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“One day at a time–this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful it will be worth remembering.”  – Anon.



“Remember who you are, what you are and who you represent.” – David Rocastle.




  • eric

    Interesting to see that poldolski could be on his way although it is paper talk. I would hope that as it looks like Chamakh, Vela and Bendtner will be sold we will bring in the German and then hopefully get early permits for either Wellington-Silva or Joel Campbell or hopefully both! Then with one of those try and do what we did for Ryo and that’s get 6 months of arsenal training in him with our amazing facilities and training a long RVP and loan either Campbell or Silva to a premier league club. I would love to see Subotic bought as well but I think we need to get in the queue and the clubs ahead of us will pay him silly wages so could be unlikely.

  • Leroy

    I re-watched the whole match on Sunday night, if only just to see the moment again when RvP made fools of the whole Spurs midfield (which was somewhat criminally left off Match of the Day). It remains somewhat all a bit too dreamland-esque to compose an article of substance. I’m still singing the slow version of “We won the league at S**tehart Lane”. There is so much to enjoy from this win that we should all take our time and savour it. And I’m sure some bitter, twisted Spurs fans will come to you this week and quietly muster, in response to the devastation of their team, how RvP will depart in the summer. Well, just remind them that no matter how precarious RvP’s contract situation is, he remains arguably far more likely to stay at the Arsenal then Adebayor, Modric and Redknapp look to be staying at Spurs.

    If this was the game where we pulled it all back from the brink, then next week at Anfield has to be where we show we are capable of reproducing such magic. Liverpool will be buoyed from their cup final win but with Spurs at United it will be a huge opportunity for us. Whilst we are speaking of very fortunate Wembley wins, Birmingham City are no longer Carling Cup holders. The past year has never really improved upon that day until now. And although none of us believes that fourth is a trophy, coming back from the dead during our worst campaign in well over a decade to topple Spurs to finish third… well that is not a trophy either, but it would be a hell of a lot of fun!

    Have a fantastic week; North London is ours… of course it always has been!

  • shard

    There is a malaise around the squad, a lack of confidence and success that has crept in from as far back as Vieira’s departure, and that has intensified since our loss to Birmingham in the Carling Cup Final. So bad is this mentality, that I never regard us as likely to hold onto the supposed cushion of a two-goal lead until I hear the final whistle. Something unthinkable seven years ago. I believe Wenger has badly mismanaged this squad, and gambled recklessly in two key areas of the pitch, and, to a lesser extent, in a third position.

    The first is defensive midfield, where he failed to replace Vieira’s prowess. Vieira was as much a box-to-box player as a pure defensive midfielder, but his influence on a game was immense. Flamini was superb in 2007 -2008, but otherwise no single Arsenal player has been a physical and intimidating midfield force since 2005. Song has his moments, and can tackle well, but he is very much an all-round midfielder and does not dominate games to the level needed.

    In the tidy Coquelin and the competitive Frimpong we may have two candidates to take over the role of midfield enforcer to a high level. I certainly hope they reach that peak, but, as fans, we have suffered the absence of such a player for too long.

    The other key area of mismanagement has been up front. Aside from van Persie, we have no effective goal-scorer. This was clear at the end of last season, yet nothing was done to redress it over the summer – a terrifying gamble on the fitness of our fecund, yet brittle, Dutch striker. Chamakh is woeful, Park is such a fringe player he might as well work for Vidal Sassoon, and the promising but unproven Afobe has been injured since the summer. It is a near criminal situation.

    Thirdly, we had lacked a decent goalkeeper for too long until last season. Almunia produced good form on occasion, but he should not have been first choice at a club like ours for so long. Szczesny is good, but behind him is a collection of average players and unproven youth. A goalkeeper appears less likely to have a lengthy absence through injury as a striker, so it seems not as big a concern as up front, but it is not a great situation either.

    Such glaring faults should not have been left unremedied, and they are why I want a new boss for next season.

  • JDD

    I think there is a yid amongst us

    ‘shard’ do you realise we beat the scum 5-2! from 2-0 down we came back to win 5-2 very convincingly.

    yes we have problems but really who gives a shit we gave the scum a beating

    Kind Of North London!

  • lance

    : get news from the website, Djourou and Ramsey out this weekend Rosicky and RVP fit!

  • shard

    Regarding Poldoski also I think if we get him he’ll become an animal. I believe he’s the selfish player we’ve been dying to have for so long. No passing if he’s in the box just shoot and its in the net more often than not. Hopefully with his Polish compatriots and German colleague we can persuade him to come. The manger also said he wouldn’t block a move should Poldoski decide to leave but also said he knows more than the journalists one could assume that he’s already made his mind up to leave