I’m Offski, as Arsenal get Milan in the Champions League…

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls,

Today, myself and fellow WOA writer @Tottz82 will embark on a mission with  @i_am_jai and @bhavnishpatel to show the world how to ski… the blog, cleverly titled, I’m Off-Ski… getit? Meanwhile, back in the wonderful world of Arsenal… we have drawn Milan in the Champions League… and that’s one of the toughest of the group for sure…

Arsene before the draw:

“You cannot avoid anybody. You would say Basel but they were a very difficult opponent for Manchester United. So you take the draw as it comes, analyse it and plan for the game. The Italian teams have a history but you don’t know how it will go.”

The draw in full was:

  • Lyon v APOEL Nicosia
  • Napoli v Chelsea
  • AC Milan v Arsenal
  • Basle v Bayern Munich
  • Bayer Leverkusen v Barcelona
  • CSKA Moscow v Real Madrid
  • Zenit St. Petersburg v Benfica
  • Marseille v Inter Milan

Each one of the ties is favoured to one team – I’ve bolded the team I think will win the two legs overall – but for us, it’s a very tough tie. AC Milan have improved a lot in the last couple of years and can now boast the likes of Ibrahimovic, Pato and Robinho up front, with the likes of Mexes in defence, not to forget the likes of Van Bommel in midfield. We’ll have to be on top of our game.

David Miles, club secretary said:

“It’s probably the pick of the round. They’ll be two fantastic games. If I’m being honest, there are some other teams I would have preferred. Last time we played them in season 07-08, we actually went through after winning 2-0 in the San Siro so our recent history against them is good.”

The pick of the round, it is…

With Milan secretary also keen to praise the magnitude of the tie…

“Tie of the round. For the quality and the appeal of the two clubs it is a fantastic tie. Last time we lost 2-0 to Arsenal at the San Siro and we were knocked out by Tottenham last year. We are determined to go through. Last year we had lots of injuries but right now we are in a better status than Arsenal. But lots can change in two months. They have a great player in Robin van Persie and Arsene Wenger is a great coach.”

Lots of things can change in two months, that is for sure… first, we need a good old fashion victory against title rivals Man City, starting this weekend…

But for now, I’m offski…

  • Kodjo

    I am not surprised that Lyon got Apoel…something really stinks at UEFA!!!! Seeing how Lyon qualified…

    As for Arsenal drawing AC Milan it was always on the cards. Someone out there in UEFA obviuosly does not like Arsenal.We would have drawn Barca if we were 2nd in our group.

    This not a conspiracy theory (yes i have no proof)…i’ve been in footbal long enough esp around draws to know what happens.

  • Vazy


    I completely agree!

  • harry

    I’m about to get on the journey back.
    I can’t be arsed to go into too much but a few things need to be said:

    1. Gervinho. What an absolute fucking disgrace he is. The amount of times he had clear runners and never even saw them was untrue. A joke.

    2. Mertesacker is all over the place. Horrendous.

    3. Arsenal have now been comfortably beaten by Liverpool, Citeh, Spuds and Manure. Those who whack off after a run against the Wigans and Evertons of this world would do well to realise.

    4. Arsenal for the first time under AW, have fuck all creativity. None. What distinguishes the great clubs from the average ones is that. It’s a sad day when you look at Van der Vaart, who is often a sub at Spuds, and wish he played for us. Arsenal look like a glorified Villa.

    5. Alex Thong. I’ll say it again: LIABILITY. Braindead retard.

    6. The defending. It will never improve under Wenger. A new manager is the answer.

    7. Djourou. LOL.

    8. I feel sorry for RVP. He must be going through the same nightmare Cesc went through. Top class yet surrounded by twats. He will go.

    9. Why are some ppl “proud? Since when are Arsenal fans so positive about defeats? We lost because of a braindead “defensive midfielder” who does not understand how to show a man outside, and two defenders who could not get a basic line right. Add to that a useless sprinter in Walcott, total attacking lack of support for RVP and it’s a bloody shambles. Nothing to be proud of.

    10. Arsenal will not finish in the CL places. Arsene Wenger sold our best players in scandalous fashion. His mismanagement over summer has fucked us for the season. He was a joke over summer. He managed to spend £50 mil plus on players and somehow we look a far worse team. He banked more profits. We are a GK or RVP injury away from being a midtable farce.

    11. Spuds wage bill is just £69 mil.
    Arsenal over £115 mil. Yet Redknapp has that team challenging for the league. We are floundering. Wenger and Arsenal make £3 mil a he game in a 60,000 seater. Constant CL cash. Yet Redknapp has managed to build a serious team with far less resources at his disposal. Whilst keeping his best players. Wenger is the Cancer at Arsenal and needs to go in summer.
    Fuck “waiting to see if he learns”. Seven years is plenty. Diaby, Denilson et al picking up fat wages for nothing and the fans pay for this dross?


  • Andrew

    Is this blog still operational? It’s gotten quite spotty lately.

    No pre-ManCity blog, no post-match review. What is happening here at WOA? Do I need to look for another blog?

    Any suggestions? Where else do you go for Gooner news?

  • jat85

    Hi Andrew. The blog has gone a bit quiet as a few of the writers have gone skiing to remote places with no internet access. I have also recently moved to Australia so haven’t been able to lend a hand. Normal service will resume soon and keep your eyes peeled for a mid-season review coming up later this week.

  • Vazy


    looking forward to it!

    shame about the result on the weekend, only saw the highlights, looked like a pretty decent performance from us, could have been worse i guess, oh well.. onward and upwards!