Arsene Wenger: “It is time for us to wake up and be focused”

Arsene Wenger normally defends his players, looks at the circumstances, the refereeing decisions, so it’s very unlike him to “have a go” at his squad… but that’s exactly what he has done in the last day or two after the defeat at Swansea. I’ll start today’s blog with his quote:

“That’s now twice – at Swansea and at Fulham – where we have given the game away. At our level that is frustrating and not good enough. It is down to a lack of composure and the right decision-making. It is alarming because at Fulham we were 1-0 up and we lost the game. Today we came back to 2-2 and straight away we gave the third goal away. It is really a concern. It is a massive opportunity [next Sunday] because you feel we have given six points away in the last two games in a way that is unbelievable. It is time for us to wake up and be focused – we have a good opportunity to do that against Manchester United.”

Having read that quote first in Sky Sports and then again on the official Arsenal website, I find it refreshing that Arsene is actually saying what we feel… It’s strange though, because he obviously feels like he is not getting enough from these players, but refuses to buy new ones – yes we have a lot of players coming back from injury, but who is to say that they will stay fit – we have 4 full backs, a central defenders, 3 midfieldsers, Gervinho & Chamakh to come back… But that still leaves us short if Van Persie gets injured on February the [insert Henry’s last game date in here].

The worry is the final position and we’re getting further away from 4th than we’d like – and most fans are genuinely worried that we’ll finish behind Sp*rs and outside the top four… I am an external optimist, but even for me this season has been tough… I really do hope Arsene has something up his sleeve, or if not, that our injured players come back and make the massive difference that is much needed…

Tottz is back in the AM for a proper blog, but I thought I’d just leave you with that quote… something to mull about…

As always, stay positive…

  • ZimGooner

    Hate to say this but AW has now lost the plot. He has faith in crap players like Arshavin and Chamakh whilst he frustrates Ox, Park et al. Won’t blame RVP if he leaves!

  • yobra-Kenya

    Arsene should be the one waking up! he is entirely in the slumber land. change is permanent and it should start with him.