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There are some of life’s ‘necessities’ in the 21st century you can not go with out… Sky TV, a telephone line and broadband. Ok I sound a little spoilt but the lack of broadband has prevented me in writing up my usual piece for WOA and I’ve now been reduced to sacrificing my lunch break to get a brief typed up. See what I do for you???!

The Henry love in is in full force, just look at for proof. As someone who was there on Monday night, I can’t blame people for getting carried away. It was a truly magical, fairytale and iconic moment that I will never forget. The moment Henry took to the touchline to warm up, the atmosphere and performance changed. The crowd became vocal, the players upped their game and watching Henry, he was genuinely going through every emotion with the fans. Then came the moment for him to enter the field of play. Leeds managed to keep the ball in play for 3-4 minutes while Henry waited to come on, the crowd were completely distracted, phone/camera flashes were going off all over the ground like that Robbie Williams Nikkon advert and when he finally stepped onto the pitch the place went wild. I tried my best to remember we were still level in the game but it was f*cking awesome to see my hero back in red and white. The goal itself was probably the most memorable moment in the new stadium so far (that’s up for discussion though), a beautiful ball from Song (his 8th assist this season I’ll have you know), and the rest was vintage Henry. Dipping shoulder, right foot curl into the corner… cue the mother of all celebrations. The players, the bench, the crowd went crazy for a good 2 minutes. Szczeny made some smart saves after but the talk, the chants and love was for our new/old
number 12.

This said and enjoyed, we do need to move on and quickly. We have a tough away game at Swansea on Sunday and after the Fulham result the team need to react. The concern is, as always, defensive injuries and goal scoring. Coquelin limped off with a hamstring injury on Monday, Djourou is back from his ban and Mertesacker has been suitably rested. However, we need goals. The goal scoring stats have not been as impressive we’d hope and this puts pressure onto our depleted defence. RVP has delivered above and beyond for the team, while Theo, Arshavin and Ramsey have greatly under delivered. Before the usual comments arrive below about buying strikers and how much cash we’ve got etc etc… I remind you that we only play one striker in this system and that is RVP. Theo is a strong wide player who needs to return to goal scoring form and Ramsey needs to start chipping in like Cesc did before he left.

Gervinho win’s the Captain Obvious award for the day:

 ‘I don’t want the sale of Robin van Persie. Arsenal is a team that needs great footballers and leaders on the field‘

Gervinho has a point and maybe Henry being here for a couple of months will have a positive impact on those with expiring contracts and also players we are looking to sign in the summer. A certain Eden Hazard congratulated Henry on his goal on Monday on twitter, why not congratulated him in person Eden.. on the pitch… wearing a Red and white shirt… with an Arsenal crest… you following me yeah???

Ok, that’s it from me today. For those about to jump on the WOA’s telling the world about a 9 point gap etc etc, it’s January. Chill.

Apologies it’s a brief blog today but I’ll be back soon.

Have a good day.


  • goonerTim

    But we have a BIG gap from 4th (5th) to 3rd. Chelsea, us and Liverpool are fighting out for 1 place now. And I don’t think we’ll get it.

  • afc4life

    Hi Tottz82 – Yes we have RvP and he is our first choice but if Man City can also play this formation but with one extra striker and have 4 quality players here – sometimes 2 or 3 of them play when they need a goal, then surely we need more quality strikers?

  • Tottz

    Tim, Why don’t you think we’ll get it? Have some faith man. We’ve got people coming back from injuries. I strongly believe we are better than Liverpool and Chelsea. Spuds are where they are on merit but they have a tough run coming up.

    AFC4life, Point taken. But dont compare us to City, we dont have their money or squad. However, comparing us to Utd, Lpool and Chelsea we’re still light. We need a striker on the bench that’s happy to be on the bench but can have an impact. I’m gutted Afobe has been injured and would openly accept Kalou. He’s PL experienced, can have an impact and won’t demand to start.

  • afc4life

    @ Tottz:
    Fair enough, you can’t compare us with City – but back in our day, we had the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Van Persie, Wiltord and more… or even after Henry, we had Eduardo, Adebayor, Van Persie, Vela etc… nowadays, we just feel too light in the attacking department.

    Every arsenal is so scared at the prospect of Van Persie getting injured!

  • Berth

    WEnger should go and buy. The way to defeat spurs is buying our way out if trouble