All Hail Van Persie…

Our form is a so variable, we are becoming very unpredictable. Before the start of the Liverpool game, the commentators literally said “I wonder which Arsenal will turn up”… Our form changes through out the game too – one minute we look like we’re in total control, but the next minute, we look like we can concede any time the opposition go forward.

When you look at the squad, you don’t know why we have such inconsistency. We have had such a disrupted squad in the last couple of months, going from no full backs to no centre backs. Even in yesterday’s game, Diaby’s short appearance, Oxlade playing in the middle etc – it does make for a consistent outcome… One thing is for sure – having a Gibbs and Sagna in our team does make a huge difference… Will the Arsenal ever have a consistent team playing week in and week out, I don’t know.

However, we do have Robin Van Persie.

And that means, even against the run of play, we always have a chance. A chance that we can score. RvP’s form has been sensational this season and his two goals from two shots yesterday – both sublime in different ways. Accolades have to be given to Alex Song and Bacary Sagna for two excellent assists – both players scoring 8 out of 10 in the post game player ratings.

Arsene spoke on RvP after the game…

I must say we will do anything to keep him. I cannot say much more because I have said that many times. I am very proud that he has grown after having seen him arriving here timid, and today being the player and leader he has become. He is playing under big pressure in every game because he knows he has to score. He has shown exceptional development, not only as a player but as a human being. He is up there with the best players in the world.

If we do lose RvP this summer, I am sure there will be a fans backlash. As a team, I am pretty sure we can’t afford to lose him. We need to build a team around him. The boy has scored 31 goals this season – in our worst season – and that says something.

Arsene confirmed what RvP said after the game – it wasn’t one of our best games – but we have to dig deep and the moment of quality from Robin proved the difference.

It was vital for us to win the game. Liverpool had a very good first half and we were not in the game – what was flattering for us was to be 1-1 at half time. The second half was much more level. We had some good chances as well, they had maybe one from Martin Kelly. But they had no clear-cut chances in the second half. They had to win the game, and we know that we have Van Persie who can deliver something special. Overall it was not one of our best games, but we refused to give in and we played as well as we could. Our goalkeeper and centre forward made the difference.

With Sp*rs losing at United today, there is a real possibility that we could catch them – we are fourth on 49 points and Sp*rs are 3rd on 53 points. Personally, I didn’t think we’d be anywhere near them at all, but the results have gone our way more recently and suddenly we can look up instead of down the table.

We have Milan midweek in a game that is all but lost. We have quite a few injuries at the moment too, with Arteta, Diaby, Wilshre, Ramsey, Rosicky, Benayoun, Djourou, Squillaci, Mertersacker and Gibbs all out injured. So we’ll have to look at playing a slightly different team and / or formation…

We look decimated after the game. I don’t know who will be available on Tuesday night. Maybe I will play with six strikers as we have to score goals!

At least the boss has got a sense of humour. But whoever we play on Tuesday night, it is going to be an uphill struggle. Scoring 4 past Milan is not going to be easy, well we’ll have to score 5 to win. And not concede!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Milan preview… but for the moment, enjoy the rest of the weekend. Arsenal win, Liverpool, Chelsea and Sp*rs all lose.

Adios for now….

  • http://nil Edwin Arsenal

    You have said it all. My okrika people in Nigeria’ll say” kòkòbéré.” meaning true talk.

  • SpeedDemon

    It’s awesome to have a player like Van Persie in the team. I’d really like to see another 3 players – word class playmaker definitely needed – world class defender too. And then of course, the return of Jack Wilshere.

    This summer will be a big summer in terms of our future, if we lose RvP, we can say goodbye to our future!

  • sean

    I’m quite sure there were quite a few spuds who came on here in December and said that it is possible for them to “Mathematically” win the league.LoL…The fact of the matter is Spurs just like us in previous years don’t have the pedigree to achieve success.They bottle it in big games which matter the most.Please don’t give the injure excuse for today because I thought Spuds had a strong squad.I don’t think they will win trophies for years to come because United and city will prove too strong for them,Not to mention chelsea,Liverpool and Arsenal can have perform more consistently next time.Well done United today.I told you this would be the most interesting race to the premier league title now.The only tough job you’ve got is City now while I’m sure City will drop those two extra points in the coming games.

  • lance

    After a win like this at Anfield the first thing that came into my head was “underserved”, “robbery”, “papering over the cracks”, “Diaby should never play again” (yes we had one idiot who posted that). NOT!. First emotion of any AFC fan was pure joy. I mean how many times have we had games where we dominate a half and come up with nothing? The very same people would nag about our team and manager on those games where they admit we have chances but seemingly it counts for nothing if we don’t score and grab the 3 points. Someone has so much hate that they felt the need to mention we beat a weak Liverpool team – well aren’t we the first this season to do that at Anfield? Credit has to go to the team for the last two games alone. Finally again this week, just due to the win another dive will get swept under the rugs. Our ESPN team said a penno all the way until at the beginning of the second half when replays clearly show it a dive. The double standard was never clearer when Ian Darke say to McManaman “I think it’s fair to say that any striker in that position would have gone down” Oh my, nobody makes me sicker than these people apart from our own haters here.