Fulham fall out continues…

Morning Gooners,

The frustrations still rumble on after the Fulham defeat. For someone who made the trip across London, I’m still replaying a lot of the game in my head and asking plenty of questions. Make no mistake it was a bad defeat that was very avoidable. Going into the game I had said that we needed to have an undefeated January, 3 away games, home to United and the start of the FA Cup. Game 1, defeat. Great.

How? Why? Who to blame? What now? Where from here?


A game of two havles (sort of). Arsenal were in total control in the first half. Some great passing play and ball control meant goals looked inevitable. After a number half attempts, Arsenal did get one from an unlikely source when Koscielny nodded in from Ramsey cross after our corner wasn’t properly cleared. 1-0. Arsenal continued to push but they rarely troubled Stockdale in the Fulham goal. There was a strong penalty appeal when Senderos tripped Gervinho. The referee waved this and many Arsenal freekick appeals throughout the game away.

The second half was a different story. Arsenal either took their foot off the gas pedal or they ran out of gas after a tough schedule, either way Arsenal were a pale shadow of the team in the first half. While we huffed and puffed, the Fulham team grew in confidence and sensed at least a goal. Their confidence grew further when Djourou, who had been booked, was sent off for persistent fouling. Still one nil up, Arsenal then folded like a house of cards. The first goal came from Ex-Gooner Sidwell who simply ran into the area to head in on the 85th. I then saw the 3 minutes on the board for injury time. By the time I considered taking a point; Zamora took advantage of a vacant left hand spot in our area and volleyed in the winner.


Everyone’s got an opinion for why. My opinion is that we didn’t rotate enough and an element of complacency kicked in along with the fatigue. After a gruelling few weeks, a few changes would have freshened up the team and given players the opportunity to stake a claim for a spot in the team. We didn’t and this lead to a leggy second half performance. I’m not going to sit here in hindsight and pick out who I would have played instead of whom but if they’re in the squad we should trust them.

Also, this result and outcome has been on the cards for a few weeks. We drew against Fulham and Wolves and got tight victories against Villa and QPR. We have not been our fluent footballing best for a  number of weeks.

Who to blame?

Well this is the part that everyone seems to enjoy these days, pointing the finger of blame. Ultimately the buck stops with the manager but I’ve always felt he’s ‘damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t’. To explain my point I take you back to the game against Wigan last season where Wenger made 8 changes and we were undone by an own goal in the last minute. The fans were furious with the boss for making so many changes. Fast forward a year and many were furious for the lack of rotation.

What now?

Well it’s January so we can expect signings right? I wouldn’t hold your breath. Henry is set to sign on loan, this will definitely bolster the squad and morale but he must not be the only signing. The next game is Leeds in the FA Cup, rotation is a given. The Swansea game comes almost 2 weeks after the Fulham game. That game now takes on great significance. The main first teamers rested, a tough 3 points is a must.

Where from here?

We need to focus on our results and don’t worry about Chelsea, Liverpool, City, United or Spuds. Let’s get to February with as many points as possible on the board, welcome back Wilshere, Vermaelen, Sagna, Jennikson, Gibbs, Henry and take the rest of the season from there.

There’s nothing else really to report, just keep calm and carry on Gooners.



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  • robin

    The club have already prepared all their bullshit statements in advance about our wonderful model not being dependant upon qualifying for the CL.

    However, anyone that can read a cashflow statement will understand that failure to do so will halve the club’s annual free cashflow, and at the premium that Jimmy Krankee paid for his shares, that is a serious knock to his return on the investment. It also makes the club less attractive to new buyers, which is the only reason Jimmy is here to start with i.e. pay down the debt, sell for a high multiple on free cash in 3 years or less.

    So we live in hope that he might be forced into some sort of action if we slip further – hopefully that involved bulleting that useless c**t Gazidis at the first opportunity

  • robin

    Having watched Parker yet again dominate central midfield in yet another league match, and seeing the Spuds surge into the distance in the league; it is quite amazing what the two signings of Adebayor, Friedel and Parker alone have done for that club. We all slate Harry for his profligate spending but it’s unreal that having spent a combined £5 mil on Friedel/Bayor/Parker that he’s made Spuds improve so much more.
    As for Parker, Please remember that Scott Parker cost just £5 million, Adebayor was a loan signing. Redknapp cleared out some shite and actually made a transfer market Profit over the summer (like Wenger to be fair) – but with the only difference being that Redknapp’s expenditure was just £5 million.

    Wenger’s was over £50 million.

    Yet Spuds look the much better side, and acquired much better quality players somehow. Anyone still think Parker ‘isn’t good enough for Arsenal?’. Because I’d take him over Song. Think we’d defend far better with Parker in the side. Jagielka should have been signed but Mertesacker was cheaper, Parker could have been signed but isn’t French-speaking. He’d have made Arsenal a much tougher side to beat imo.

    I am genuinely concerned that the Spuds will finish Third in the league. If Bayor gets injured, their back-up is Defoe (not that shite). Ours is Chamakh. Some Gooners will deny it, but it looks a genuine possibility that Spuds will finish ahead of Arsenal this season. That should never ever be acceptable.

  • Berth

    @ Robin: the Spurs hasn’t finished above us yet and no way u can compare Parker and Song; Parker might be more defensive but Song offers us the defensive shield and can assist as well. You will see the best of Song early in the season when he was still a bit fresh.

    And again Wilshere, Santos, Sagna and Henry won’t make us much worse, they can only improve us.