Sunderland 1 – 2 Arsenal: Henry’s farewell gift…

Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle all lost this weekend; it’s not going to happen every week. Normally when it does happen, we fail to win… and for large parts of yesterday it felt like that. Everton 2-0 against Chelsea, United having beaten Liverpool earlier in the day and Newcastle away at Sp*rs later in the day – and we couldn’t capitalise… until of course, the last minute of the game. Oh yeah, who’s the daddy? Thierry Henry. And what an impact the player has had – the winner against Leeds in the FA cup and now the winner against Sunderland to turn 1 point into 3.

The starting XI saw the return of Sagna, but outside of that, it was status quo – Oxlade ahead of Arshavin from the start.


Sagna – Mertersacker – Koscielny – Vermaelen

Arteta – Song

Walcott – Rosicky – Oxlade

Van Persie

Sunderland under Martin O’Neill have been good, in fact, they’ve been in a crazy run of form. So, the fears were there that we could be turned over. On the 70th minute, we went behind to a McClean goal after Per Mertersacker inadvertently broke his ankle. Arsene announced after the game that Mertersacker will out for a while…

It was unfortunate. Mertesacker told me that he got a shot in his ankle and couldn’t move at all anymore. We are a bit worried about his ankle I must say because he goes home on crutches. He has done some ligament damage, but how big that is we will have to check tomorrow. For sure he is out for Wednesday.

And at 1-0 down, it was doom and gloom. Ramsey on for Mertersacker and a reshuffle of players – Henry having already come on for Oxlade, and it was 20 minutes get an equaliser. But we didn’t have to wait that long… as with 5 minutes, the Welsh wizard got us back into the game with a striker from distance. The ball hitting both posts before crossing the line. 1-1. Suddenly there was a thought that we could actually go on to win it… but time was running out…. 10 mins to go…. 5 minutes to go… into stoppage time… But then…

2-1 to the Arsenal.

What can be said? Henry with the winner. Wow. Awesome. Fairytale stuff.

He finished the story of the legend today in the championship; I hope he will add some in the Champions League on Wednesday now. It might haunt me again because then people will say ‘why did he not stay?’ It just shows you as well that these players never lose it. Exceptional talent survives. You have that with Giggs and Scholes at Manchester United and Thierry here. It is just a luxury to have a player like him on the bench.

Enjoy the victory…. no more words from me today. I’ll be back tomorrow for some more reflection.

But for now, we’re 4th… suddenly things look a little better.

  • bergChamp

    I wish we had Henry for the rest of the season!
    See what a bit of strength in depth can do, Arsene?

  • afc4life

    Things are looking much better.
    If we are in crisis, then what are Chelsea and Liverpool in?

  • Leroy

    It will be a tight finish to the end – just praying we can get JW back asap.

  • fenno1

    a fantastic win from the pleased for rambo,he looked pretty good when he came on.the one thing i liked about the goal was he didn’t celebrate it,he just run back as if to say to his team,c’mon now lets get the winner. what can you say about god henry.i’ve run out of words about the greatest ever afc player.the man epitomises everything about my support for this great,great club of ours.i’d keep him forever,he’s a genius a a time when the football fan feels he’s being disrespected by the modern day footballer,well henry gives you hope that they do care about the guy/ girl on the streets.someone asked me once who would i most like to meet out of my two biggest heroes,afc or the boss bruce springsteen.henry would just beat the boss on that one,just because of the way he conducts himself on and off the field.a modern day icon of that there is no doubt.i’m already pining about his departure back to new york.legend,legend,legend.

  • Pires

    Gervinho is coming back as the African cup of nations finally finished….

  • Kodjo

    Kudos to Arshavin…was really happy for him

  • Berth

    Guys check dis out.

    Why Is It That Every Time Aaron Ramsey Of Arsenal Fc Scores, A Celebrity Dies?

    Ramsey scored vs Manchester United – Bin Laden died

    Ramsey scored vs Tottenham – Steve Jobs died

    Ramsey scored vs Marseille – Gaddafi died

    Ramsey scored vs Sunderland – Whitney Houston died

    Thank God he dosent have Robin Van Persie’s skills.

    Just heard again that when Ramsey broke his leg, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit Chile. choi

    Ramsey Please, continue giving assists.

    Only God knows what will happen if he decides to stop football.

  • jeff -fulham

    Whinger is tired. Also involved too much in the Business of Arsenal because he has now made so much money and making alot of money seperates the men from the boys. The Fergies, Joses want TROPHIES and are not happy unless they get them that is very clear. Whinger is too easily acceptant of 2nd best he always was and always will be. prides himself on being calm, tolerant and oh well tommorrow is another day. WHAT CRAP. HE IS NOT A WINNER. HE SHOULD BE PUT OUT TO PASTURE WITH THANKS. WE NEED A HUNGRY YOUNG BUCK LIKE THE ONE WHO ARRIVED IN 1986 AND 1996 RESPECTIVELY. –