Bin bag protest. What a whole load of rubbish! (Sorry!)

If like me you spend a good amount of time on Twitter, you might have woken up to tweets about bin bags, and wondered what on earth was going on! Are the bin men on strike? Did someone have an unfortunate encounter with a bin bag? All plausible, really. And then you find out that it’s all about a stupid protest.

In the history of protests, it’s got to be the dumbest ever. From what I read- and trust me, I couldn’t even be bothered to delve deep into it- if you’re going to the Blackburn game tomorrow, arm yourself with as many bin bags as your skinny (fat) arms can manage, and if you see any empty seats, be a nuisance and cover up our lovely seats with your trashy bin bags (again, I’m sorry!). It’s some sort of statement apparently, but I can’t quite make it out. Oh, I think I read a tweet about it clearing the garbage out from the club- Gazidis and Wenger. Wish I could find the actual tweet, but I don’t remember who tweeted/retweeted it. Anyways, I hope they remember to take the bin bags back home with them. Don’t want any littering!

I like the approach some have taken on Twitter though, with the hashtag #binbagplayers. Visit the hashtag on twitter if you’re bored and want a laugh. I think arseblog started it, or at least drew people’s attention to it. I see the whole protest as a joke anyways, so why not have some fun with it!? And like someone pointed out, it’s much better than booing, anyways. It’s very maddening though, as we’re just inviting unnecessary pressure onto the team/club, and drawing unwanted media attention to ourselves. I’d much rather the press talk about City losing to Everton, or Harry Redknapp’s trial. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind if they were talking about how absolutely dreadful we were, last match. All of those are important facts, not some bin bag protest by ‘fans’ with nothing constructive to do.

Having said that all, I quite understand that everything is not as we’d like it to be. It’s nowhere near close! People are upset. I’m upset, you’re upset, the players are upset. But I’m pretty sure Arsene is upset too! People always need a way to vent, and unfortunately, some have chosen the disruptive method of the dumping bin bags on seats. They might as well have gone the whole nine yards and dumped proper bin bag contents on the seats. The club is serving up rubbish after all, and we don’t like it, so let’s let them have it!

It is, however, worth noting that we ARE in a mess, and we’d all like it sorted. How is it going to be sorted? I haven’t a clue. Can I help sort it out? Not a chance. But at least I can support the team. I’m not saying be a lapdog and nod at everything. We’re all pretty smart (I’m giving some people the benefit of the doubt, here) and can identify errors, mistakes, whatever, but in whichever way you choose to react, a fundamental question that you should ask yourself is this- am I adding to the problem, or am I doing my best to avoid making a bad situation even worse? If your answer to the first bit is yes, you’ve got to hang your head in shame. Yeah, it’s said that “no pain no gain”, but it’s also said that a house divided against itself will fall. Instead of taking things out on the club, I don’t know, buy a punching bag. Find yourself a Spurs friend and slag them off all you want(okay, maybe that won’t quite work this season), but you get the picture. Oh yeah, someone else on twitter suggested writing letters to the club. I think that’s a cracking idea! Might not get read, mind, but you know, nothing like writing out your deepest feelings to make you understand it all yourself. Okay, maybe not, but you know what I’m getting at here.

Get behind the team, and YES, the manager, and whilst the season is still on, don’t try to be antagonistic. When the season’s done and dusted- not because I’m confident we’ll finish in the tip 4, but because your actions can’t act as distractions- let the gloves come off!

I’ve ended up going on a rant here, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one fed up of the “Arsene Out Brigade”, or whatever various names they go by these days. There’s nothing wrong with having a cause- it’s the way it’s gone about that irks. Who knows, Arsene leaving might be the best thing to happen, but on the flip side, it can equally, if not more so, be the worst thing that can happen. And a it’s not your call, stop throwing a strop because Arsene is still here, okay!?

On a completely unrelated note, we’re ACTUALLY playing a football match tomorrow! Hope we all remember this tomorrow, and by full time, we’ll be talking about glorious 3 points, not bloody bin bags!

  • seyram

    you can do that am not. i now see why wenger has so much power cause people like you will always back him up. i think you have to wake up and see that tha team is going from bad to worse. with fans like you arsenal will surely remain a mediocre team. how many seasons now have we not gotten behind the team and what the hell are they doing with our money? shit bombs is way better than the bin bags and unless wenger is driven out, spurs will always rule north london but i guess you don’t have any pride.

  • Berth

    @ Deb : whatever needs to be done to be heard you do it. Your being upset about the protest makes me feel like you don’t want a change. The bin bag or whatever u call it protest is a way of showing discontent. Who doesn’t want success, maybe you don’t want Deb but fans are fed up of being bitched around.

  • marco senna

    Interesting article Debs.
    You say what the majority of fans think!

  • marco senna

    To todays game though – line up and predictions?

    I think:

    Szsz, sag, verm, kos, gibbs, arteta, song, ramsey, ox, theo, van persie

    Score – 3-0.

  • arsefan101

    Debs – the club do need to process and read every letter, so sending a letter to the club will help… but it won’t achieve anything.

    In reality, we as fans can only show our discontent by not going to games.

  • ashwin

    Chelsea at home to Utd tomorrow, Newcastle at home to Villa and Liverpool at home to Spurs. If Utd, Villa and Spurs can take points from their games, a win for us at Sunderland next week could see us go 4th. Would be a huge lift if we can go into the Milan game in 4th place.

  • ashwin

    By jove,by jove…Wenger popped into his local newsagents last week for his weekly footie mag.”Your usual ‘World Soccer’ Arsene?” asked the shopkeeper.”Non,I’ll try ze ‘Shoot’ magazine if you don’t mind!” replied the beleaguered Gunners’ boss! –

  • harry

    Whilst Blackburn were VERY poor yesterday, we were good. I think that it is this kind of performance that is, in a perverse sort of way, annoying. We all know that the team has the ability not perhaps to win the league, but to at least be there or thereabouts. To go from scoring no goals against Bolton, who have the most woeful defence, and have lost their “best” defender in the last coupple of weeks, to scoring seven against a team that won at old trafford is inexplicable to me! However for those who love to think that they know it all three points: 1) Two years ago there were people on this site that were ANGRY because Arsene Wenger would not spend a bit of money and bring in Chamakh, with him rather waiting to bring the player in on a free. Are those individuals now glad that Wenger didn’t waste that money? things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Look at the money Liverpool and Co have spent, was it £100,000,000 they spents in the summer? and they still do not have an outfield player that they brought with that money that I would want at the Arsenal. 2) There were people on here a few months ago slating Wenger because he had spent money on a player for the future, OX, and we needed a player that would make an impact this season. For those people, from what you have seen thus far, would it have been better to have brought in Mata? I know that both would have been even better, and it annoyed me to distraction that we missed out on him, but the reality is I think, that history will show that we got the better player out of the two! 3) The manager actually has a number of very good players, it is his job to motivate and set them up to achieve what they can. It is OUR job to motivate them too! Is there a reason why 40K people in Sunderland can make more noise than 60K people at the Arsenal?