keeper and VP are perfect…apart from a lack of cover and supply respectively, they are individually responsible for their areas and they are marshalling their positions perfectly…
    Defense has always been perfect…the Newcastle goal was as lucky as any we will ever see.

    Finally, my main problem with the team is that we have to bring up/out different modes/chains of supply to the frontline to enhance our scoring chances.
    I wish we could work more on perfect through-balls, diagonal-balls, sideways-balls, one on one chances, finishing. Right now, we are just four good players away from knocking on the doors of UCL finals next season. Is Magreed that good? I beg to differ…they just have lots of players that can run very fast and shoot accurately…didn’t stop them loosing home and away to Barca in the SPL. I don’t care how fast or how accurate you can shoot, a clean through-pass is a more valuable asset to any football team. How do you score without the ball? When we beat Barca, by divine providence we had Wilshere as DM, FABs as CM, Nasri as ACM, we had three strikers in front of them too. The attacking potential was there, but we still had the quality passes from deep…passes from people who could shoot accurately too if they got into those positions…this is the difference…

  • hem

    Fantastic win away from home against a solid Everton side.

    Cracking set of results elsewhere for us as well. Fuck off you Spurs!

  • hem

    We wewr brilliant for 15-20 mins and should have put the game to bed in that time. After that, it was a bit backs against the wall, although we still had chances in the second half to kill the game off, but wasted them.

    Yes, we were mighty lucky that Everton had a goal ruled out wrongly for offside in the first half, but we also had a clear penalty appeal turned down in the second when Rosicky was fouled.

    It’s the sort of game where we’d have conceded an equaliser in the past, but the defence were outstanding tonight and the spirit of the whole side is definitely improving in my opinion.

  • hem

    Rosicky should have been kept in the middle, why change it when it works so well for him.

    Everton unlucky with disallowed goal.

    We need to convert pressure to goals, and more importantly learn how to control games. We were on top then let Everton back into it.

    I really look forward to when Coquelin returns to put Song under pressure, we give the ball away too easily

  • jimmy

    115790What a win, where most top teams around us have failed recently, we were superb and the boys deserve a hell of a lot of praise for getting through that game without conceding.. Well done boys!! 3rd IN THE LEAGUE GOONERS!!!