Greetings from the mountains…

Greetings from the wonderful world of Val D’Isere… It’s been a world wind three days on top of the mountains and unfortunately I’ve not been able to reach any source of internet until now… Fellow writer Tottz is with me and JAT has migrated to Australia… So once again apologies for lack of blogship…

In our absence, the biggest thing was of course the game of all games, the Man City game, a game in which we played very well, but in true Arsenal fashion, failed to make our chances make the difference. A bit harsh, maybe. The game itself was pretty even to be honest, and from a neutral point of view, I can only imagine that it was an enthralling game – end to end… chance after chance… But of course for any Arsenal fan, it’s the result that matters, and it wasn’t the result we needed.

The good thing is that we matched the opposition, and considering the amount of players missing, four full backs, our star midfielder in Jacky boy… It wasn’t the worst ever result.

On Wednesday we face Aston Villa away and three points are a requirement, without a doubt. It’s been an interesting season so far with six teams really making an impression at the top of the table. Man City’s win over us puts 12 points in between us, but we’re still only 3 points behind Chelsea and our immediate targets must be Chelsea and of course, Sp*rs…

Talking about Sp*rs, Szcznesy was in the press earlier today talking about how he basically just wants to finish above Sp*rs. A true Arsenal fan, right there…

“Getting above Tottenham is the main target,” Szczesny told the Evening Standard. “We don’t want to finish below them no matter what.

“That’s just my personal ambition because I am one of the fans and so it means a lot to me to finish above them. I am confident we will do so.

“They will slip up eventually. They have been in good form – you have to give it to them – but I am confident we are a better side and will finish above them.

“Time will tell if they can handle the pressure but they look good at the moment. Hopefully they will drop points in the second half of the season.”

Nice to hear a bit of passion and I’m sure a lot of Arsenal fans can identify with Szcznesy’s statement… But finishing 3rd is also possible, and even if we do get above Sp*rs soon, our challenge is to finish as high as possible…

Apologies for the short blog today, time to eat some food and get ready for tomorrow…

Peace out….

  • eric

    The important thing I took away from the City game is that there is not much wrong with Arsenal’s new team. A couple of years ago we were all at sixies and sevens in goal and defence and we fought harder in the dressing room amongst ourselves then we did on the field. This season’s team, for me is twice as good as recent season’s. Great fight mentality and never say die attitude. This was again demonstrated yesterday, ManC will not have a harder game all season. We now have a great goalie and solid defence. We also have a dream young midfield with an grand old head in Arteta looking after the youngsters; and in Gervinho, Walcott and RVP we again have a forward line that will get better with each match. Sure, in every defeat we tend to pick out poor individual performances but in all fairness Walcott was heavily marked yesterday and will learn as will Ramsey who we tend to forget is given the daunting responsibility of being the midfield conductor- just watch him next season. Since the poor start we have just lost to Spurs (credit due, they are doing great) and ManC’s World class gallactico’s away. We have beaten everyone else put in front of us including Chelsea. With a bit of Wenger magic and a bit of good luck on the injury front we should be OK for the rest of the season.

  • arsenal

    So City beat us and their fans think that they are vastly superior to us, that we are their playthings. Their fans also sung “you are our feeder club, van Persie is ours”. Arsenal are not City’s feeder club. 1) We got £40m for Touré and Adebayor, two players that we no longer wanted, one of whom is out on loan and the other who they barely play. We also still finished above City in the season which followed that double deal. In their second burst of Arsenal signings Clichy is a weak defender and we got £25m for Nasri. 2) We’ve won nothing since 2005 yet City throw money at us for our players. Arsenal are not City’s feeder club, City are Arsenal’s sugar daddy.

  • stevethegunner

    @ARSENAL: Fabregas spent years pleading with Wenger to buy some decent players to put around him, so I doubt Wenger will now listen to RVP. Wenger doesn’t listen to anyone. Think you’re right about them being our sugar daddy. It’s a bit rich for Wenger to keep moaning about them when he keeps taking their oil soaked notes.

    Furthermore, has always been 2 or 3 players short. This is so frustrating – I am not talking about £100m worth of players in total – but £30m or so. Nothing we cannot afford. January is here again soon and it will be the same “we have a big squad”, “we will only buy super-quality”, “where am I going to play them all” rubbish from AW. Only to watch us fall away when the pressure is truly on due to a lack of cover. It would be laughable if it wasnt so painful.
    In Fabregas we had a much better player than RVP but did Wenger surround him with quality?No he had to play alongside dross like Song Diaby and Denilson.Anyone who believes Wenger will bring in quality has been living in cloud cuckoo land.This club is not about winning trophies thats why all our best players leave to find glory.Good luck to RVP at City he deserves a team that spends money.Not playing alongside crap like Walcock and Gervinho

  • Leroy

    Think we’ll have to get used to not competing for titles for a long time guys, I’m not a doom and gloomer, I’m merely saying how it is, for Man Citeh to bring off Dzeko and De Jong to mop up speaks volumes. Yes they only beat us marginally but they will surely win the title with that much depth. We need depth it is crucial and a midfielder that has pace and can dribble, it’s so slow in the midfield it’s unreal. Also, I still standby what I say that Gervinho is too predictable like I said against the top teams he’ll get found out all he does is cut inside and cross he has no skills and his dribbling isn’t all that plus lacks the football brain to play the Arsenal way. Our passing is so sloppy it’s unreal because if you remember we used to pass Citeh to death now we can’t even do that.

  • vj

    Being honest here I think Wenger was our worst asset against city and he got his tactics soo wrong. We were far too narrow throughout the whole game, a couple times we pushed the fullbacks wide, we looked really dangerous, but we went straight through the middle everytime, secondly taking walcott off was the worst mistake, he was finally getting a foothold in the game, and we brought on arshavin who was a negative impact for us where was rosicky or benayoun on for maybe ramsey or arteta? Chamakh has not scored a goal in god knows how long, so bringing him on just meant we went more and more through the middle, having said that I thought the defense was fantastic, especially Koscielny and Vermaelen, our GK was again soo solid, I blame Miquel for their goal, he should have tracked silva as the left back and been on the far post but that’s down to inexperiance and not being a proper LB, Arsene how can we be a top team with NO fullbacks!